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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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What Kind of Person Are You? [Cosplayer Edition]

From a scale of 1-10, how honest are you, by that i meant brutally honest. No sugar coat lies, not even an inch of glaze to make truths more acceptable to a friend or another party. Most of you would immediately claim to be an 7-8/10 or even an 9/10! But are you exactly as brutally honest as claimed to be?

That's the joke there, i too am guilty of such claims at times; for example i tell people i am honest with myself (not entirely, we are damn humans) and honest about what i think about others and stuffs like that but without realizing, i do end up b*tching behind a person's back during a heated moment. Once i have cooled down, the first step i do is to throw what i said back to that person i am unhappy with (for whatever reason) then that's one weight off my shoulders.
But not all does that, there are a "special" few kinds of people who takes joy in just b*tching about others, even if that particular person have not wronged them in any way. No human is perfect, but to use their flaws and create a gossip out of it, what do you gain from it seriously?

"What do you gain from bitching about others?"

If you have a problem with someone, why not just say it to their face? Wouldn't that solve all your "so called problems?" Over the years i came to noticed that only the childish ones do so, you can be 25 or 50 years old but with such actions done, you are no better than a 12 year old trying to gain acceptance into a group of "cool" school kids during lunch hour.
The most funniest kind of people are the ones that claimed that they are "matured" for their age, but when i observe their actions it speaks otherwise, same thing with their honesty level. 

Likewise, i am guilty too of such claims (at least i am not ashamed to admit it!), i may appear mature during business conversations as it is part of my job (duh!), and also being thrown out of the house at a young age has molded me to appear "older" but deep down i am still that little girl hoping that she never has to grow up and face all these kind of monstrous people. But that is just half of who i am, I have no problem participating in deep conversations or dealing with working environment like a grown up but when it comes to life decision making or so called "friend" problems, that's the part my actual age maturity takes over and screw things over.
Can't help it at times, it's like having 2 kinds of people in one body but that's just probably in the head. So, MEH!

What made me suddenly bring up this topic? 

I needed a break from writing happy stuff and pour out things that has been bothering me which i have pushed aside for far too long. After all my blog is also a personal ranting space, rather than just pure advertorials with rainbows and unicorns plastered all over it.
It also began, when this photo started circulating all over my Facebook news feed among the ACG community. I had a good laugh at it from it based on the people who shared them (sorry, just had to) but i am not particularly targeting anyone. This is just a generalized post about the ACG community which has more intense drama than your famous HK or Korean drama series. 
Don't believe me? Try asking any cosplayer/ photographer friends you know.

P/S: If you "ter-rasa" from this post, all i can do is apologize. Like i already said, not particularly targeting anyone unless it strongly resembles you in some way lol then i can't help you lor.

The biggest joke of the year in ACG community.
Let us all take this time to clap & laugh at the irony of it!

Guess among ACG-ers i can be considered well hated for being "brutally honest" or good at minding my own business since my life is already a drama on it's own so why do i need someone else's shit in my life. Makes me aged faster for no apparent reason, who the heck wants that? Surrounded by these people made me realized how to choose my friends carefully and how to cherish them.
I am generally a neutral person for minding my own business and not stepping on anyone's tail but when word reaches my ear about someone one creating a fuss or b*tching about me behind my back, that is where i rub off this "neutral" line entirely with this particular person or group.

Why do i even need them in my life when all i get is betrayal in return right?

Sometimes it's easier said than done, in ACG community everyone loves a good drama whether it's the truth or derived from rumors, whatever that keeps them hooked on they will add more oil to the flames. And of course bystanders who are ready on the sidelines with a box of unlimited supply of popcorn. I might not be too up to date with "who hates who","cosplay group problems", and <insert whatever recent drama topic>, because like i said- I MIND MY OWN BUSINESS.
You guys should try it too, it's good of the chicken soup soul lel.
And i don't go all out to find out about it unless i so happen to come across it by chance la of course!
There are some kinds of people who really go all out to find out every single bit of juicy detail for gossiping purposes, i am pretty sure some of you already know who they are (living among your circle of friends) so i  have no need to be precise on this matter. You get the idea.

Before i begin my list, let me stress this again- Not shooting anyone in particular, just a generalize observation from being in this community for more than 10 years.


