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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Travel Planning One Stop Solution - i1holiday.com

It’s been close to 2 decades since the first independence day (with will smith acting) was released think I was barely even 5 by then but I could remember it so well because those damn slimy aliens freaked the hell outta me just like how the Imhotep from The Mummy did. Sorry, ugly things just doesn’t appeal to me as a kid lol and it took me quite a long time before I got over my fears for those 2 to even consider re-watching the movies, yes it was that bad. No thanks to my old man for allowing an underage kid watch adult movies lol ohya the only one I enjoyed at that age was probably Titanic minus the sex scenes since I was told to cover my face lol wtf. Bad or good parenting, you guys decide la XD

For those who have yet to watch the movie just because you haven’t watch the first one, trust me you won’t miss out much as the 2nd movie is an EXACT COPY of the first movie, just lazy copy paste work from the directors which got me quite disappointed as I was expecting something NEW since I’ve waited 2 bloody decades for this movie!

Well expect this movie to be a better CGI version of the first, minus Will Smith’s charisma and wittiness lol but at least they had his poster hanging in the white house (opps unintentional spoiler) but overall it’s just a trip down memory lane kind of movie and when you watch the first movie, you’ll be like “didn’t I see the same thing in the 2016 movie?” And don’t get my started on the useless character in this movie which was played by Asia’s most loved plastic surgery face template- Angela baby.

She’s useless and hopeless, her acting (was she even acting? I don’t know man) just ruined by her presence, the directors thought it was probably a good idea to bring in an Asian eye candy so it doesn’t look so all American focused but failed tremendously. Those who love Angela, would probably be bashing and hating my blog but really acting is talent & skill, and some people are just not born with it and the fine example is HER. You have no idea how many times I had to control myself from clawing my eyes out whenever her 1-2sec shots were on screen. At the end of the movie, you too would ask “what is she there for?”. Extreme waste of movie budget -_-

There are so many other Asian Hollywood actresses out there who could probably do a 100 times better than this plastic Barbie. Just stick to modelling and giving men unrealistic expectation on Asian beauty k?

Overall, it was an “OKAY” movie lar, the first movies are always better to be honest, but thank you for the movie treat i1holiday.com :) It was a pleasant trip down memory lanes, except Angela spoilt it with few of her useless scenes & terrible facial experessions (must be the fillers & botox) lol.

Look out for www.i1holiday.com advertisement in all major GSC cinemas today before your movie starts!

Okay rant finish and out of my system lol, I really shouldn’t be writing movie review because I just end up bashing every one of them except XD
And big thank you to my beautiful date Reiko for agreeing to watch this movie with me and put up with my small talk kok session during dinner, what a coincidence Jean and a few other familiar faces are there at the movie too lol, world is getting too small! 

Thank you i1holiday!


Now who is this i1holiday.com? If some of you recalled one of my postings last week in search for places to stay while I am in Tokyo (planning la, not sure can or not lol) and I actually found super duper good deals! I am one heck of a lazy person when it comes to planning, totally the go with the flow kinda person that’s why travelling with me can sometimes be a pain in the ass since I don’t have any plans. 

Those who are chill, wouldn’t mind my mindset but for those uptight and scheduled kind of person would probably flip multiple tables at me already lol (no joke). But really, living in this era of convenience what more can a lazy person like me ask for? I love to travel but the planning that comes with the headache sometimes really does turns me off, I don’t have that skill of “planning” like some people because I'm such a disorganized person. Come on!

Look at my room at you’ll be shaking your head at my clutter, reminds me I need to started being “neat” before the baby arrives :-/

What I did discover about i1holiday.com is indeed a life changing moment for me, I can actually finally plan my holiday to Japan without doing all the planning and research work because that’s what i1holiday does for you! 

Noticed all the travel sites on the upper right corner?

Some might ask what’s so special about i1holiday since there are other websites offering similar services like Agoda, Expedia, skyscanner and a few others. Let’s simplified this and say that i1holiday is basically your GOOGLE SEARCH for holiday packages. Oh and those websites I’ve just mentioned doesn’t exactly offer you a full travel package, it’s usually flight & accommodation only. For elderly people like our parents they prefer something in a WHOLE PACKAGE, so they don’t have to go through multiple websites and bookings as all they want to do is to enjoy their holiday in peace without the stress of having to hunt up & down for tour packages to put on top of their flight & accommodation. 

If you were to search on google there would be thousands over searches you’ll need to filter through, open link by link, closing and opening sounds like a lot of work, but by just searching via i1holiday.com all those unnecessary links will be filtered out already and what’s presented to you on a silver platter is the best choices for your ideal holiday. Full package or half, whichever you need it will be presented to you based on your search on i1holiday and the results they offer are unbiased as they are just a travel search engine for you to use. Plus it’s free with no singing up & security info nonsense so why not use it right? For once a FREE SERVICE website that doesn’t have a catch lol!

What is shown in their search results?

Only legit travel agencies and websites will be displayed on your search page and to each travel agency/ travel website they will have their own deals, so everything is compiled there for you in i1holiday. 

Same thing like how we usually attend Matta Fair every year but end up going home disappointed and tired from the human traffic & humid halls, without getting any good deals or travel packages and having to deal with so many pushy sales people. Now with i1holiday you don’t even need to leave your home at all or deal with all those unnecessary inconvenience! It saves you the trouble & hassle, plus I am soon a mom to be and walking/standing long hours does take it’s toll on my lower back and feet. Doubt I’ll have the time to even go survey holiday fairs anymore especially with a baby in hand it’s also not too ideal to bring them out into crowded places. Well, it’s great for me that I can just sit in the comforts of my own home and just click & purchase online lol.

Problem solved both for old folks & busy families! 

Look at those attractive prices!

But damn..all these good deals offered based on my recent search is enough to make me feel like packing my bags and take off now, but I can’t! Have to save up for #mylilparasite so I have to bid goodbye to all my travel plans and majority of my cosplay plans since the baby is priority now and I don’t have a rich husband (or even a husband/ partner to begin with) to sponsor my bills and rental lol. Oh well, poor people life it is. Unless of course I am being sent/ sponsored for work purposes to travel abroad then that’s the only time I will ever get to travel again. It would be awesome if that could happen though! *in my dreams* lol.

For now i1holiday only offers you search results, but hopefully near future they will offer other interesting stuff too and I’ll be looking forward to that.

More details visit their website: www.i1holiday.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/i1holidaywcv

So don't be lazy and ask me "which site offers the best deal for Japan holidays", just go search on i1holiday.com lol


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