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KOSÉ SEKKISEI Herbal Gel Review

Long awaited beauty post, time and time again my life is filled with unexpected events and it barely leaves me with my own personal time to the point of being burnt out. But i have to be thankful for every opportunity that comes my way, especially when it comes to beauty events by my favorite brands like KOSE, thank you for remembering me guys!
This time i'll be introducing a new addition to the Sekkisei family, and from what i heard it was sold out the minute it hit our shores (really well received product!) so they are currently waiting for shipments to replenish their shelves. 
If you are not sure what i am talking about, not it's not their best selling lotion but SEKKISEI Herbal Gel, a brand new revolutionized miracle jar that would save you half your usual skincare regime time.

Who wouldn't want to save that much time if we could skip some of the usual regime steps before applying our make up right? Extra time to snooze or shower without having to spend an average of 20-30 minutes applying our toner, moisturizer, lotion, emulsion, anti aging cream, sunblock & etc. From the sound of it, one can tell it already such a tedious chore to keep up and some of us ladies do even admit we have our lazy days where we skip most of it and just put on moisturizer & sunblock before heading out.

Dubbed the ‘wonder gel’, SEKKISEI Herbal Gel is a multifunctional gel that combines 6 skincare benefits in one convenient jar, making it the perfect companion for women and men who are always on-the- go and appreciate occasional quick fixes for a translucent complexion.

When a product mentioned itself as a multifunctional one, i am totally sold! Tend to be a sucker for all these 3-in-1 stuff (but no food!), if it makes my life easier so why not right?
Not all of us have the time to spare on our beauty routines especially those who are constantly on the go (like me, that's why i keep an emergency make up pouch in my handbag) or busy mothers who barely have time for themselves anymore.

Nice seeing you girls again!

What made this jar a special one is because of the ingredients used to formulate this product, it contains essential skin benefits like hydration, Radiance boosting, smoothening, Anti Inflammatory, Suppleness enhancing and ultra nourishing to keep your skin feeling great the whole day.
So many benefits in a single jar, which tops the cake even more compared to other skincares out there as this guy can do all the work of multiple skincare products.

It's all natural ingredients derived from oriental plants like Angelica, Melothria and Mugwort, commonly found in all of Sekkisei products but the 2 extra active ingredients which are a new addition to the formula to promote ultimate moisturizing & skin translucency are Fermented Coix Seed and Loquat leaf.

All ingredients are displayed

The 2nd reason why i started loving this product is because of it's gel-like texture that doesn't leave a greasy after feel like most skincare products (unless water based). The supple finishing allows my make up to last even longer without it cracking or flaking despite being in air conditioned areas for long periods of time during the day.
We can bid goodbye to all the cream based products because gels are taking over the beauty scene with their effective & fast rate absorbency, allowing it to have a better results on the skin without having excess oil secretions usually caused by creams (some skin can't absorb them too well).

For those who feels their foundations are extra  matte finishing, i would highly recommend to use this as a skincare base, so at least you won't find those pesky dry skins poking out when you apply on your foundation. Example like my all time favourite long-wear cushion from Innisfree, despite the awesome coverage those with dry skin might find the texture abit too dry for them but it can be easily solved if your skin is well hydrated :)
Guaranteed no oily nor sticky feeling. My hand looks less wrinkly too after applying!

Sekkisei products is something i am not scared to try every time they release something new as i trust this brand to the skincare expert for Asian skin types, so no breakouts or whatsoever. Think i should just settle for Kose & Innisfree brands since my skin behaves quite well with these two brands lol.
Not gonna risk messing up my skin condition again after the previous nightmare i had last year.
Another reason for girls to celebrate is this jar makes travelling so much easier for us now, no need to lug around our whole skincare set, instead just bring as facewash, toner/lotion & herbal gel, and you are good to go already.
Saves you space & luggage weight from packing all the unnecessary stuff, so those who don't wear make up also can just dump this in their handbags to touch up after a face rinse. However if the question of whether this product is halal or not, i am not too sure as from what i know there are strictly no animal ingredients in KOSÉ products. Just purely plant extracts, so it should be safe to use.

Quick touch-ups, anywhere & anytime of the day!

It's quite a decent sized jar so it should last quite some time before needing to restock.
Ignore my random lost shoe at the back lol wtf.
Thanks to this miracle jar my skincare routine time has lessen tremendously without compromising
my basic skin essentials. So now it's just wash, lotion & herbal gel before applying my make up!
Definitely a product i would repurchase near future as it doesn't irritate my skin and provides the necessary function without having to splurge on so many products.

If you interested to give this new herbal gel a try, redeem your free sample here :)
For more details & exciting updates follow Kose Malaysia on: www.facebook.com/kose.malaysia


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