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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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MAJUHOME Concept @ Citta Mall

Finding unique furniture for your new home? Look no further as MajuHome Concept store is now opened in Ara Damansara, PJ and knowing MajuHome it's either go big or go home!
Say goodbye to common boring furnitures especially when you can beautifully crafted ones like these without having to source too far. I've heard stories of some families shipping in furnitures from overseas because they refuse to have common looking furniture decorated in their homes and it's usually the hefty sum from the shipping that pinches. So why go through all that hassle anymore when MajuHome concept offers a wide variety of home furnitures and decorations to suit everyone's needs.

Touring the entire showroom requires more than an hour because each section has it's own idea crafted out on the layout making it easily accessible to visitors who are looking for current or future home inspirations. If you are starting a family but lacking of ideas on where to get those whimsical furnitures you see on pintrest, you can easily find them here in MajuHome.

One thing we all have to understand that having a fashionably decorated home doesn't mean we have to splurge alot or comprise it's functionality for its "out of this world" design. What good is a a good looking house when it doesn't even function like one right?

Located on the top floor of Citta Mall, you wouldn't miss it! 
Just take the lift from Nandos (G) up to MajuHome Concept.

Each furniture is well made alongside with complete functionality, because who want's a home decoration that serves no purpose right?
It's all about functionality rather than just pure beauty, i am sure that is what everyone is looking for these days especially when home spaces are getting smaller due to the rising costs so it's best to maximized the space usage without comprising comfort. 

Personally i do find it fascinating to tour showrooms as it does give me an idea of what i want in my future home (if can afford la lol) and having different kinds of settings based on the furniture designs (modern, rustic, contemporary, etc) gives customers options to choose from rather than all plain and modern like some showrooms that i've been to.

Need dining room ideas? Come on over to MajuHome concept!

"In our showroom, innovative display concept and showcases allow us to reflect customers ‘dream home’ into reality. It is an ever evolving process and we are always exploring for creative and innovative ideas to bring the best out of our products for our customers. And this practice has continued to drive us to evolve with times, moving away from being a traditional favourite local furniture mall into being a revolutionized new concept furniture and lifestyle store. We are passionate about providing great home furnishing ideas and solutions for the Malaysian homes and offices that caters to every customer’s different taste and lifestyle, because we believe everyone is unique and special. And by living up to our slogan – “Redefining Lifestyle, Your Way”, we put our heads and hearts into our business to deliver that promise."

These are sitting stools by the way, aren't they adorable? XD

This room setting is seriously my dream room as a kid! Double-decker beds with clean color coordination but sadly my room was a cramped up one because the house was small and my parents has 5 kids lol, decorating the house was out of the question.
But it is nice to have a kid's room in the house one day (dream on la!) if i do have kids haha, but who knows? What we wish and want isn't something we always get anyways right?

Most of you would first thing ask about the pricing of the furnitures here, all i can say is you get what you pay for. Seriously, you pay for quality and you'll get high quality items but however if you choose otherwise, don't complain about the outcome in a few months ;-)
It's common sense really!
But overall based on my observation, the pricing here is quite affordable for sturdy furnitures that would last a long time. My advice when you come to MajuHome concept showroom is to come with an open mind, let it's ideas inspire you so you would get a better insight of what you 'really' want or need.

Found my dream work table! The top of it even opens so i can store my sewing stuff, also it's big enough for both of my machines. The width isn't too big and the length is just nice, how i wish i could but this right now lol but maybe another time *prays hard it doesn't get sold out*

Found sturdy baby cots, made from really good wood and selling at only RM600!
Quite a good investment for those planning to have a few kids, can recycle using the same cot or even family hand-me downs XD 
Those who are not sure what to do with cots once your kids are grown up you can always convert it into a study table like this.

Back of the showroom featuring home decorations from pots, vases, storage boxes, paintings and even plants.

MajuHome Concept has 3 branches all over klang valley, so feel free to drop by any of their showrooms to get your home decoration ideas pumping for Raya, Christmas or even Chinese New Year for next year! Its never too early to start planning for a festive makeover, also better early than last minute headaches and it gives you time to save up for it too lol.

Setapak Branch:
Lot 48 & 49, Batu 4 1/2 Jalan Genting Klang
53300 Setapak
Kuala Lumpur
+603-4023 3876/ +603-4021 5954

USJ Branch:

Wisma LKT, PT53200, Persiaran Subang Damai
LDP 57670 Subang Jaya
+603-8068 3661/ +603-8068 4661

Ara Damansara (CITTA MALL) Branch:

S01, Citta Mall, Jalan PJU 1A/48
Ara Damansara
47301 Petaling Jaya
+603-7831 6858


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