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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Chiba Prefecture Introduction (Matta Fair 2016)

Pretty sure that most of you who followed me on all my social platforms (blog/ facebook/ instagram) are aware of all my mischief both in Malaysia and Japan especially with the recent one feature Chiba prefecture. Feels like i know the prefecture inside out already in just a mere week of staying there lol, and i can't say the same for my own country as i have yet to visit some states yet.
Couldn't be more happy and excited to share about Chiba prefecture last weekend with the rest of the Chiba Monitor team that went along last december, even met some of our seniors from the last batch!

So grateful for this opportunity to present at Matta Fair, sorry for being abit nervous!

Because of this blessed opportunity, the very least i could do is to continue lending Chiba prefecture my support in promoting their wonderful prefecture in my country and hopefully through my blog, on  a worldwide scale! Thank you readers from all over the world for dropping by my humble blog, reading and leaving comments, it means the world to me to share about things i love so that others too will learn something new through this "syiok sendiri" blog of mine lol. And to come to think of it, I have been blogging seriously for solid 5 years, going on my 6th this year already!
Should give myself a pat on the back for hanging in this long, anyways it wouldn't be up and running if it wasn't for the support of my dear readers.

At the recent Matta Fair, we had such good booth visit response from the public leaving us with almost nothing to spare on the last day alone lol! Hope through this fair, fellow Malaysians are more aware of the existence of Chiba prefecture, and who knows making it one of their travel destinations near future. For those who had missed us during our presentation slot during that 3 days, please don't fret as i will be sharing the Matta fair presentation slides here in this post. 
It's more like an overview of the experience i had last December, so if you would like to read further in depth for each location i shall also leave the blog post links below.

"What is Chiba prefecture all about?"

In the most simplest term for you to get an idea i would say " Japan's Cameron Highlands". The weather there might be cold during the winter but it doesn't actually snow and there are flowers blooming all year round along with many other nature related activities. So if you are the type who doesn't enjoy struggling through pile of snow during winter, do come to Chiba instead!

Surprisingly not many know of Chiba prefecture when asked, but they do know of Narita International airport & Tokyo Disneyland lol. Those two are actually LOCATED within Chiba prefecture, so surprise!
Chiba prefecture is located right beside Tokyo, and it's 5 times the size of Tokyo city itself lol, it's about 40 minutes by train (JR line) from Haneda airport and getting around Chiba is relatively easy like everywhere else in Japan, via train or bus.

These are a few of the cities in Chiba we visited, each of them has their own specialty in terms of food and activities.

To read more about of first day in Chiba especially on the details about the place, please visit my entry here: bit.ly/Chiba-day1

Day 2 blogpost can be found here: bit.ly/Chiba-day2

Day 3 Blogpost can be found here: bit.ly/Chiba-Day3

Day 4 blogpost can be found here: http://bit.ly/Chiba-Day4

For mother farm, this is the place both adults and children would enjoy as they have a theme park there, with animal shows presenting different species of sheep(s)  from around the world. Over here there are large acres of fields being planted with different kinds of flowers that blooms according to season as mentioned earlier above this post.
They even have strawberry & blueberry fruit picking during the span of  Winter to summer, wish i had visited this part myself but i was sent to cover Disneyland & Urayasu *sobs*
Hopefully next time i will get to try the famous Genghis Khan BBQ dish which is quite famous in Mother Farm.

In this case, thank you for reading instead! :)

The amount of people that attended Matta fair was scary, though i have worked many times in events as a promoter, model or event coordinator, i can never get used to the crowd. Probably it's one of my fears of in being small tight spaces- claustrophobia
Nonetheless it does bring back tons of memories, standing the whole day talking and giving out flyers, it reminded me of how i first started making a proper living for myself in order to survive. Standing 10 hours a day in heels isn't exactly something we look forward too (painful sial) but we do what we must right? :)
Working for Chiba booth was unlike all the other event jobs I've worked with over the years, our Mentor- Hasegawa-san took good care of us, making sure we are alight throughout the day. More fatherly than boss here including the rest of the Chiba government team who was present that day with us. So thank you so much everyone for the guidance and care these 3 days, if fate allows us we shall meet again soon either in Japan or Malaysia.

Also to my new found friends from neighboring booths, thank you so much for the kind souvenirs both edible & non- edible they are still precious in my eyes! Though i have not visited many parts of Japan yet, i would really like to make it my aim to cover all 47 prefectures in Japan! Need to work harder *yosh!*

Last but not least, I would appreciate for those who decides to use the slides above to feature them on any website, page or whatsoever, please credit them to where it's due, i spent hours making this slide so i will not tolerate any plagiarism or image stealing! 
Please credit to - www.arisachow.com 

Thank you!


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