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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years before becoming a mom of 2 beautiful girls and i love sharing about Beauty, fashion and everything about Japan because i'm currently based in Kyoto!
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NAGOYA | Cafe Gentiane (カフェジャンシアーヌ), Nagoya Station

It's my story, Shinkasen! Go find your own and don't steal my limelight.
I have a spoon and i am not afraid to use it!

So after our last night in Tokyo the plan was to head town to Kyoto for the next few days before taking the flight back from Osaka airport. This was the first time i sat in a shinkansen, after reading about it since it was first launched as one of the fastest bullet trains on earth and my dream is to one day be able to ride in it! Talk about dreams do come true, not only that my experience with boarding the Shinkasen was also a funny one because i has to literally run like the speed of light to catch it with あなた as we were the last few to board the train before it sets off, phew! Super lucky, if not we have to get new train tickets and it' ain't cheap, one way already costs us more than 10,000yen in total.
So a word of advice for first time travelers who are planning to sit the Shinkasen, please do be punctual!
In Japan, time waits for no man lol.

In the shinkasen (bullet train) there are 2 types of categories you can choose from, one is the free seating so you gotta be early to get good seats or chances you will be separated from your partner throughout the journey and the other one that cost slightly more but it comes with designated seats, so you don't have to worry about finding empty seats if you are abit late. Tickets are usually bought over counters before you board the train or some prefer not to take chances would purchase online since for tourist there are shinkasen passes that allows unlimited rides. You may check out JR line's website to learn more about the shinkasen season passes.

Just in time!

For our trip to Kyoto we have to interchange at Nagoya, so there are two tickets.
Knowing how clumsy i am, had to take extra precaution with my tickets as i tend to misplace them or even loose them D:

Tickets please!

Overall the ride was surprisingly comfortable, even with the scary thoughts of the train travelling at 300 km/h (186 mph) and anything could happen *choi* but it is proven a very safe mode of transportation so paranoids like me have nothing to worry about lol. The train that goes to Kansai is called Nozomi (のぞみ) and it is using the N700 series, one of the fastest trains in Tokaido/Sanyo Shinkansen lines that only stops in major stations along the route like Shin-Osaka and Hakata.

 Look at her go *choo choo*

If you watch this to the end, please don't laugh. Something fishy is going on indeed XD

The whole trip from Tokyo to Kyoto was estimated about 2 hours and 45 minutes, but that excludes the interchanging time between Nagoya to kyoto. Also now i know why there are so many shops selling bentou at the shinkasen station, we are allowed to eat in the train during the journey lol. But neither of us managed to grab one so during our stop at Nagoya station, あなた brought me over to visit this cute cafe called Cafe Gentiane (カフェジャンシアーヌ)!

On あなた's previous Ryokan trip to Hakone with his fellow sausage comrades, they too stopped by this famous cafe (google and you'll find so many postings about it) and spammed such cute pictures of their custard filled fluffy chick cakes. That made me so jelly wei, think every girl on his friend list went wild just looking at that delicious cute dessert that day lol. Bet he was over the moon that day to get so much attention from girls, pffttt.
We did ask him to help us bring back some (obviously impossible request for fresh food lol) but doubt it would even survive the trip home before it ended up in their stomachs or being squished beyond recognition lel.

Nonetheless i am glad to be finally here since my stomach has been rumbling the whole day! Our last meal was when we left Saitama (not One Punch man lol), had like only an onigiri (rice ball) and an egg with yogurt milk which surprisingly lasted us till late noon.  Think my growling can be heard as loud as the train speed lol wtf.

It's a small cafe that can only accommodate about not more than 30 people at once, so the idea is to quickly eat and leave, do not be inconsiderate by hogging the place once you are done with your meal. Service here is super quick as they only serve desserts and simple dishes like sandwiches, so you won't find full course meals over here. But the shop next door might probably have that if you are looking for a proper meal lol, for us we were just looking for something to fill our stomach before heading to our final destination.
But when you are here in Japan, like most tourist we usually can survive only on desserts because there is just too many to choose from, best solution? Try every single one for Breakfast, Lunch, Teattime and dinner lol.

You don't really gain weight in Japan from all the walking and seriously never once I've heard from any travelers who went there and complained about gaining weight, it's usually loosing 1-2kg.

