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Hue Floresta- White-A-Fair Review

Back again with a new skincare review, and would like to share about this new discovery of mine since i am always on the quest to find effective, natural and most importantly, SAFE for the skin. As we all know instant whitening tends to have mild bleaching agents, highly not recommended for usage, so for those who are using on the skin or teeth do make sure to always check your ingredients first! So far my trusty whitening product i rely on at the moment is the Japanese brand, KOSE after my Innisfree Tangerine range was used up. I do get questions like, "why not just restock the same product since it is already proven effective right?"

Well, my blog is all about exploring new brands, and knowing myself there is no such thing as "final & settled down brand" hence the lifelong quest of trying out new products of similar functions lol.

Contains No Alcohol, No Artificial Coloring, No Bleaching Agents & Suitable for all skin types.

Also lately the sun hasn't been much in our favor,  resulting the excruciating heat and for us who cares about our skin would find this condition very much harsh as those who are experiencing winter in other parts of the world. HEAT, is like my no.1 worst nightmare, would have harsh cold winds than humid scorching heat that burns every time you step outside. It's that bad. Average heat daily ranges from 35 degrees to 39 degrees.
And all of you know how my daily lifestyle is, tons of walking everywhere because i don't have a car. At times like these i do wish i have a car where i can blast the aircond to the max as i get my ass from one destination to another without having to worry about my skin being burnt or make up melting off my face. In case you guys are wondering, yes i do use an umbrella when i go out but that still doesn't mean i am shielded 100% by these so called "proclaimed" UV protected overpriced umbrellas. *rolls eyes* Sometimes i wonder if it's a marketing gimmick to leech off poor citizens who are truly desperate for shield from this crazy ass weather.

See? Just trying to take care of ourselves also require so much of effort, from stepping out of our house to reaching our destination we need protection all the way. What other better solution that to start from the skin deep first right?

Out of all the range think i can't live without this 2 at the moment!
Revitalising Treatment Essence & Natural Pearl Foundation

About Hue Floresta

So today i am going to share about my instant whitening solution with a new brand i discovered called Hue Floresta, the name itself already indicates that it is an all natural plant based product, safe for all skin types. Big bonus since i am known to have super sensitive skin, so that is why i am super particular about reviewing skincare products, if not every week you would already see me post up any random product  whether effective or not haha!

But don't worry, I've tested it myself and proudly claim that it is suitable for sensitive skin too but for those who would like to take extra precaution, obviously my advice is to consult your dermatologist on the ingredients first.
Did you know that there are many of mother nature's gift to us has endless benefits used ever since the dawn of civilization, and that hasn't changed till this very day. For Hue Floresta, their main powerful and effective whitening ingredient is derived from Soy Beans (love drinking them & eating tofufa too!). Many skin care researches has proven that soy beans holds the secret to producing fair, soft and supple skin, it also know as one of the 'holy crops' in mankind's history.  Another core ingredient is the Pearl Powder, for a longer lasting luminosity (like the surface of a pearl) and brings out the natural radiant glow from within.

The process used to harvest the soy beans is called soy fermentation, same Micro Bio- technology with SK-II, SK-II the main ingredient is pitera, it derives from rice fermentation, compare both raw material, soy has riches nutrient than rice. 

I am sure most of you are familiar with this world wide famous brand used by Cate Blanchett, so what if i told you that similar results are achievable through a more affordable range like Hue Floresta? :-P


Here is also some additional information for those curious to know how Hue Floresta is being made and processed,  the whole manufacturing process was made under 10,000 class clean room environment (as clean as surgery room, so it's safe & sterilized), to ensure only the selected good bacteria were cultured, NOT the bad bacteria.Under the microscope the molecules of their products are seen as micro size, enabling it to penetrate the skin thoroughly (a.k.a good absorption)
Guess because it involves micro-biotechnology, so extra precaution is needed to ensure everything is not compromised.

