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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Zespri Malaysia presents Zespri SunGold Kiwifest 2016

Yesterday was a blast, despite having a long tiring full Saturday of photoshoot (waiting is usually the most tiring part in most jobs lol, actual one isn't) as a result i crashed without bathing (gross!) and woke up a wee bit later than i should, so quickly got into the shower & headed over to DesaPark city to catch the Zespri Sungold Kiwifest since i already promised myself that i would attend just to see my idol, Casey Ho from Blogilates who came down all the way from the states just to meet & (torture lol) her Malaysian fans :-P
Yes we had such an awesome workout, till none of us realized an hour was gone just like that! 
Think that is why people have fitness instructors, to keep them focused and motivated even when they feel like giving up halfway lol.
But with all those said, thank goodness i had a kiwi fruit for breakfast before heading over or else i don't think i would be even able to survive that workout session!

Kiwis are such amazing nutritious & energy packed fruits, making it versatile to enjoy it on the go or in various kind of dishes both sweet & savory (for those who likes to experiment).
I do honestly prefer to enjoy it on it's own because natural is always the best to me but it does taste good on top of pastry as garnishings or even as frozen Popsicles. Yums!
If i had a fridge at home right now, i would stock up on Zespri kiwis both green & gold to do some food experiment during the weekends. But with all that being said, i can just dream on at the moment because i can't afford a darn fridge right now :-( / sad
Yep, so my birthday wishlist consist alor of practical household items this year, any generous sponsors? lol. Wouldn't mind advertising for free in return of products i need XD

Do you guys actually know the difference between the GREEN KIWI & SUNGOLD KIWI?
Aside from the obvious colour (duh! lol) differences, both of them has different kinds of vitamins & tastes too. Some might find the green kiwi to be a hit & miss when finding a sweet one as they are mostly sweet sour tart-ish which i personally love actually, tend to eat 2-3 in one sitting till my tongue is numb lol wtf (I'm sure some of you enjoy doing this too)! Meanwhile the Sungold kiwi is a sweet breed, so those who prefer sweet kiwis i would recommend the sungold ones!

Benefits of SUNGOLD KIWI

  • Sungold kiwi is packed with Vitamin C (x3 more than oranges) & Vitamin E (antioxidant)
  • High in dietary fiber which is great for smooth bowel system
  • Has more potassium than a banana! 
  • Promotes vitality, energy boost & reduces fatigue feeling (so best to start your mornings with a kiwi fruit!)

FUN FACT: Did you know that kiwi flesh are edible as well? LOL.

Tomato Sauces that uses Sungold kiwi, kinda an interesting sweet sour combo actually!

Okay..that's really so random and out of topic.
Was really surprised at the amount of attendees during the Zespri SunGold Kiwifest, imagine almost the whole field was filled to the brim with families and fitness enthusiasts all flocking to join Jojo Struys and Casey Ho's workout sessions despite the weather being quite unforgiving that morning. Typical Malaysian weather, there is no such thing as "just nice" lol well better sunny than a rainy day right? So half the field was decorated with colorful yoga mats and colorful people synchronizing to the instructor's movements up on stage, kinda therapeutic to watch them actually lol. 
Didn't join the yoga session because i don't think i am fit enough to do two sessions in a day since i was saving my muscles for POP Pilates later with Casey.

Still feeling stoked that i am seeing her in front of me, she's exactly like her video! Beautiful, strong, down to earth and filled with so much of energy to keep the crowd going despite the insane heat that was building up every minute as it reaches the peak of midday. 
Being such a princess who can't stand the heat, kinda proud of myself that i didn't use an umbrella the whole day and actually line up under the scorching hot sun for the meet & greet session with Casey after her class. I don't usually line up for meet and greets unless they are really someone i would die to meet (a handful only lol) so this is one of the rare moments and opportunity! 

So glad she even allowed me to hug her! Can die happy liao since I've finally met my fitness idol, i know i don't really talk much about my health problems in the past but if i were to, you guys might probably die of boredom or even judge me harshly afterward lol. Discovering Casey's YouTube channel was kinda like one of my turning points for my eating disorders.

Trying hard not to die during the session lol. Looks so much harder than i expected.

Thank you for touching the lives of all the girls (and boys) out there with your inspirational & motivational YouTube Channel. Please continue doing so and hopefully that one day we'll be able to collaborate together for your fashion line- POPFLEX!

Everyone wants a piece of Casey XD

So does this post motivate you guys to have a healthier lifestyle with Zespri Kiwi? Head over to you nearest supermarket today to get your hands on these delicious and sweet Zespri Sungold kiwis.
Available everywhere, so no excuse to say you can't find it ;-)
If you have trouble location your nearest store, feel free to search through their list on their official website: http://zespri.com.my/
There are some interesting recipes to try out too, so if you are feeling adventurous with your kiwis do try them out and share them on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #WakeUpWithZespri

Don't forget to follow them on their official Facebook page, Zespri Malaysia for the latest promotional activities. 

Disclaimer: All photos are taken by Canon M10, loving my new baby camera very much!!


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