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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Tea Making Ceremony @ Tea Press

Green Tea, who doesn't love them? Filled with so many health benefits, one of Japan's all time favorite tea enjoyed by people of all ages (both young & old). I was so glad i signed up for this tea making session with Tea Press last week, but apologies for the delayed posts since I've been feeling rather off for the past few weeks, with so many stuff to settle and when i mean "off" it's like I'm going back to my depressed self that just wants to give up with life. 
Can't have myself going back there again after struggling for the past 1 year to get out of it :-/

Guess that only happens when I've reached my limit of exhaustion but nothing but some freshly brewed tea, delicious food and good company to keep myself in check :)
Thanks Reno & Lilian for the heads on this event, funny thing is we actually came a week earlier but actually got the dates mistaken XD
Nonetheless still got to catch up with the girls and even finally met Li Qin & Avie!
This has got to be the best RM15 ever paid, super worth it as i can now brew green tea like a pro too *coughs* lol.

This event is really one of a kind, there are so many coffee making workshops held over the years but never once i came across a tea making one. And this isn't your traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony ya, i do wish to see that one as well one day in Kimono and all :-P
For now a modern one will do, but really you will be amazed how much you can learn in such a short session. I always thought that brewing tea is just dumping hot water into dried tea leaves and letting it sit for awhile before serving but i was SO WRONG.

There is a proper method to do it and that includes using the right equipments such as specialize pots, different water temperature, etc.
Sounds like brewing tea became so complicated like one is preparing a delicacy dish and in fact making tea is a work of art as well, tend to be overlooked by many.
So next time if you go to a tea serving place, make sure to thank you your skilled tea maker for preparing such delicious tea.

Came wee bit too early lol, guess i'm not Malaysian in this sense XD

Meet Ami-san the Tea Maker Master of the day who taught us everything you need to know for basic green tea brewing.

After the arrival of all the guests who were attending that day, we started off with basic introduction like the store manager of Tea Press- Ami-san from Shizuoka prefecture.
Did you know that Shizuoka prefecture is one of the main suppliers of Green Tea throughout Japan and the world? Yep, i just got to know that myself and i always thought it was Kyoto lol.

Before we start with the tea making, here is some basic information about green tea:-
  • Matcha is basically fine green tea powder only used in special occasions like traditional tea making ceremonies as it's considered a lavish product.
  • The green tea we enjoy daily is called Sencha, a more affordable range and it comes in the form of dried tea leaves.
  • Genmaicha is a mixture of green tea with roasted brown rice (few types of grains) so it has a more smokey taste to it meanwhile Sencha has a clearer taste.

Pots used to brew the tea & tea cups for serving.

To brew the perfect pot of tea, one must remember these 3 important rules of tea making and you'll be surprised how a slight change in temperature can affect the outcome taste of the tea O_O;;
For someone lazy like me i've always used the instant tea bags that just require hot water and tadaaaa..but i did recall my uncle giving me some tips on how to brew the chrysanthemum tea he gave me a few year back and now i realized how handy it is lol.

When one is pouring the tea, make sure not to waste a single drop as the Japanese tea lovers believe the last drop is called - "The Golden Drop"
Every last essences of the tea leaves left at the bottom of the pot should not be left sitting when it's being served. So make sure to give it a good shake till the golden drop before filling it with the next round of hot water.

For Sencha there are 3 different kinds of distinctive taste after each round, each pot of 2 teaspoon of tea leaves is enough for 3 tea cup serving (3x3= 9 cups- 3 cups each person)
You can watch the video below to see how it's prepared with the proper technique :D

Nothing tastes better than fresh daifuku served with a cup of warm sencha. 
Highly recommend the Daifuku! The fresh, sweet strawberry is to die for.

Even got to make our own Sakura Mochi and this is my first time tasting it!
Has a slight salty taste to it with the sweet combination of glutinous rice with red bean filling.
Truly and interesting combination :)

 Why cry over all those sakura photos on facebook when you can fill them in your tummy at Tea Press lol.

Lisa (my English name ) ,Li Qian & Lilian. All our names starts with the letter "L" XD
Thanks for joining so i won't be so lonely dears!
And yes, i'm the oldest fart in the whole group *sobs*

For the whole month of April, enjoy a Buy 1- Free-1 promo, valid till 30th April 2016

More details & updates do follow them on their official Facebook page: Tea-Press-The-Japanese-Tea-Roasters
For now they might not have Wifi, but who knows maybe soon :P
And if they do i'll probably be there everyday haha!

Tea Press -The Japanese Tea Roasters |
Jalan SS 21/39, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
11am- 10pm
03-7732 0858


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