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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Spring Look feat. Mary Kay's Into The Garden" Color Compact

Spring is in the air, everyone spamming their Facebook and Instagram with beautiful pictures of the Cherry Blossoms in Japan and Korea. Makes me feel so jelly that i won't be seeing it so soon because of other commitments here that needs to be settled before i can even think of traveling again :'(
Ah well..at least i still have some pending blogpost from my previous Tokyo & Kyoto trip in my draft waiting to be touched, with that at least i can relive "the moment" while i write. Even if it's for a short while lol. 

One the other hand, there are some things i could do to "experience" springtime within my small room like creating spring make up looks or even designing spring inspired outfits (not making them because no budget lel). So this time round, in my tutorial I will be using Mary Kay "Into the Garden" color compact to create a sweet alluring springtime look. It's pretty simple trust me and you don't even need an eyeliner for this look, just prepare to finish it off with a coat of mascara for your lashes. Watch the video below to achieve my Spring look using only 4 different types of eye-shadows.

Hope you enjoy this simple tutorial,
Instant dreamy eyes in less than 10 minutes like a pro! XD

What's so special about this palette compare to the rest of the range in Mary Kay is that this is based on a special collaboration with Brazilian fashion Designer, Patricia Bonaldi. Both brilliant minds came out with a delicate colored palette done inspired by freshly bloomed flowers and warm sunshine, a perfect combination that can be found during Springtime.
Hopefully one day i would get an opportunity to collaborate with Mary Kay too and produce come a special "cosplay" palette lol :) *dreams on*

Mary Kay brand has been around for as long as i can remember (more than 50 years), even back then when i was a kid, i saw my mom using Mary Kay cosmetics. Little did i know 20 years into the future, here i am using Mary Kay products too lol!
They have came a long way and improved alot for their cosmetic formulation, what i love about this palette is that the eye shadows aren't exactly so loose and crumbly, easy to blend with brush or finger tips. It is also quite pigmented (for the darker shades), that is one of the reasons why i used them directly as an "eyeliner" replacement instead of using an actual eyeliner for this look, because i didn't seem to see the need to anymore.
As for the lip gloss, i am usually quite "iffy" using lip glosses that comes with the palettes because from past experiences with a few brands they tend to smell & taste funny (chemical-ish), but surprisingly for this palette it doesn't have any of those two! No weird scents or funny chemical tastes and the colors look pretty natural looking on the lips too, with enough amount of glossiness to give your lips a "pouty" finishing.

For those interested in the palette here are some swatches for you to refer to, taken under natural lighting, these photos are the closest i managed to capture based on the actual colors.
I rarely do swatches, because gambling with natural lighting is risky especially if it's taken during different parts of the day. The best lighting so far is between 11am-1pm where the sun is high up in the middle of the sky. Hope this is helpful for reference and decision making. To be honest the colors are subtle enough to b used daily both for day & night looks.

Using the Pink & Taupe can give a "fresh natural" look meanwhile mixing both the violet and the plum brown creates a different kind of "smokey eyes" than the usual black & silver type.

As for pricing, please refer to this:-
Limited-Edition† Into the Garden™ Color Compact (RM 115)

All four colors :- Violet, Natural Taupe, Pink and Plum Brown. 

3 different shades of Lip gloss:-
  • Nude
  • Pink
  • Coral

 Limited-Edition† Into the Garden™ Nail Lacquer. (RM 30)
Available in Sweet Lilac, Coral Blossom and Pink Magnolia.

The Coral blossom isn't exactly "pastel-ish" it's a combination between white and peach pink.

If you are not too confident whether the shades suits you or not, you can always call Mary Kay Malaysia up to book a session with their Independent consultants near you. They will be more than glad to assists you in finding the right kind of make up for your needs. But really, with this :Into the Garden" palette, it's hard for anyone to go wrong with this XD

Contact your Independent Beauty Consultant here: 03-7711 7500 or to purchase directly, just log on www.marykay.com.my and get it sent to your doorstep, it's that simple!

More updates can be found on their official Facebook page: Mary Kay Malaysia


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