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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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MISSHA Malaysia Bestsellers RESTOCKED!

I have great news to all MISSHA lovers in Klang Valley (maybe other states soon), just got the news that their new shipment of stocks has just reached their stores about 2 days ago, so if you have been eyeing certain products but were out of stock since the launching of their flagship store, now is the time to pay them a visit!
Who knew that most of MISSHA products were quickly cleared off their shelves that day during their launch lol, or i was just too slow to grab it.
Well, one thing is sure that it was worth the wait, i am now a proud new owner of my 2nd haul of MISSHA products and this time round i didn't have to ship it all the way from Korea which saved me alot on the shipping fees lol :P

Apparently also there are a few new arrivals spotted on their shelves which i did not see earlier this year, or probably it was sold out before i even had the chance to see it haha!
One of them was the ColorBeam Blusher, despite converting myself to gel blushers (canmake) recently, but i still do occasionally use powdered ones as they have a wider range of colors.
Can't express how please i was with myself this time round, since i did not spend a whole hour testing out and trying to figure out which product i need lol because i already KNEW what i needed, also did some minor research before hand which helped alot in deciding. 

Here are some swatches of the whole ColorBeam range, hope it is helpful!

This Oval Brush literally broke the internet among all beauty junkies, deemed as the latest "holy grail" for flawless foundation application. This was one of the first few items that was wiped out on the opening T,T and i finally have it! Can't wait to test it out myself and share about it :D

Like their Soft blending Stick blusher, i actually bought one from Althea Kr last year but it was coral in color, but didn't manage to get the pecan brown (used for contouring) due to budget constraints. I finally get this contour stick in my possession and cant't wait to conduct an experiment with my Cezanne contour stick which i brought back from Japan, been using it ever since! 
Don't get me wrong, i love Cezanne brand as well just out of curiosity since i am sure my dear beauty followers would like to know which is a better option to get for their beauty needs right? :)
Shall try my best to get that done and posted ASAP, too many beauty posts delayed, not to mention more of my Japan travels too!

Okay, shall not keep you guy bored with my random ramblings so i will sign off right now! Brace yourself and raid MISSHA, Sunway Pyramid. Lol.
You girls can thank me later for the news once you are done with shopping lol, for now best to head over there fast before they are sold out for the 2nd time!
Happy shopping girls.

Managed to do a quick swatch for this too, luckily i brought wet wipes along with me to remove the other swatches lol. As you can see pecan brown is more for a natural contour and Mud brown is slightly more darker in comparison.

New lip tints

Never knew there was such thing as a "lip tint remover" lol

All the eyeshadow shades restocked

With every purchase of RM350 & above you'll get a limited edition cosmetic pouch!
While stocks lasts :D

If you are curious on what i bought for myself, here is a glimpse of it. Nothing special, mostly restocking essentials like eyeliner and contour stick, out of curiosity purchases are the blusher and oval brush.

My Hauls

Total Damage: RM239

This shade of red is between orange, somewhat like Scarlet? Don't let my poor photography lighting fool you, this shade is gorgeous, really! Since i already have mostly pink & coral shades in my collection, was wondering why not try out a bright red shade right?

Well, wasn't exactly a "splurge" because i only bought what i needed lol. Shall update next time with a review post using all of my new babies k? Stay tuned!


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