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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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First Car Accident & New Life Chapter

I should really start scheduling blogposts so it can post up on it's own over the week since i am quite busy with my new job lately. Yes, you read right! After months of freelancing i am back into the working field again, so it's a matter of time to readjust myself to the new working environment but overall at least i don't feel dreaded to wake up every morning for work (just gym lol because i am lazy). It's almost middle of the year, and i did came to a point where i started questioning myself all over again. This usually happens when you are not doing anything progressive in life, when everything seems stagnant for an overambitious person like me. Some people can go on being NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) for years, just staying in their parents house and hanging out with friends and i know i am not that kind of person as everything has to be productive or might as well just stop breathing LOL.

Probably that is how i can sometimes work myself to death hehe, but everything in moderation ok? I know that i've been doing things abit slow on my page and blog lately but don't worry i'm going through an adjustment period, will be back on my feet in no time.
Also glad to announce that i am working with klgadgetguy.com, a review/ advertising / events company that covers gadgets, automobile and lifestyle genres with the largest YouTube follower base in Malaysia for our kind. So if you have new interesting products that would like to be reviewed, featured or put out there, feel free to hit me up & we'll discuss. I am reachable on arisa@klgadgetguy.com / arisa1443@gmail.com  (more shameless promoting, pffft!)

Don't worry, i did not forsake my blog just because i started working lol it's still active thanks to the nature of my work and i still accept collaborations, advertorials & sponsorships :)
Drop me a mail, i don't bite! Discussions are always welcomed, need more clothes lol! XD

Well so now you know what i am doing, the word "busy" is real and not just to brush people away but yea i have a priority right now and that is my job lol. Never did i ever thought my entire life that i will be buying a car and driving here in Malaysia, honestly after getting my driver's license 5 years ago, i've only driven 2 times afterwards (at most) and never driven again till this very day. Reason given? Malaysian drivers are CRAZY, pure INSANE and i am not a very patient person when it comes to jams (rush hours) but no denying that having a car does has it's perks aside from all the cons.
Lately the weather hasn't been quite forgiving, people like me who used (finally can use past tense lol) to rely on public transport to get around need to walk a fair share of distance to reach the nearest bus stop or train station. And walking that short distance of 1-2km can kill you because it's so hot (37 degrees & above) and what's worst that the haze is back :-/
This time we can't blame Indonesia as the burning is from our own country wtf, how disappointing to know that they are not doing anything to curb this matter. Tons of people are falling sick because of this.

Aside from that, sudden flash floods that come without warning -_- like my Japanese friend said our rains are like their typhoons and at least they get a warning for it meanwhile it's normal for Malaysia to experience such sudden downpour without a single warning lel, #MalaysiaBoleh
You can watch the heavy rain i experienced yesterday over HERE when i took the train down to town just for cakes lol.

Happiest moment of my life, finally my very own car. Upgraded from walking.

Last but not least, it's about time i got myself a car after years of trying to prove everyone wrong that i can save more with public transport which recently increased by 102% (ridiculous) and not like it's even reliable. You can wait for buses for good 2 hours or even more just to get home at night, and since i started attending night classes in KL waiting for buses isn't ideal anymore. Another reason is because my new job also requires me to go out for meetings quite often so it's only logical to get a car where i can have more control with my timing rather than wasting it away waiting for unicorn buses/ trains :-/

Things escalated quite fast on my side, just a minute ago i was inquiring about new Perodua cars as they are considered the cheapest in the current car market because it's a local brand and after doing research on the specs it does fit what i need. But the cheapest auto car costs 30k+, about 7-9 years commitment something i am not willing to be tied down to so my next best option is a 2nd hand car which lead me to a few sleepless nights checking online car listings and shortlisting the best to call up. Glad it all paid off when i came across this lil beauty, she might be 7 years old but at least she works fine for noobs like me. All i need to do now is to schedule a full car servicing with the technician soon. 

What happened last Friday was a heavy lesson to be learned (and paid for, goodbye RM500 *pain*). It was a huge mistake for me to drive down to KL for work last Friday morning, even when i had a couple hours of driving drills with my mom the night before and also a note to myself to get a freaking phone holder so i can look at the my phone map on the windscreen instead of looking up & down (blardy dangerous, don't ever do this!). Also at least i know which telco to rely on right now if i need to use the map for navigation. Never ever use WAZE, stupid app.

Imagine how frighten i was when i accidentally kissed the car in front of me resulting a dent on his bumper D:
And morning people aren't always pleasant especially if you are rushing for work & stuck in a crawling jam. So i understand how cranky people can be but if one sincerely apologizes for their mistake, please don't make the person feel any worst than they should. Especially if they are new drivers, yes i've done wrong by not braking on time and causing damage to your car but to behave such a way just scares the shit out of me especially when you demand for my ID instead of my driver's license. Another thing new i learned that day is to never allow anyone to take a photo of your ID, writing down details is fine but not photographing. It can be considered a crime itself doing so (identity theft). Well at least after he calmed down later that day, he was reasonable enough to negotiate the cost to fix his car which i am eternally grateful for. Thank you Mr.CK, once again i apologize for causing so much inconvenience.

Side note: I do find this quite scary that anyone can track me down these days, it's like your record is all over the web and you can't hide. Guess that's the price to pay for being a social influencer :-/
No privacy at all. 


So 2nd day of driving, i got into my first accident. Never driving to KL ever again or till i am at least more confident to be on such big roads. 
Have to also thank my car dealer for recommending such an efficient and reasonably price mechanic to fix my car's hood that's been bent inwards from the impact. Would highly recommend the place but i forgot to ask for the workshop's name-card oTL
Oh, if you do need 2nd cars or looking to trade in feel free to visit Tribros Auto Enterprise, they are super helpful & reliable family company. Aiding first timers like me every single step of the way.


No. 845 Jln 34 kG. Baru Salak Selatan,
Batu 5 12 Jalan Sungai Besi, 57100 K.L.

So here begins my journey of paying back loans & maintenance bills just like everyone else for the next 4 years lel, a price has to be paid one way or another.
Well Friday wasn't so much of a bummer after the accident, cried in the car for good 10 minutes before heading to Chateraise, ISETAN when i bumped into an old friend who treated me to a slice of heavenly strawberry cake.
Thank you for cheering me up dear, catch up with you soon! 

Tried a few cakes from Chateraise this week, should post up a taste review soon!
Totally worth the money spent :)

That pretty sums up my first work week, nothing special just minor events here and there *sighs* hopefully this week is a fruitful one as i have a target to chase lol.
And not to mention tons of other pending blogposts in my draft too, i apologize to all the PRs i owe and i will try my best to complete them before April ends. Now i gotta focus on doing the final packing and moving, really exhausted by all of this. Can't wait till everything is done so i can finally relax abit instead of constantly worrying about deadlines.
Maybe it's time for a short break from blogging lol, but part of me feels that i can't afford to do so because i need to work harder for my blog to get the follower rates up. It would help alot if you guys could give my blog a follow to not miss out on the latest news!

Trying to schedule my posts to be more regular on fixed weekdays, well gotta sort myself out soon.

Please follow me!
Thank you *bow*


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