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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Discovering Japan | Last Night in Tokyo

To be exact here is the real itinerary of the day: Saitama → Shibuya →  Kaminarimon, Asakusa → Tokyo Skytree

Walked a total of more than 10km ++ (both ways) in total in just one day, phew how i wish i am motivated to walk this much back in my own country but sadly there isn't much (or any) walkways here + you get verbally sexual harassment as long you are a woman.
Also i think during our run from Asakusa to Tokyo Skytree, i accidentally dropped my camera's eye rubber eye guard due to the friction of the camera against my waist (got a bruise from that lol).

Yes, it's sad to know my country has no respect for women and it doesn't matter how decently we are dressed these hooligans think it's "funny" to shout and whistle vulgarly at us. But i am not here to touch on that topic, spoils the mood just think about it really so i am going to think happy thoughts and that is definitely about Japan :-P
Some of you might think i am, bias towards this country in my writings and mindset but honestly what's there to be bias about when all i compare and pen down nothing but the plain sad truth? Lol, when you guys get butt hurt over a fact that's not my problem already haha and like あなた favorite line to use is "deal with it".

Today's outing was pretty much unplanned just like the rest of the whole trip except the earlier parts when あなた had to go for his grading, so it's a pretty much "go with the flow" kinda trip. By the time we were done in Shibuya, it was actually around 7.30pm and time somehow flies extra faster in this country lol, i mean what can i say? Everything is fast paced here, from the people to their lifestyle, like the saying goes "time waits for no man" indeed.

Usually tourist would visit the famous big temple in Asakusa during the day, plus the sight to behold is magnificent (if you like crowds la) especially during festive season like New Year, this place will be filled to the brim @_@ but it's one of the most oldest and easy accessed temples to go to if you are living within Tokyo vicinity.
From pictures we googled, most of them showing the temple grounds during the day, and not much night pictures. Well, the surrounding shops leading into the temple cease operations around 8pm so i guess that's one of the reasons why there isn't much tourist flocking the area after those hours unless they are here in the temple just to pay their respects and give their prayers.

During Spring, the surrounding grounds around Kaminarmon (the temple's name) is filled with Cherry blossoms (sakura) but their kind is a rather different species than the usual idea of "pink sakura flowers". It appears almost white-ish but it's actually very (very) faint pink, so for those who are unaware that sakura flowers comes in many kinds of shades due to their genetic differences despite sharing a similar family gene, so hope this helps and won't disappoint some of you who were expecting to see only pink cherry blossoms lol.
Being of different kind of species means, each of their blooming dates also varies from species to species. Some might bloom as early as February, meanwhile some might delay as late as end of April. That depends on the climate and type of sakura flowers, so best to do a little research on the areas you want to visit during spring!
As usual, i am gonna missed this round of spring so i bid the sakura flowers farewell *sobs*, bet most of you would have been 'sien'* of me repeating this line so many times lol. 

*tired/ annoyed

 I am finally here!
On my left & right are the Fujin statue (God of Wind) & Raijin statue (God of Thunder), most tend to overlook them and focus on the 3.9 meter, 700kg lantern lol.

From their tourist guide handbook, no doubt it's easy to understand and it lead you directly infront of this huge magnificent temple! I did honestly feel kinda bad that あなた had to bring me here and Tokyo Skytreet tower, both of the places he had visited before on his previous trips. Could tell he was bored as hell from seeing the same thing again instead of exploring new areas :(
Next time, i should visit Tokyo alone instead of dragging him here with me lel. He had a headstart before me in discovering Japan (Tokyo areas), so can't blame him that i am always one step behind of him *sigh*. Actually in everything and with anyone, i am always deemed the slow one holding people back, that's one of the main reasons why i rather do alot of things on my own that to involve someone in it. So i am sorry Zuzu.

An unusual sight in Nakamise-Dori street eh? 
The super tourist crowded street, empty at 9pm. Barely a soul in sight except some people closing their shops for the night. It's about 250 meter long with 89 various shops and it's one of the oldest shopping areas in Japan.

Probably might visit this place again during the day time to experience another kind of ambiance whether i like the crowd or not, just for the experience sake lol and also maybe to browse around their little shops for some souvenirs.
People come from far and wide both locals and tourists to pray, for me it's no different but my prayers are always simple. And hope i am not going to jinx it by revealing it out here on my blog lol. 

"For things that are meant to be, no matter how hard the trials are, let us persevere and see it through." 
It can be applied to jobs, life, relationships, a pretty generic prayer but i am sure it was heard, no matter how many temples i prayed at in all my trips in Japan :')
So what do you guys usually pray (ask)for when you visit a temple in Japan or any other temples during your travels? Bet most of you ask for successful careers (more money) and good health right? Lol. Don't worry, not here to judge or anything, just asking out of curiosity.

Getting here is not a problem, even if you can''t read Japanese because the romanji is all over their sign boards (roman spelling of their hiragana/ katakana/kanji) example my name is spelled as ”ありさ” while it's written as "Arisa" in romanized characters. Just a simple FYI.

Getting Here

Jump on to the nearest JR Line east (green) heading for downtown Tokyo, there is a map in my previous post here: discovering-japan-ikebukuro.html
I went directly from Shinjuku, so it wasn't too far off to Ueno (Asakusa) probably around 10-15 minutes including walking?
Pricing, to be honest i lost track of it because i was using a Suica-card (Touch n' Go) lol but it was roughly around  600 yen one way (definitely less than 1000 yen) for a short distance.

