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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Innisfree June 2016 New Arrivals

No denying how these past 2 months has proven to be a challenge where you get so many things thrown unto you while you are in the midst of staying afloat (literally) but to some these challenges are just temporary and it teaches us to be stronger for your future encounters IF it doesnt't break you first la. The string of misfortunes just seems to be following me around, not sure what i did to offend anything at all to deserve such bad luck. To some what im going through might be minor, but imagine it happening to you on a daily basis, you'll start to question yourself too. It's like why can't you ever have a "good" and "smooth" sailing day without forgetting your keys, stubbing your toes or wishing your cat would stop being an asshole for once.

I do question myself everyday and Mori isn't helping either =.= in fact this asshole cat is driving me at my wits ends with his over excessive fur shedding (short fur tabby some more!) which i spent RM200 to get it treated but still no results and his destructive behavior is just nerve wrecking! My house is constantly in a huge mess because of this asshole cat, sigh.
Want to scold him also it's not like he understands my language, and according to the vet it's because he needs to get castrated or else his aggressiveness will just increase as he gets older (alpha male shits). See another problem that requires $$ to fly out :-(
When will i ever get a break from all these trifle annoying problems?

Such delicious looking macaroons! 
Except the yellow one lol, that's not edible.

But amidst of all my misfortunes there is indeed a silver lining (like the baby!) :)
What can be more encouraging than to get a special delivery sent to your office by the cutest pixies of hashtagcity! No matter how big or small a gift, just the thought and gesture of it is enough to make someone else's day a much brighter one. It would be a bonus if you knew what your friend likes :D
So thank you Innisfree Malaysia and Hashtagcity for always having me in your thoughts, how i wish i could be more assistance than just a blogger at times lol because blogging alone i feel so useless that the love i can spread for my favorite Korean skincare brand is only this much.

Sold out within days of arriving, dahsyat betul Malaysians lol.

Remember these lil guys that i was raving about on my postings and apparently they sold out before i could get my hands on it? It's none other than Innisfree best selling NO-SEBUM Mineral powder!
Multifunctional miracle product that works wonders in controlling oil/ sebum for face, underarms & even scalp. 
So it's no surprise that people took this opportunity to buy their limited edition designs as gifts to convert other people into Innisfree followers too lol (great tactic there Innisfree). I mean, what can be more thoughtful than to get a specialized message on a useful cosmetic powder that one can never turn down! Seriously swear by this tiny round container, as Malaysians due to our weather conditions you'll always find your make up melting fast and the best solution to slow down this process x10 more is by using Innisfree No-sebum looser/ compact powder.
It's translucent powder makes it a very good base without your make up appear "cakey" from layering own your finishing powder afterwards.

I do hope they bring in more of these babies for Christmas, as it would make an ideal christmas gift!
Pretty please Innisfree, don't stop producing them :)
Seriously guys, if you have not discovered the amazing usage of this product, my suggestion is to head over to your nearest Innisfree outlet in klang valley and get one now!
It's super duper affordable, think it's only RM25 (loose powder) meanwhile the compact pressed one is RM40.

The normal design on the right & the limited edition design on the left.
Looking at the paste colors alone makes the heart go "awwww".

I can stop squealing at this limited edition LINE x INNISFREE travel set, makes another great gift for friends and family too. This was launched a few months back when they first launched the Green Tea seed tour campaign which i sadly missed due to work but lol & behold one was sent to me *sobs*
Really touched to have such thoughtful PR friends who feels more like family than just friends :')

Inside it is my favorite Green Tea Seed Range! 
Among all their range, i still love their Green Tea the best :)
Can't wait to bring this along for my travels soon (if i do get to travel la).

3 designs are available for The Grace of Jeju Sea 

Also for the month of June with any Innisfree purchase of RM120 & above, you can now get their limited edition and fashionable eco friendly hankies for FREE! I do like this year's designs because they are all in my favorite color too (blue, teal, basically love the sea), last year designs you can find them over HERE they are based on Jeju Island's 4 beautiful seasons. So this year is something more refreshing! :D
For purchases above RM210 & above, you'll get a limited eco hankie & an eco bag. This promotion is valid till 30th June only, so do get them while stocks lasts from your nearest Innisfree outlet in Klang Valley.
Looking at the designs, i feel like i need a trip down to the beach soon but my tummy so flabby lately *cry* no bikinis for me at the moment lol wtf. But can use the eco-friendly hankie to cover up my tummy if i do sunbath la XD

Oh for those who do not know Innisfree Malaysia is currently running a giveaway on their official Facebook page, head over today ti win yourself some exciting prizes from their The Grace of Jeju Sea series!

Click HERE to participate!
Good luck!


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