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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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A Series of Unfortunate Events by Arisa

Some of you might find this title very familiar because it's none other than the famous nostalgic children's novel series by Lemony Snicket called "A Series of Unfortunate Events". It's one of those books where i can read a hundred times over and yet never get bored with it, guess that's how i spent my entire childhood just being a nerd in the school library. It was practically my 2nd home aside from the running field till i broke my leg- see? so unfortunate!
Not to say that my life is only a series of unfortunate events because i am sure some of you have your share of bad days that seems to stretch on forever like what i am experiencing right now.
And all you saints or thou art holy people, just to make things clear that you are NOT WELCOMED here, so kindly click "X" at the top of the page after opening this link because your click contributes to my views lol. Only that i can thank you for, but not your so called "advises, insights, philosophies & positivity" nonsense which is clearly not needed here because this my ranting space. 
Get your own space to pour out your crap to and don't hog other people's limelight. Jeez, there's just so many of these idiots these days and how to tell if they are one?

Try posting a Facebook status update about your crappy day & end it with #FML, soon you'll see comments flooding in like "stop self pitying, others have it harder than you", "look on the bright side", "Turn to God for peace and he shall bestowed it.. blah blah" or " Negativity only follows you if you allow it, embrace positivity". My answers to all this is downright- F*CK YOU.
I'm having a crappy day and i have no one to talk to, so i post it on MY FACEBOOK page, not yours (which i last checked isn't a crime nor harming anyone in any way) as a way to release my stress, frustration and whatever else that's been bottled up inside before i literally explode. Instead i am greeted by comments by these "positive activist" who thinks their comments is going to make our life any better which isn't so quit telling us HOW we should live and what to practice our life.


Okay, now that i am done listing out these idiots, i do hope they read this post and think TWICE before trying to "solve" other people's problems when the fact is we don't need it solved, we just need them to be heard. And if you are one of these kind of people, kindly just do me a favor and delete yourself off my Facebook. That would be a real help ;) 
Or if you are tired of hearing rants, just follow me on my sugar coated page here, instead of my personal one. There's a reason why i don't usually accept friend requests because from the outside everyone thinks i am all rainbows and sunshine thanks to my appearance but actually i'm down right brutally honest and i don't tolerate sh*ts. Not everyone can handle that and there are many who takes things too personally sometimes, even if i'm not specifically referring to anybody so for that i can only say- "enjoy the burn".

No i ain't. Unless you think i am.

I miss writing personal stuff like this on my blog, where i get to express my true self and not just 'happy' stuff all the time. In the end i am human too, i have emotions and a very stubborn personality to boot, so those who i end up opening up to will just run away in the end. That's why i also got tired of trying to build "friendship" or "relationships" when they are just gonna end once i reveal my true self, rather than waste time i'll just hold on to whatever i have, and if they eventually go too then it's just gonna be solo all the way lor #foreveralone

So what happened yesterday was just literally as SERIES, one after another it just keeps coming. Sometimes i do wonder what have i ever done in life that the universe decides to just f*ck me over just like that.

Couldn't express it better myself, thank you hubby Anakin for acting this out in my place.

  • Morning- Condo Lift Broke down
Every place i pay to stay at has lift problems somehow, from my first condo in setapak (having walk 13 floors almost every day) to the condo i recently moved out from (thank god, hated that place, expensive & dodgy) to my current one. It's like the management can fix the bloody lift once and for all, in a week it breaks down like 4-5 times so imagine the whole entire block has to rely on one single lift to go up and down. Imagine how frustrating that is especially in the morning when you need to rush to work but end up wasting 5-10 minutes for the lift.

  • Mid Morning- Forgot my camera batteries
As you guys noticed that i've been actively posting for Canon as a finalist for their #M10selfiestarsearch which is ongoing from 1st-7th June 2016 on Instagram. So everyday i have to meet a certain posting quota for the competition and because the night before i took out the batteries to charge and left them as i was rushing out in the morning, i couldn't do take any photos the whole day till it was evening :-(
That blame is on my side from being so prawn headed most of the time, sigh.

