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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Okashi World [お菓子 世界] Loyalty Program

Japan, how i missed the country already and i do wonder at times if i was born in the wrong country lol :-P
Being there twice somehow felt like it was home already, nothing much for me to adapt aside from the crazy rush hour, confusing train lines and language barrier (my major problem) other than that i think i would fit perfectly well there among their locals lol. One thing i don't deny is that i miss their food there alot especially their snacks and with every trip one can never bring back enough of it to last even a month! :-P

Some of the usual stuff i'll get from Okashi World

That is why i am always on the hunt for Japanese food/ snacks that are imported in by Malaysia based Japanese companies like Shojikiya, AEON, etc. But on my quest on doing so i came to realized the fact that the cost is going to be slightly higher (import fees duh!) than it was if you were to buy it in Japan.

And of course not everyone can afford to travel to the land of the rising sun, so the closest one can try out their food & snacks without feeling the pinch is none other than Okashi World (お菓子 世界)! The word Okashi (お菓子) basically means "Snack" in Japanese and an alternate reading for Okashi in Hiragana is おかし, so you get the name of the shop " Snack World".
This place also can be an alternative to get friends and family members some Japanese snack souvenirs especially if you have hit your baggage space/ weight limit in Japan lol, same thing anyways just that it's been shipped here

Visit the shop so frequently that even the staffs know me already XD

Snack heaven

What makes purchasing even more worthwhile here in Okashi world is because of their newly introduced Loyalty program, with every purchase one will accumulate points which can be converted into cash points for future purchases! Even you don't get that when purchasing in Japan :P

Isn't that a savy saving?

When i first discovered this store in the newly operated mall called Evolve Concept Mall in Ara Damansara near my work studio, i could help being so ecstatic that i can finally enjoy my favorite snacks without having to search high and low for it. Especially Calpis & Pure/ Gochi gummies!
Most of you would have known by now that my love for calpis has no boundaries that even the sea and exactly 3,178 miles couldn't tear us apart lolol, sorry just had to be dramatic because i love it alot :) First learned about Calpis thanks to my favorite character Saya Otonashi in the manga, Blood+!

It's totally refreshing, i prefer this compared to our local made ones. This is the soda version, so it's extra fizzy, would recommend the original one for first timers.

Aside from Calpis, can't forget Pocky chocolate sticks and this one as well has been influenced by the anime Ga Rei:Zero. See? Got to learn about Japanese snacks through manga and anime, who says having those two as a hobby is useless, at least it's informative!
Check out my recent loots, always feel like i raided Okashi World whenever i am there *diefatme* i am so one step closer into becoming a whale liao, need to workout more in the gym so i can snack more lol. Ladies and gentlemen, please don't be like Arisa, excising for the wrong reason XD

Glorified Imported Pocky (not local made) in all kinds of flavors, hopefully they will carry in the limited edition lemon + teagurd that was mention on RocketNews ;D

Caramel Meringue, Yums!

To be frank, think i know their shop almost inside out and what kind of brands they carry in and which aisle they are arranged at lel, one of the newest snacks Okashi world has is the funky flavored kitkats (previously mentioned in my Chiba post) which is a big YAY!

And the Gudetama custard cookies! Can never get enough of Gudetama's adorable butt in every packaging he has lol, i did recall regretting not buying from Narita airport last year so now i can get them in Malaysia instead. For those who asked me about the cookies and favors to bring back some, you can head over to your nearest Okashi world outlet to get a box now and you can thank me later :)

These are seasonal new arrivals, limited stocks so grab them fast! I can foresee the Gudetama Easter Egg edition dominating the whole shop soon lol.

Aside from snacks, they do carry in some ingredients for cooking like curry, noodles, konbu, soup base, Furikake, and sorts. So if you are feeling adventurous to try making Japanese food, you can stock up your ingredients from Okashi world and at the same time get a snack or two for the kids.

In PJ alone there are 3 outlets near me (Evolve, Paradigm & Atria) so whenever i am in one of these places, you would never fail to see me walk out of Okashi world without buying something at least, so now ever since i have signed up as a member i can get a rebate with every purchase!
If you are curious on how Okashi World's Loyalty program works, let me brief you guys abit on how it is and walk you through a step by step tutorial.

This is a card-less membership, all is required is your smart phone which we have with us all the time (die die our phone is more important than wallet these days lol) so you are required to download this app called InCard App and it's available for both android & iOS.

Click to download:

<Tutorial slide show>

Once you have downloaded the app and registered, head to your nearest outlet to get your account verified, once you have done so you will be able to use their welcome gift to you, 1000 points (RM10) will be auto credited into your account upon signing up. 
For the whole month of March (1st-31st), with every new member sign up will receive a welcome gift of 1000 points and registers after March onwards will only receive 500 points (RM5), so best not to delay and miss this wonderful opportunity!

Also that's not all, those who have registered are entitled to be in the running for their lucky draw contest that has attractive prizes like iPhone 6s to be won (i want it too! lol) alongside with iPad Mini 2 & iPod. The contest duration runs from March to May, so sign ups up till 31st May 2016 are eligible for this.

The membership fee is a flat rate of RM15 (annual renewal) but what you get from it is definitely worth so much more, all these exclusive benefits which can be found in the poster below.
Trust me, previews are always the best because that's when we get first dibs on the new stuff or sales :D

To learn more about this loyalty program, feel free to walk into any of their outlets and their kind trained staffs will explain further.
These are the current existing outlets all over klang valley & penang, do look forward for them to expand soon because Malaysians need to know the joy of eating Japanese snacks haha!

For regular exciting updates, make sure to follow their official Facebook account: 

That's not all, the good news doesn't end here as Okashi World will be organizing their very own Japanese Food fair at these two locations for the month of March and April, if you are in the area do drop by, I’ll definitely be visiting the one in Intermark if i am in KL that week.
  •  Intermark: 7th -18th March (next week)
  •  AEON Shah Alam: 10th March- 10th April


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