Thank you for bringing me here!
Sorry, had to do this for privacy purposes lol.

Right at the entrance of Kaminarimon, on your left you would see a street that reminds you of Gion (in Kyoto), basically old edo style shoplots. So much feels over here from the lighting!

Think this is like the 2nd entrance after the first one. 
It's quite a walk in, so as usual my advice would be comfy shoes in Japan.

Majestic looking pagoda spotted near the 2nd entrance heading into  Sensoji

Huge Tatami Zori (straw sandals)

Finally approaching the main temple, Senso-ji.
This is where you ring the bell, say your prayers and give your offerings

Sorry guys, it's just too majestic looking not to be photographed (>.<)

By the time we were done with our 2nd location, which we kinda lost track of time leaving us with less than 40 minutes for our next impromptu destination since it was our last night here in Tokyo before heading down to Kansai region down south the next morning via Shinkansen, can't wait to share with you guys about Kyoto! Kinda enjoyed that place more since it was rather laid back than the hustle & bustle of Tokyo streets lol. And i finally got to experience my first public bath too!
In Tokyo i am not sure of where to find a "Sento" (public bath) since most houses has their own built in bathtubs these days compared to the olden. The only time people would actually visit Sento right now is either their houses are encountering water disruption or the older generation who goes there to catch up XD

20 minutes breezing walk crossing the river but for us it was more of a run lol. If you are really super lazy, just sit on the train and stop at Tokyo Skytree station. It stops below the tower itself, so all you need to do is drag your ass up from the sub below to the escalators. 

From Asakusa based on google maps (our real life save, only with data of course!) it was roughly a 20 minutes walking distance meaning a total of 1.6km over Sumida river. It was super cold at night of course since the weather was transitioning into Autumn, so imagine how our faces felt while fast walking & running all the way to Tokyo Skytree, could barely open our eyes with the wind blowing lol. Tokyo skytree's observation deck is opened from 8am to 10pm daily, some would prefer to view entire Tokyo during the day but viewing it at night is also another sight to behold. It feels like Christmas somehow all the way up there because of the million twinkling lights illumination the streets & buildings of Tokyo.

Ways to Reach Tokyo Skytree
  • Walking distance from Ueno, Asakusa
  • Train (Tobu skytree line) - different from JR line

Operating Hours
  • 8am- 10pm daily
Ticket Pricing
  • 2060 Yen (adults)
Website: www.tokyo-skytree.jp/en/ (it's in English)

Really! On our last day in Tokyo, we decided to be typical tourists lol, kinda feel like smacking myself in the head for wanting to visit crowded common tourist areas instead of less mainstream ones, but visiting them at night isn't too bad lol. Minus the crowd and shops, at least we don't have to crawl through the sea of people and wait in long queues (everyone loves queuing in Japan lol).
But for me being Malaysian, it takes some time adjusting to the lomng queues lol, find it kinda nerve wrecking since it's so boring. Explains why i skipped most of the rides in Tokyo Disneyland lol wtf.

It's usually filled with people, but it's empty since we arrived around 9.30pm. Practically the last batch of tourist to go up the observation deck. Surprising though, in some countries they wouldn't allow people in especially if it's 30 minutes before closing time as they need to clear up place but when it comes to Japan, you won't be turned away unless the clock shows 9.59pm lol.

Here in Tokyo skytree, you will be guided all the way by friendly staffs from the moment you step up into the elevator that would bring you up 350 meter up (beware of ear popping) to the deck where you can observe the entire Tokyo from just circling the entire deck. There, you can proudly boast that "you have seen all of Tokyo already" without even needing to walk much.

On the viewing deck alone you can get snacks while enjoying the view as they have a small cafe there and as for the floor below the viewing deck is a souvenir store. You can buy limited edition official Tokyo Skytree merchandises, but do take note that it isn't cheap lol.
Like every tourist places, souvenirs tend to be slightly higher than other common street shops since they hold the title of "exclusive".

The staff would usually explain briefly in English/ Japanese about Tokyo Skytree when you are in the lift heading up but incase you couldn't catch what they are saying, English brochures are available at the ticketing counter upon request. 

Right below this Skytree tower is a shopping mall, it closes at 9pm so if you want to browse around the mall before heading up best to do it first or anytime before 9pm :)
Well, being up here reminded me of my own country's pride which is the KLCC tower lol, think i have only been up there once when i was 12 years old during a school field trip.
Didn't bother to go up there again as an adult, more like i don't have the time to go about doing so unless i am on a holiday and with that i would rather be out of this country for a holiday haha.

So close yet so far! Almost there!

Spotted Tokyo skytree tower while speed walking there, isn't it beautiful?
Think this can be considered as Japan's Eiffel tower lol.

It was a crazy night to remember indeed, running like a mad person in the cold streets of Tokyo.
Thank you あなた!

Well that pretty much sums the entire last night in Tokyo, nothing special but at least a memorable one since we had to run like bunch of crazy people being chased by stray dogs. Lesson learnt from this trip? Always check your timing, time passes by faster than you can imagine whenever you are having fun (abuden).
To those who are in Japan now for the Hanami (sakura viewing festival), check out my other Tokyo posts on places to visit & shop. It's a great way to kill time while waiting for the cherry blossoms to bloom completely, estimated full bloom should be around end of March till early April due to the weather.

Missing Japan Dearly,

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