Phew, so much of information to digest right? Well, in dept the whole thing is rocket science and this is just the tip of the iceberg lol but better to include them since every consumer has the rights to know what they are using :)
If you have any other question regarding Hue Floresta, drop me a comment below and i'll try my best to reply them to my knowledge!

Skincare Regime (Step 1-5)

Time to reveal the range of products they have, basically they offer the whole skincare regime range from facial wash to toners, emulsions, sunblock and even night cream.
The core function of their ingredients is to moisturize + lock it and of course whitening as well, so let's go by them one:-
This is my secret to staying fair despite being exposed to the sun alot yea :P
Let's keep it between us for now k?

Here is a step by step routine, including finishing off with make up

  1. Facial Cleanser - cleanse without drying, made with whitening & anti-inflammatory ingredients, suitable for all skin types
  2. Exfoliant - Removes dead skin & dirt partials gently, also can be used as a mask.
  3. Revitalising (Whitening) Treatment Essence - Pack with nutrient essential for good skin, instantly refresh & brighten skin
  4. Day protection cream SPF30 - non-greasy day protection cream that last up to 12 hours
  5. Pearl Foundation A quick fix me up that may appear fair upon application but after it melts (30 minutes) it will look natural on the skin.

Highly Recommended product:  
Night Repair Emulsion - whiten & repair skincare cell, wake up with Moisture & brighten skin

Using this every night before going to bed allows the skin to regenerate it's daily moisture loss especially if you are in air-conditioned areas most of the time including sleeping. 
Here is a tip to avoid sleeping in air conditioned rooms for long hours: Set the air-cond on timer for about 2-3 hours and leave the fan on, by the time you fall asleep the air-cond with automatically shut itself down. That way you can save electricity, put less stress on your skin and maximized the effects of this Night Repair Emulsion. It's a guaranteed your skin will feel silky soft the next morning :D 
Exfoliant is also a very important step in the skincare regime that people tend to neglect, thus the appearance of "dull skin" no matter what kind of products is used. By doing it twice a week to reveal a new layer of beautiful skin beneath the dirt and dead skin accumulated over the week. This exfoliant can also be used as a mask, just apply a thin layer on clean face, leave on for 5-10 Min, the cream will dry up a bit, just add some water & scrub through, discover a new skin instantly.
For acne or sensitive skin, just apply on & wash off without scrubbing, it helps remove the impurities & dead skin cells gently.
Using this i noticed the scrubs inside the product isn't too harsh to be used 2-3 times a week, but if you are concern about dry skin then 1-2 times a week is also fine.

Whitening Treatment Mask

Every week if when i have the time, i do try to remember to apply facial mask as part of the "relaxing" routine. It might appear "large" to women but it's designed to be unisex so it fits both men & women of all face sizes. It is adjustable by folding according to the lines around the mask. For extra "omph" i always like to chill my mask in the fridge for about 10-15 minutes before using to get the 'cooling effect' XD
Aside from the mask being overly large for my face (sorry, my face is tiny T.T) i do like the serum as it dries up quite fast without leaving any sticky residue, instant skin firming result and it smells real good too!

This foundation is perfect for our humid weather, even with sweating non stop it still stays on my face the whole day! To some it might appear 'super white'  at first but after it sits in for about 20-30 minutes, it will melt according to you skin tone.

Hope this review has been useful for those who are looking to be 1-2 shades fairer or overall to obtain more moisturized skin (or else wrinkles will appear lol) within a suited budget.
Hue Floresta is available on Lazada for now with ongoing 10% off their beauty products: www.lazada.com.my/e-beaumax and all orders are delivered to your doorstep within 3 working days.
Like them on their official Facebook page for more exciting news & promotional activities: www.facebook.com/Hue-Floresta-White-A-Fair

**Disclaimer: Though the product is sponsored for reviewing purposes, this does not affect my judgement as I have tried & proven it myself :-)


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