  • Afternoon- Poslaju service is PURE CRAP
Bragging about being the top (konon la!) courier service in Malaysia when all i ever get from them is missed notices when i was clearly in by these idiots couldn't ring the doorbell or at least call. Then why the heck do even even bother to put our phone numbers on the delivery form if they are never going to use it? Dumbass. You know how much petrol & time they could save by just making a single phone call to double check whether the recipient is in before they deliver. Guess in Malaysia the word "efficient" is never in their dictionary. Imagine i just went yesterday to collect 3 parcels and today i received another notice form them saying i missed another 3 more parcels and i need it by tomorrow for VAX! So freaking frustrated with these idiots for making my life so difficult, paid for courier but end up i am the one who has to collect from them because tomorrow is a public holiday and the next redelivery date is next Monday. Wtf indeed. Seriously just don't use poslaju.

  • Afternoon- Car broke started giving problems
Before heading to my next event location for work, my car decides to mess with me. Really right now i am wondering WHYYYY??? Of all times now?  Car servicing wasn't due to next week, and everything seems fine except last week's accident when a motor literally rammed into me, leaving an ugly dent on my door. FML. So had to call my mom to rescue me, drag the car to the workshop which cost me nearly 1k in repairs and some changes on timing belt, etc. Barely earning 2k a month for now (living off my basics), so imagine the financial pinch there? Sigh.

  • Evening- Uber driver fail
As an Uber driver who prides themselves to provide top & efficient cab services since they are "different" from the usual taxi cabs. I never had a problem with them aside from their drivers being frequently tardy compared to the time estimation given on the app upon requesting and they never have the courtesy to inform whether we would like to wait or better to cancel until shit hits the fan.
Only a handful of Uber drivers have the courtesy to call once they have accepted your request and make another phone call upon arriving. Yesterday's one was a big failure, first of all he couldn't even find a simple landmark on the highway which even my 16 year old sister knows! From where the driver was, it was only 1km straight road down to where i was and yet he could get the wrong location! WTF, who doesn't know Kelana Jaya LRT till you need to blindly follow waze!
He made a mistake there but didn't bother to even call and inform that he might be abit late due to the wrong location till i had to initiate the call, so my 15 mins wait ended up 30 minutes thanks to this dude and i was pressing for time because the workshop was closing in 30 minutes. Upon arriving, this fella doesn't even know how to press in the app that "uber has arrived" or "CALL ME". Seriously is it so hard to call just to inform?
And he dared to even scold me for telling him that he SHOULD have at least inform me that he is already at my location which was a bus hub filled with cars & buses, how am i supposed to go through every single number plate there?  =.=

  • Late evening- Road Bullies
These are usually common daily but somehow yesterday there was an unusual amount of them trying to ram me left and right. Seriously, what gives? Trying to get home so that i can scream into my pillow seems like a distant hope at that point of time because i felt like bursting in the car already. And they are right about BMW drivers, obnoxious road hogs who thinks they own the entire road, trying to get everyone killed in the process.

  • Night- Received a warning letter
Oh well, what a way to end my already crappy day. Well guess i'll be sending in my letter soon as well then since it's for the best. It has come to a point where i can no longer prove myself useful (i'm useless to everyone anyway) and knowing that my efforts is just a waste of time & resources. Best to just rid myself of what i am currently doing and MOVE ON.
I hate it when people use that "you owe me" card, i never asked to be in anyone's debt in the first place. That's why i've begin doing things by myself all this while, because when someone offers help, there's always catch at the end of it. Lesson learnt a million times over.

There! I've said it. That's my rant, and this is just one day worth's of rant, imagine a weekly compilation, i could already write and entire novel series just like Lemony Snicket himself! 
Well who knows.

Yea probably.

Always useless,

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