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Hair Care & Styling Tips with Philips Kerashine

Who here is constantly bleaching or coloring their hair, let's have a show of hands! Because i know i am one of them and i have quite a number of friends who are equally as crazy as i am when it comes to going all out with hair colors. Thank goodness that modern society today is much more accepting to our ways compared to a few years back but that doesn't mean we don't get teased or weird stares from people around us from time to time, so it's always nice to put up a great show whenever we are parading around.
I am sure there's a population of girls who can't leave the house without styling their hair, just like some can't step out without make up as it is a daily routine or habit some of you might call it. But styling one's hair with heated tools so often also has a downside to it, might cause frizziness if the heat isn't regulated properly, damaged hair condition and overall just dry and dead looking weeds instead of your precious luscious looking locks despite using all kinds of hair care serums or hair protection sprays before curling or straightening. These are some of the long term effects caused by constant styling, so usually it's not recommended to expose your hair to these 'harsh' conditions.

My daily battle (routine)

Many do not even realized that using your average hair dryer alone daily can also damage your hair, so try not to use the highest settings too long, and make sure to use it at a recommended safe distance instead of putting it too close. I remembered that's how i first got my hair singed once lol and ever since i avoided using a hair dryer unless it's really urgent to get my hair dry, but other than that i'll naturally let it air dry on it's own or sit in front of the fan and manually dry it with a towel. Somwehow glad it's easier to manage with my shoulder length hair compared when i had butt long hair back in my high school days lol washing & drying hair was literally a real pain in the butt.

Watch my video to check out on how to style your hair in less than 5 minutes (you can skip my front talking and jump to 3.08

Ever since i started bleaching and dyeing my hair unconventional colors, i did constantly feel obliged to look my very best whenever i go out (except to work la lol no one cares in the office, it's all about comfort BABEHH) so it's definitely a must for me to style my hair & don a layer of make up (usually light ones at least). Used to feel that doing all these is like a chore because i need to get up EXTRA an hour earlier to do my hair now and you guys know how much i love my sleep more than anything else now, even with cosplay i would pick sleep over it anytime lol.
But i am glad in a way it has also taught me not to be lazy haha, like the famous term:- 

"There are no ugly girls, just lazy ones"

But i am not here to guilt trip any of you la please lol, just a reminder that we should dress for ourselves and be comfortable with it, if dolling up feels weird on you then don't do it. It's all about embracing your own unique style without the pressure of others like how when i first thought that dolling up daily is such a chore, but eventually it has grew into me that it feels empty when i do not do it lol. Some might get used to a new routine in a shorter period of time, but some may not.
Finding the right tools for your needs is one of the most important factor really, a good product or tool will help you complete the job in a lesser time without much hassle however a not so good product will just make things more tedious than it already is.

That's why i would like to share about my new favorite styling tools from Philips! A well known trusted brand worldwide and of course famous among local households too because i remember growing up in my parents house who also had a few philips stuff hanging around like their Iron and TV. 
Before i proceed further better put a disclaimer first! 
This review is based on my unbiased opinion about their new (not so new la lol) Kerashine series which was given for me to test out and i found it really suitable for my needs especially with my current lifestyle!

What is the Kerashine Series About?

It's hair styling tools that is made from Keratin infused Ceramic to protect the hair when it comes in contact with heat. As you noticed most styling tools are just ceramic plated but it doesn't come with any other hair care benefits unlike the Kerashine series.

With this tool, it helps people to manage dry & frizzy hair leaving it with smooth and more manageable locks in less than 5 minutes. Frizzy hair can come in many forms, some are born with natural frizziness from dry hair or curls and some are caused by constant chemical treatments like mine but overall without the bleaching and coloring my hair is naturally wavy and messy so that's one of the reasons why i do not keep my hair long anymore lol (also because of our hot weather la).

Zero effort required to use these tools really!

Aside from just taming your mane this product is designed to treat your hair at the same time, where else can you find products like this that can do 2-in-1 (manage & treatment)?
This is the first time I've heard of such product really, from my experience heated tools is always associated as the cause of "damaged hair" but time to change that misconception.

Just because the Kerashine series uses Ionic care which is emitted through the products, that doesn't mean you need to neglect putting on hair serums before using their tools, it is recommended to continue using protection serums before using any kind of heated tools on your hair for protection sake. So don't be lazy!
After styling of course you can set it with some spray/ gel for it to hold throughout the whole day.

Is it same like going for Hair treatments in salons?

Those are a different kind of treatment, in fact salons specialized on intensive hair care treatments unlike the Kerashine series which is used for home care maintenance purposes.

Among their 3 Kerashine tools, i personally like their heated styling brush as it works prefect to create natural waves or just to even straightening it effortlessly Make sure to check out my video above to see ways on how you can use this brush.
Personally i feel this is something worth investing in for every kind of hair condition, whether it's a virgin hair or like mine if you used styling tools (or even just the hair dryer) on a daily basis. It's always good to take precautions than to regret later when things go south.
The prices for the Kerashine Hairdryer & Heated styling brush isn't too steep either, you can purchase online on www.blipmy.com (psst! There is an ongoing sale on the site)

Hope you find this post useful especially if you are looking for a cost & time efficient method to care & style your hair at the same time.
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