Probably less than 400sf in total but it's cozy enough to even park your luggage beside your seats

So many types of cakes to choose from, couldn't decide because i want to try all of it lol, fat die me man every time i am in Japan, all i want to eat is cakes and sweet stuff!
But we were obviously here for their signature pudding cakes, so had to pass the rest of the other cakes this time *sobs*, maybe on my next solo trip i'll come by again to try them :3

They do have sets that comes like a slice of cake & tea/coffee

Halloween specials but sadly the wizard chick and tart was already sold out for the day since we arrived close to 4pm. This place has an unending flow of customers, so if you would like to catch their specials best to grab them in the morning when it's fresh out of the oven lol. 

Like all shops in Japan, they so have specialties according to seasons, since we arrived early October it only made sense for them to start serving their Halloween menu. So their usual fluffy custard pudding chicks are cutely dressed for the occasion accompanied with a new flavor pudding cake which is pumpkin!
Honestly i enjoy eating pumpkin as it is (especially steamed!) but when it gets mixed into other stuff i somehow find the taste weird overall lol, maybe it's just me because あなた has no problem finishing the leftover of the pumpkin pudding cake but i did. Guess it requires an acquired taste.

We ordered a sandwich and drinks alongside with their main bestseller pudding cakes, swore i could eat these fluffy birdies everyday if they were sold near my house lol. The custard pudding inside (Piyoko's organs lol) doesn't taste too overwhelming, in fact it was a perfect combination to their semi sweet fluffy cakes. When it comes to custard i am pretty particular about it as it is always tend to be too sweet for my liking that i can't even eat more than 2 spoon full, but for these i had no problem (nor remorse) gobbling them up whole *evil laughter*.
The sandwich was a simple ham with cheese but it does taste good since the bread was grilled to perfection, not too cheesy as well.

Precious looking indeed, but what piyoko isn't aware is his fate! Bwahaha~

They are so cute that i had problem trying to figure out on how to poke my spoon into these adorable cakes without making it look like some massive gore horror movie lol. Think that alone took me like 10 minutes or more but in the end, hunger got to me first so HECK it and had to bid goodbye piyoko*. It was nice knowing you >:D
You can watch the poor chick being murdered by me HERE, don't say i didn't warn you guys.


Why do Japanese people always have to make their food look so cute and too well presented, makes me feel so unworthy to even be eating the food served infront of me lol. You might say that i am exaggerating as usual but i'm sure some of you too would share the same kind of sentiments towards any beautifully presented food. If you don't, shows you have no appreciation for the work of art. Just kidding! Sometimes we are too hungry to be even be bothered about the food presentation but it is always nice to know that food matters in Japan isn't taken lightly, they take pride in everything they do.

Attack of the chicks and pumpkin!

This looks like a cleaner "cut" by あなた, mine was too gory to even be photographed lol.

Everything here is edible except his hat & the plate of course, wouldn't want to be eating cardboards and tin foils now shall we lol wtf. The texture for the pumpkin cake wasn't as fluffy as their original chick cakes, probably different types of ingredients used. This has a more denser texture while the chicks are literally air-fluff cakes.

 It has pumpkin puree mousse inside, if i am not mistaken. 
But yea, a weird combo for me.

 They do sell small keychain souvenirs, was eyeing one so long and kept asking あなた whether i should get one or not but it's kinda pricey! In the end he bought one for me because i was so indecisive oTL Thank you & sorry!

Guess that's all about  Cafe Gentiane (カフェジャンシアーヌ), so if you guys land in Nagoya or have some time to kill before your next train, do drop by this cafe to satisfy your taste buds for cute desserts. Just don't feel so guilty as i did afterwards for murdering and removing all evidence of the cute lil chicks lol. Tummy was really happy, but do hope it doesn't come back to haunt me XD
Piyoko died for a good cause, making the world happy by just looking at it being served in front of them and satisfying their tummies with their fluffy cake bodies.
So far they do not have any other branches that i am aware of, but if they do please update me so i can include the information in my post :) Thank you!

Cafe Gentiane (カフェジャンシアーヌ) 
Located in: JR セントラルタワーズ Address: Japan, 〒450-0002 Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya, Nakamura Ward, Meieki, 1 Chome−1−4
Phone:+81 52-533-6001

Off we go to Kyoto! 
My bag vs あなた’slol, why does girls bags always appear bigger than guys? ._.


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