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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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MOKU | Introducing SIMPLICITY Fashion

"Dulan* Face"

Really should update more of my fashion posts on my blog than just instagram, gotta be 'rajin' abit lol but now i really understand why most bloggers eventually turned to instagram for their postings instead of blogging because it's fast & straight to the point but honestly i find that a lazy version of blogging, it's more of a live update rather than actually telling a story like how blogging does. That's one of the reason why i do not call myself an "instagrammer" as my main focus is blogging, prefer to write long crap than post tons of selfies in a day with "deep captions" lol.
So brands who are engaging social influencers, please get your facts right about "Bloggers" & "Instagrammers" k? Both aren't the same.

Month of June has been a busy one thus far, actually to think about it every month is a busy one because im trying to make the most out of life. It does get overwhelming at some point when you feel there isn't enough time to complete all the tasks you have at hand.

*pissed off stiff face, common term for model's expression during fashion shoots but they are actually not pissed XD

So for my fashion post this month, i am glad to introduce a local fashion brand who operates their store from Facebook- MOKU (also known as Moku Concept Store)
If you have not heard of this interesting brand, here's your chance to explore the world of MOKU, and at the end of this post you'll even get to enjoy a special discount!
Moku offers a wide range of Japanese aesthetic fashion styles and we all know that Japan is best known for their minimalist approach in almost everything. 

Great as a relaxing weekend leisure wear as it's made from breathable cotton, dress them up with heels or sneakers and it will still look good.

The creativeness comes from the silhouettes of the clothes, various types of fabrications and occasional prints to complete the whole collection giving it a fashionable yet COMFORTABLE outlook for the wearers. Those who enjoy simple designs or unique cuttings would find MOKU a brand that is up their alley.

Throughout June, there's been some featured posting on my coordinations using MOKU's clothing from their May Collection Album, you may shop the looks from their page :)

I could relate very well to MOKU's styles because i honestly love loose fitting clothes over tight ones, even before i was pregnant i am always known to be seen in flowly skirts or some people call a clothes hanger. Everything just hangs off my body frame lol, it's so much more comfortable to be in them than tight clothes which have you worrying about your bulging tummy after every meal of drink. Aside from that there's always space when you gain weight, no need to purposely go out to shop for new clothes because the old ones still fits. So loose clothes ftw!
See wearing loose clothes also have their benefits, makes you look smaller than your actual size too.

Here are the complied looks i've created out of 6 pieces of clothes, just to give you guys an idea on how to style yourself to suit different occasions using MOKU's collection.
Their designs are pretty much versatile, that includes of their subtle color palette making it easy to mix & match without much effort. 
Fashion should always be effortless, because who wants to spend hours putting on a sorts of clothes and not being able to decide even after a few hours lol.

This is personally my favorite look because of the soft colors!
Blush pink pastel pantone, the hype of the year thanks to the Koreans.

A 2 piece dress set, the shirt can be removed and paired with other outfits.
For those worried that stripes always make them look fatter, go for fine type of stripes like the one I'm wearing than big paneled ones. It compliments any body size better and if i throw over a coat, looks like i am ready for an office meeting already (except the hair lol)!

Simple clothes doesn't always mean boring, the flare comes with your styling like how i complimented my Japanese Cotton Midi Dress with black boots, bowler hat & a black bag to match it's contrasting black buttons on a white shirt dress.

Wore my White shirt dress (above) with a Trench dress which can be worn both ways- as a dress or a coat. Most of you know i don't usually fancy wearing sleeveless stuff that's why i'll try to wear them with something that has sleeves lol, so far the outcome of my styling for sleeveless clothes have been somewhat positive plus i get to wear those pretty sleeveless clothes without having to expose my arms lol.  This is also my 2nd favorite look to date as it does give the 40s fashion vibe where ladies are dressed CLASSY & proper.

All of MOKU's clothings can be worn various ways, for that we'll leave it up to your creativity to be your own fashion stylist! Impress us with your styling/ coordination skills by posting and  #ARISAxMOKU :)
Would love to see the ideas you guys have as well!

This section below is where i went abit nuts on the pairings as i was curious to find out whether it's possible to even pull them off lol, let me know what do you guys think? I usually do this kind of multi-usage coordinations during my travels so i don't have to pack too many clothes and yet i still can get an OOTD worthy shots. 

Yep i too both shirts and made it into a set XD
by flipping in the sleeves of my grey top i made myself a skirt.

Overalls from my first coordination above, throw over a white shirt and you have a complete comfortable look and it looks like you are wearing those famous Japanese wide pants style.
It's a huge trend in Japan by the way!

So have i managed to convince you guys to get into simplicity fashion trend yet? :-P
If you spot something you like don't forget to quote my code: "ARISAxMOKU" to enjoy 10% off your total purchase (no minimal spending) upon ordering via their Facebook page: MOKU

Psst! July collection is out, go check out their album today: July Butternut


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