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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Innisfree Orchid Beauty Affair

Once again Innisfree is back with more to offer for their anti ageing series, first it was the launch of their new range which was Ginger Oil (you can watch my video here) and i have yet to test it out, but surely i will! Just worried that there won't be much effect on me because my skin is barely in the category of "matured" lol and those with actual matured skin would probably skinned me alive for doing so lol, so many "skin" in one sentence @@

Orchid range has been around for quite some time and it is considered as one of their core range like the Greentea seed, Soybean, Jeju Volcanic, just to name a few. But what not many know is that the orchid extract used in this line is a special kind of Orchid that blooms only in Jeju winters.
Flower blooming in snow, sounds pretty mysterious right? 

I mean, i have heard of flowers blooming during winter (Japan, in Chiba has plenty!) but not in snow itself, and of course under such harsh circumstances one might think this flower is fragile but that is where you are wrong.
Jeju Orchids are designed as a resilient flower to bid it's time during the harsh winters of Jeju Island before coming to a full bloom during spring time.

Have to thank Innisfree Malaysia and their awesome PR team (Hashtagcity) for inviting me to the wonderful joyous beauty affair filled with such delicious food for my skin & brain!
Always have so enjoyed their events because of the efforts they put into the settings, location and of course pampering us so much :)
Really of all the Korean skincares i have tried, Innisfree is something i definitely swear by as for Japanese ones would be Kose, so whenever i get an invitation for innisfree events, i would die die try my best to be there lol. Who would do so for their favorite brands kan? :P

Today's lunch menu is somewhat different because we aren't exactly feeding our bellies but the largest organ in our body. The Skin.
Our speaker of the day, Purple Yap- Innisfree Malaysia's assistant training manager is here today to teach on how to be a chef (for skin).


Totally caught me off guard when i was served some small jars thinking they were mayo or sauces haha! Was taught how to nourish my skin with the Orchid series begging from the Orchid skin, a refreshing toner of a gel texture with great absorbency level (my favorite out of the whole range) made with Gel network technology (sounds so canggih lol) that helps retain moisture in the skin after cleansing.
This step is one of the most important steps to prep the skin before moving to the rest, as it's similar function to moisturizer. After washing, we usually strip the layer of our natural oil that functions to retain moisture, so by replacing it with Orchid skin/ moisturizers your skin wouldn't be too dry.

Followed by Orchid Enrich Essence , a blend of natural lighting ingredients extracted from none other than oatmeal and Orchid elixir (now that sound mysterious alright! lol), upon applying this one may feel an instant firmness alongside a supple yet radiant glow.

Orchid Lotion was honestly not my favorite for it is too rich for my liking, probably works best for matured skin types but for me i prefer lightweight cream textures :P  
This works as a dual purpose of anti wrinkle and whitening, the key product for restoring youth and making your skin resilient as the Jeju Orchid to battle the harshness of ageing.

Main Course 

That's all for the appetizers, moving on to our main course which consists of Orchid Gel Cream, Orchid enriched cream and Orchid intense cream.
They are all of the same function but each of them are made differently (texture wise) to cater for different kinds of skintypes.
Orchid Gel cream is the lightest among the 3 creams as it is suitable for normal & oily skin, meanwhile Orchid Enrich cream is medium thickness, perfect combination for normal & dry skin and last but not least their Orchid Intense Cream, a potent cream with jojoba ester to boost the skin's natural barrier, best suited for dry skin 
As for Dessert...

Introducing Orchid Eye cream, and infusion or Jeju orchid extract, jeju green complex and caffeine (haha ironically, the ones that gives us eye bags is having tons of caffeine to avoid sleep) But please don't rub coffee underneath your eyebags lol, you might ed up irritating them. Try this cream instead!
Orchid Massage Cream is a balm like texture that relaxes the skin and improves blood circulation, love the smell of this range because it's so calming :)

Credits to the official event photographer

That concludes our  full course meal for our skin, hope you guys got to know Jeju Orchid line abit more better because i most definitely did!
To try them out for yourselves head over to any of their outlets in Paradigm mall, Pavilion & Sunway Pyramid.
Make sure to follow them on their official Facebook page too for surprises, promotions and of course giveaways! Who doesn't like wining? Check them out | InnisfreeMY

Even got to make my own painting and candle during the event, two of the most therapeutic activities one can pick up lol, seriously haven't held a paint brush in ages but at least it turned out alright (?).

Thanks Jasmine for helping take this lovely shot!

I admit, i am beyond rusty lol.


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