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Welcome to my blog!

If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
For sponsorship, collaborations and engagements: arisa1443@gmail.com

Harley Quinn Inspired by Daisuke Salon

Almost! I didn't say it's completely but the 2 color combo does remind me of a certain crazy girl i know & love from Suicide Squad! Because it's SKY BLUE & PINK Lol.
Probably in August when my color fades off clean, i might actually dip dye the ends of my tails exactly like Harley's since the movie will be launching by then and hopefully my tummy still remains small so i can fit in my Harley Quinn costume lol.
Heard in Arkham City game she's preggers too (probably), didn't play the game so i can't confirm that :-P

Also i can't seem to find a decent Harley Quinn wig that isn't small or just plain weird looking, guess i have to custom make my own wigs again to achieve the realistic look. Seriously, have some of you seen those taobao wigs? It's horrible and unusable! Quality is there no doubt but the whole wig cutting is not even made for a human head, just so fake looking and definitely a turn off in my books especially since i am quite particular about details. That's why i even sewn my own Elsa wig as the pre-made ones are a real disgrace to Queen Elsa's crowning glory.

Hey Boys! 
Next hairdo on my list haha.

For now i've been getting quite alot of comparison to My Little Pony (MLP)'s Alicorn princess, Twilight Sparkle lol. Yes, adults do watch cartoon too, you'll be surprised even grown men find MLP entertaining lol wtf, so can't be judgmental here or anywhere else as it's a free world after all.
Funny enough during my visit i was asked what color should i do next, as usual i'll leave it up to my dear artists at Daisuke Salon to decide because they know what's best (abuden lol) and in trend ;-)
Doubt you'll ever seen me in those mainstream ombres because it's just too mainstream! Definitely i prefer something unusual while my lifestyle still allows it until of course i somehow miraculously end up in a white collared job that requires black hair again. Probably that might never happen because it's over my dead body lol.

My "Feng Shui" not good XD 

Daisuke-san did mention something about "Feng Shui" this round (so funny la my stylists! lol) as he had a friend whom recently consulted a "sensei/ master" about their company's recent bad luck and it turns about because the color of their office wall is against some of the universe's force or something lol, not that i am a believer of these kind of stuff but Chinese are particular about their energy force especially if it's business related (want money come in ma). That's why you'll see some of the more traditional & superstitious ones will consult a feng shui expert about building locations before even buying/ investing in property lots.
Yea, people like us (modern ones) will brush it off with a laugh but sometimes mysterious things do occur with unexplainable reasons that leaves us with no options but the superstitious ones.
Trust me, i have my fair share of weird occurrence that left me baffled especially for the past 2 months some of you would have noticed that i had strings of unfortunate events happening one after another.  
Some people just attracts more negative energy that usual, i guess i am one of those then lol which is then again not surprising as i am such a PESSIMISTIC person. 

Oh back to the office bad luck and wall color, it turned out that it was green which wasn't suitable for their office (in my case, some people too) lol. But i love my green hair very much!
It was a good laugh, but Daisuke-san had a point there lol, probably my bad juju happened because green wasn't my lucky color haha.  

This is a joke guys, please don't take it too seriously k? By all means dye your hair green if you want to! :D

But oh well, it was time to change hair colors anyways since it has faded quite abit since my last visit almost 2 months ago. See how long my awesome Miku Teal hair lasted?
So this round we went with sky blue, pink & wee bit of purple! Love having multicolored hair as it looks rainbow-ish whenever it's being tied up. Had my usual fringe trimmed, can't remember when was the last time i was fringe-less lol because i know that makes me look extra older than my already old age :-P

It does look very vibrant at first glance but as usual it will fade to "pastel" hues after a couple of washes. That's the best part about using color butter formula from Japan, the colors lasts longer, doesn't stain your bleached base and it fades off naturally without looking dirty.
So far i never had to go through the "bleach cleaning" process when it's time to change colors except to touch up my roots.
Saves alot of time and also prevents my precious hair from being exposed to unnecessary bleaching.
Average time spent in a salon for my kind of hair usually takes a day including the roots bleaching, so I would usually advise people to clear off the whole day for a relaxing hair makeover & pampering session lol.

My HTC phone selfies makes the color really "POP" lol

Lilac purple at the back

Too many people have been asking how long does an average color butter dye lasts, but i never get tired of saying this lol- average 1-2 months depending how careful you are with your hair. It's not high maintenance per-say just that the more frequently you wash it, it's obviously gonna fade faster but however if you follow my style of washing about 1-2 times a week, it will last almost 2 months!

But who could stand not washing their hair every 2 days right especially with our country's humidity (yuck), that's why i highly recommend Daisuke salon hair treatments as they have various types to choose from based on your hair condition and it really does improve the scalp condition after going through a few treatments. My scalp used to be super oily too and not to mention my original unbleached hair is super dry D:
But right now even with frequent bleach & dye it's much more manageable & healthier :)

Has my luck improved so far after changing my color, hate to admit this but YES, IT DID! 
Not to say it was an overnight change but somehow small blessings that comes my way every now and then makes a whole lot of difference compared to the shitty past 2 months lol.
Thank you Daisuke-san & Amanda for caring after my precious locks, and of course to share my good luck with you guys, remember to quote my name to receive 20% off your bill for first timers! :)


Okay, forgot to add in this section earlier since my hunger pangs distracted me lol but felt it was necessary to include in since some people are curious about this taboo saying of dyeing your hair while pregnant is forbidden. First of all let me state things clear, it's hogwash but if your culture (or old kolot* family members) forbids you then that can't be helped. Just good luck to you guys for not being able to enjoy beautiful hair styles till AFTER your confinement period that is close to 12 months! D: 
Sorry, too vain to have that happening to me lol.

Secondly your dye won't seep through and cause your kid to have weird hair color like you unless you are genetically born with unicorn hair lol wtf, i understand about the chemical part as it isn't good to be constantly exposed to strong chemicals throughout these 9 months but I have absolute faith in Japanese products & their safety compared to other products that are made elsewhere. HECK, all our Chinese pantangs** here are basically broken by all Japanese women already because in the end it's just "old wives tales".

However one thing they got right is about the bleaching process, pregnant women are bound to have every part of their senses heighten at this stage due to hormonal changes so your skin (scalp) would also be extra sensitive too. Hence you will feel x100 times more pain during your bleaching process than usual, i noticed this obvious unbearable sting on my scalp during my visit in March but at that time i haven't confirmed my pregnancy yet as i dismissed my "missed period" as cranky hormones since there was once i went period-less for 2 years. Hallelujah! lol wtf.
Thought at that time my scalp was just acting up (bitching on me) but turns out my pregnancy is also the reason behind it *chehhhhh*

FYI: Did you guys know if you are expecting your period that week, your scalp will also sting more than your usual bleaching visits? :-P Blame HORMONES babehhh!

So the solution for bleaching is don't bleach too close to your scalp (leave a small gap) or have a good protective layer before applying bleach, here in Daisuke Salon they use coconut oil to protect your scalp before bleaching and so far it works very well for me! Now bleaching is a breeze despite my scalp being sensitive but i obviously wouldn't want to test my luck by going for 2 rounds of bleach in a row lol. Recommended to do in 2 separate sessions. 

So hope you guys find this information helpful! My usual disclaimer would be, i am no expert on health or beauty but what i share is based from my own research and personal experience :)

*kolot- old fashioned thinking
** Forbidden to do


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