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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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CHIBA | Sweet Potato Dessert Recipe

Didn't plan to actually make anything fancy for dessert but came across this idea when i saw a poster that had a serving suggestion of fruits, sweet potatoes, ice cream and azuki beans on it. That's how i got the idea of this simple fool proof recipe!
It's not complicated, simple roasting of Chiba's sweet potatoes and using a ready made canned azuki beans that is easily available in your nearest Japanese specialty store like Okashi World (remember to sign up for their loyalty program!), Shojikiya, etc. It's about RM7-10 a can, ready to eat and no heating needed. It's usually used as a topping for most of their desserts like kakigori (shaved ice) or ice cream and even on pipping hot waffles.
I did recall seeing them being served in Denny's back in Japan with Yam during their autumn specials, so i figured if it could go well with yam, why not sweet potatoes too since it's from a similar root family right?

Azuki beans are pretty much the most versatile foods you can get around, i prefer them cooked with a hint of sweetness to enhance the taste better, one it's own it's pretty bland actually.
Remembered my previous sharing about Chiba sweet potatoes in this blogpost: chiba-sweet-potatoes-taste-of-chiba.html
Was surprised to see them still available in Village grocer @ Bangsar Village even after their roadshow promotion! Guess the demand is good, hence the constant restocking of Chiba sweet potatoes lol.

Chiba-kun (the mascot of Chiba prefecture) with his homegrown sweet potatoes

Couldn't resist but to get a few bags for myself since i am actually quite lazy to cook, so popping them into the airfryer (works like an oven) for 25 minutes, i get freshly baked delicious sweet potatoes for lunch, dinner or snack anytime of the day. Keeps me full, cravings in check and it's high in fiber so going to the toilet is much easier for constipated people like me lel.

Well, i did mentioned that it is good enough to be enjoyed on it's own but never knew pairing them with azuki beans works as well! Make sure the can of azuki beans are chilled before serving, so you will get the contrast taste of hot sweet potatoes with cold azuki beans combination in your mouth. A total mouth-gasm i tell'ya!

All you need is some Chiba sweet potatoes (they taste the best! You guys should try it out yourselves), available in Village grocer. Not sure till when but best to get them now, they even have ready cooked ones selling next to the raw ones at the entrance of Village grocer which you can try before deciding to hoard a few bags like i did lol!
Simple Japanese style dessert ready to be enjoyed at home, impress your friend, family or guest with a simple dessert serving like this, it will sure hit the spot especially if they have a sweet tooth (for natural kind of sweetness, not artificial) like me :)

Missing Japan Dearly,

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