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The Face Inc | Your One stop Online Dermatologist

Now with technology everything is within the tip of our fingers no? Just recently i stumbled across a website offering free skin consulting as i was doing some research on skin conditions after my previous skin fiasco last year which if you are interested to know about my history feel free to read about it here: bit.ly/Horrorstory
Made me wonder why have i not come across this website much sooner back then, if not my skin problem wouldn't have gone out of whack that i needed to hide my face away for almost a total of 2 months. One of the reasons why i refused to visit a dermatologist, call me stingy & lazy as i do not believe in resulting to oral medication just to take a shortcut out of my problems.  

I would rather go to the root of it and solve it from within and of course with the help of some good products, with this combination you wouldn't need to take any hormonal pills or whatnot. Saves you a whole lot from consultation fees (ain't cheap, we know!), to traffic headaches and constantly having to pop pills everyday as prescribed.
How many of you actually have skin problems but never bothered to visit the doctors like me? And have you guys actually heard of medicated grade skincare being sent to your doorstep instead of buying them through a clinic?

If the answers are "NO" read on, this could be very useful especially those who are hiding indoors or behind a mask due to the terrible skin condition that affects our confidence on ever showing our face in public again without people throwing us judgmental stares lol.

My Concerns
Really, to be frank i am quite skeptical about skincare products due to my skin sensitivity as one wrong product might just cause an unwanted outbreak or inflammation, could be either the ingredients or my skin is just being a typical b*tch like me lol wtf.

Skin is all good for light make up!


But out of curiosity, i just couldn't help myself but to give this website called "The Face Inc", a try and of course some background research must be done before jumping into conclusions. What i found out about this company is they provide pharmaceutical grade skincare range compromising of 16 products altogether, working closely with regional laboratories, chemists and real life dermatologists to establish their virtual interactive Doctor Rei who is in charge of prescribing you the suited type of products for your skin condition. Products are made in France by the way.

After signing up and going through a survey session (don't worry, i will walk you through!) with Doctor Rei, i agree that this method is much more efficient and hassle free rather than scheduling an appointment during weekdays. With Dr.Rei, you can consult anytime even after working hours, as website works around the clock but take note that probably your online banking servers might not, so i would recommend to consult & checkout before 12am.

 How do I Sign Up for my FREE Consultation?

It's simple really, just visit www.thefaceinc.com and follow the infographic & GIF slides i have made below to make navigation easier for you guys.
See? I am so nice to give everything out on a silver platter for you guys, better thank me for it okay! Lol just kidding! More than glad to share about stuff like this :)

At the end of this survey, Dr. Rei will prescribe you with a list of skincare products based on your answers on your skin concerns, you may select to checkout all of it or a selected few you think is needed before proceeding to the payment gateway.

Feedback on Product & Services

Arrival of the product was relatively quick aside from the CNY delay, if not it would have arrived within 2-3 days upon payment. Products are carefully packaged in bubble wrap (thumbs up) to avoid any possible damages from our incompetent courier guys *stares*
It's also about time for me to switch my face wash since my acne & pimples are long gone aside of some small random ones that pops up here and there to a much more milder one. So far i find Face Inc's products surprisingly good given that the price is downright reasonable for medicated pharmaceutical grade skincare.

Comes with security seals

And again i stress about my sensitive skin but their products did not give me any unusual breakouts and after testing running their products for a week, there isn't much changes except my skin feeling softer every morning after i cleanse.
Do have to to admit that i am surprised with the amount of skincare products Dr.Rei prescribed to me, a total of 8 products altogether lol.

  1. Cleansing Gel
  2. Exfoliant
  3. UV Defense SPF50- Non Tinted
  4. Cell Renewal
  5. Active Toner
  6.  Correct Lightener
  7. Acne Treatment corrector 
  8. Blemish Essence

I can be lazy at time not to use the entire range (occasionally la, not always) but i do try to use them all before i sleep, it's also due to the texture of some of the products like their Correct Lightener which is used to lighten scars and pigmentation, it is fast absorbing like the rest of the products but it feels abit sticky & heavy for my liking. Then again but that's just a personal opinion, some might beg to differ :)

So i usually reserve this the Correct Lightener for night time usage while the rest of their products like the Blemish Essence, UV defense & Active toner i'll use it to prep my skin before starting my make up.

My Pick!

Personally my favorite product out of the whole lot has to be their Active toner & Acne Treatment Corrector! The toner doesn't reek of alcohol, gentle to the skin and easily removes dirt meanwhile the Acne treatment corrector comes in a slim cylinder (marker pen size) with a unique tip design made for easy application without having us to touch our pimples/acne. Talk about product hygiene at it's best, and most definitely you won't find this design elsewhere lol.
And after usage, if you feel the need to just take a tissue to clean off the tip before placing the cap back on and the best part? It doesn't sting your acne/pimples while treating it!

For more exciting updates follow them on their social platforms and don't forget to join their giveaway too!
Facebook  |  www.facebook.com/thefaceincmalaysia

Head over to this post to win: The Face Inc Giveaway

**Disclaimer: Though the product is sponsored for reviewing purposes, this does not affect my judgement as I have tried & proven it myself :-)


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