  • I'm Neutral, I don't pick sides type of person:-
But yet they still do participate in all the gossip sessions from both parties (who can blame these poor souls- well it's a choice they made anyway), contribute to the spite and use whatever information obtained from each side to be used in future gatherings. How is that neutral again?
Contributing to such kind of activity, and yet walk out of it like some saint that has no part in it.
Best of them all, are the one who becomes all so defensive when you ask them a simple question that involves you as the part of the gossip topic that they recently participated in. Hey, if you claimed to be neutral and innocent, then why get so all defensive over it? It's just a question, of course unless you have a guilt call that is kicking up your gut. So if you want to play the neutral card, "in between" kind of person who doesn't pick sides, just don't be an ass and contribute to it. You are not helping anyone at this point.

  • I'm the brutally honest kind of person, don't like me then F*ck off:-
This one is rather interesting, like the photo shared above by people who thinks they are "honest". Here is the newsflash, you guys are just contradicting yourselves. If you were really that honest, you wouldn't be ignoring a person (if you have a problem with them) and end up b*tching behind their backs. Get it all out, cards on the table, that's what it means to be honest. If not please google the word "honesty", really puzzles me to have these kind of people in my life at all. Waste of time because they end up beating around the bush, expecting you to read their minds. Yea, when you tell someone to "F*ck off" if they can't deal with your lousy attitude and end up being so worried about what they say behind your back in return, dude you don't fall into this category at all. Or another famous case scenario is they bring it up to their Facebook status to gain virtual approval & support from people who don't even know what the real problem is, talk about being in denial AGAIN.

  • General Gossip Kings & Queens
For these kind of people, they just find joy in talking about other people because their life is so boring. I came to that conclusion after being accidentally caught up in a few gossip sessions with them, bitch about life, fine. Since we all do that but to cherry pick a certain person to talk about, that's where you noticed you are in the presence of a gossiper a.k.a lifeless person. 
You can call it a bad habit or whatever defensive ways to cover up the fact but at end of the day, karma WILL bite you back in the ass. It's just a matter of time. And If you think you are doing the community a favor by "entertaining" them, please rethink your actions on how it will affect others. Especially if they have done you (doing it on a friend's behalf it's not even a valid argument, if they claim to be adults I am sure they can solves his/her problems without you) no wrong but you just want to pick on them so that makes you a bully as well. Another thing that intrigues me most is that these type of people have so much time to do background & history check on a particular person, to the point of even (gently) interrogating their circle of friends and many others just to obtain gossip material. Banyak* free la you people.

*bahasa slang for "very" but direct translation means " alot"

  • 2 Faced shitheads
My favorite kind of people, really :D
They are the most entertaining bunch of them all, say one thing in your face and another behind your back. Much wow, such impressiveness *inserts doge meme*.  When confronted as well, their defense mechanism goes all up and it's denial & explanation (covering their ass) time! Is it really necessary to be such a fake person?

  • Popcorn Audience 
Last but not least (i'm just lazy to continue the list lol), the bystanders. You guys have no idea what is going on (internally) but find it interesting to see a drama ongoing between random parties or your friends. Who doesn't want to be part of this crowd, have no finger in any of the shits that are ongoing but just want to know what is the hype about so they can laugh/ joke about it later. Those who falls in this category would not usually go up and ask for the particular details unless it involves them too (Anyone involved has the rights to know), if it doesn't involve them but they still want to know the details then you either got yourself a concerned friend or a gossiper in disguise. 

Some may be a mixture of all 5 criteria above, which we have no control over but themselves so if you want to be all 5 of it; just make sure to keep in in control rather than rubbing it out into the whole world's face and ruining other people's lives.

I may be a people's person or the opposite depending on my mood, like how we can't exactly call ourselves introverts or extroverts since we are somewhere in between. Call me a pessimist, an uptight person or whatsoever but i wasn't always like this till i learned that people around me are exactly like predators in the jungle. Like the quote- "Eat or Be Eaten".
Choosing the right circle of friends is important in any community, for your own mental health as well. Being bipolar and depressed , hearing voices in my head most of the time having toxic kind of people in my life isn't helping either. Well, hope this post is somewhat entertaining and i do apologize for the half-ass lengthy post since i am getting distracted from this lol.

So ask yourself? What kind of person are you?

P/SS: Didn't bother to proof read it right now since i am tired AF, apologies on any spelling or grammatical errors. Night!


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