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[Review] Deep Layer 5 Step System Treatment

Think most of my life and blog posts revolves around hair or Japanese beauty products for now lol, not that i am complaining but it's such a funny coincidence really! ;)
Hair treatments has always played a huge role in keeping my bleached hair in tip top condition, many who have seen and asked to touch my hair are quite amazed that none one my hair is breaking off easily nor am i balding from the constant bleaching. Not sure to thank my good hair genes from my mom's side of the family or the hair salons's effective treatments lol. Gotta be a balance of both probably.

Not too long ago before my hair turned Miku green (have you seen my latest make over?), i was invited by Pro Hairdressing Team to try out one of their famous exclusive Japanese hair treatment called "Deep Layer 5 Step System Treatment". Like its name, the function of it is to treat your hair condition from within and it's not exactly your typical conditioners that makes your hair bouncy afterwards. Those are another type of hair service lol.

Love the smell of freshly washed hair because the head feels so lightweight & grease-free.

We are talking about pretty deep stuff here, as a frequent hair bleacher there is no denying that my hair is borderline "dead" from the removal of my actual hair eumelanin (the pigment that produces black & brown hair) in order to achieve this shade of blonde. Nonetheless because of the amazing job my stylist (Amanda) did with the bleaching, my hair condition remained the same kind of texture as it was before bleaching like nothing has happened lol. 
Once in a while i am advised to give my hair some pampering sessions to help it grown stronger, even if it doesn't look brittle.

Step 1: Penetrate- Fibrils derived from hydrolyzed keratin PPT 
Step 2: Combination- Hydrolyzed Keratin PPT made of feathers 
Step 3: CMC Repair - Repairing ingredients are settled into the hair by nano CMC like ingredients & pelicles 
Step 4: Film 
Step 5: Coat- Florine waterlike repellent to coat the surface of the hair to maintain repair results

So Deep Layer 5 Step System Treatment is something recommended by Pro Hairdressing Team for frequent chemical exposed hair like mine.
I did ask questions like how often should people with hair condition like mine should do this treatment, the answer i got was 2 times a month from extreme case people like me (permed/ colored hair) and for normal hair condition you can come just once a month during your usual pampering session.
Each Deep layer treatment effect lasts about 2-3 weeks before it needs to be reactivated again on your next visit. 

But i do have a honest questions to all my readers both men & women:-

 How often do you pop by your favorite hair salon to get your touch ups/ treatments/ trims done?
Because i know i have to visit mine every once a month to get my bleached roots touched up as the pesky baby hair grows an inch monthly lol. Never knew my hair grows that fast till i see the color contrast between the bleached part and the new black hair :P

It's a very simple treatment that doesn't require too much of your time as most of it is spent on the basin applying & washing off after every 5-10 minutes. This is the 2nd step preparation before my head goes into the steamer, first step is a basic cleansing.

My friendly hair helper of the day! He was really helpful & shy lol.

Step 2 steaming session is approximately 15-20 minutes before step 3-5.
This step is to help the treatment to be absorbed further into the hair & scalp.

Didn't manage to get nice shots of step 3-5 but those are basically spent with the back of your head bent over the washing basin for a good 30 minutes lol, so you can catch a quick snooze during this process which i did XD

Step 3-5 is like hair conditioner process where you leave it one for abit before rinsing it off, deep layer locks the moisture in your hair through its Hyaluronic Acid Fluorine method which is proven to effectively retain back the moisture loss by damaged hair. It repairs both from the inside and outside, plus the scent of this treatment is really pleasant that it doesn't bother me at all!
One thing i love about Japanese hair products is that none of them smells like the typical chemical treatment that makes one dizzy after sniffing too long lol.

Bonus: There is another product which you can purchase for your own home usage which is Deep Layer Home-care (it's similar function to step 5), it's a leave on serum recommended to use 3 times a week after your salon visit.

My beautiful healthy looking locks! 
I don't mind being blonde because my hair doesn't look dry and dead like most people :P
It's all about getting the right salon & treatments to maintain the hair condition, after all a girl's crowning glory is her locks.

Thank you to the owner of Pro Hairdressing Team, Taipan branch for having me over!

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Valid till end of April 2016. 
Normal price of this treatment is RM250, but for Samsung users it's only RM98.

If you are planning to try out this treatment, make sure to call them up to make an appointment to avoid disappointments.

58G, Jalan USJ 10/1B, UEP Subang Jaya
012 2178722


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