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MAMONDE Coming to Malaysia

Mamonde, inspired by flowers. 

Just like it's tag line this whole beauty brand by Amore pacific revolves around's nature's gift of beauty that is flowers. From it's all natural formula, scents, functions to the packaging, it practically screams freshly bloomed delicate flowers of all species. Those of you who are Korean beauty brand junkies would find the name of this brand familiar or even say "about time it hits our shores" just like how everyone when nuts when Innisfree & Missha first announced their arrival to Malaysia lol.
I am more familiar with Japanese beauty brands to be honest, and my knowledge on Korean ones are only a handful lol. Need to explore more, i know but that is if i am given the opportunity to review new incoming Korean brands more frequently la XD
For now i swear by these brands- Laneige, Innisfree, Missha & Holika Holika, as i did a few reviews on their products before so i am quite familiar with their textures and whatnots. 
However since Mamonde has just announced that they will be coming to Malaysia AEON Bandar Utama (1Utama) in August 2016, another favorite Korean brand has just been added to my list!

One thing i do notice about Asian beauty brands is they emphasis alot on natural beauty, as in quite literal too especially on the ingredients they use to the method of production, everything has to be nature related and eco-friendly. Guess since the dawn of time it's been proven by our ancestors and even modern technology today that plants are mother nature's generous gift to humans to cherish & use as they are filled with endless health benefits that one can't create out of thin air without the inspiration of mother nature in the first place.

Had fun catching up with you girls as always! Missing Fatin & Jean in this photo :(

Getting first dibs on Mamonde's collection during this private event was a real pleasurable experience as i finally get to test brand new products in peace without being hoarded by sales people (im scare of them) at the usual store counters (eg: Sasa). Spent a whole good afternoon trying each of them out one by one from their full range of skincare to their delectable collection of cosmetics!
I  realized that i tend to be more of a cosmetic person than skincare one though we are usually advised to focus on our skin first as it is the most important exposed largest organ that we should care for. To cut things short, i am not too experimental with skincares as my sensitive skin doesn't agree with many brands. So once i've found a particular one that my skin agrees with, i'll just stick to that till the end of time 9or if the brand decides to die lol). Don't you all agree that finding a new replacement for your old favorite skincare/ cosmetic brand can be quite tedious?

For Mamonde, their skincare products was like love at first touch (literally) the textures reminds me of the silkiness of the flower petals when it touches the bare skin, no chemical smell (all natural) except for faint lingering scents from the flowers they extracted from. Each range has it's own skin beneficial properties depending on what you are looking for, i am sure you'll find one that suits you.

Moving on to the cosmetics, that was practically the first thing that caught my eye because of the large amount of lip colors they offer or both matte and glossy lipsticks!
Having all kinds of  lips shades is also a good way to cater to the local beauty enthusiasts because of our variety of skin tones but unfortunately i can't say the same for their foundation yet as the darkest i found was a tan out of the variety of fair shades. But their cushions is something you girls should have on your "to buy list" the first thing when the counter in AEON opens.
It has Laneige's kind of texture + good coverage and a obvious skin cooling sensation upon application! Where else can you get cushions like that? 

Don't get me started on their lipstick shades & textures!
I tried swatching as much as my hand could hold, at times like these how i wish i had a longer arm to fit in all the swatch colors lol wtf but these are the few really caught my eye. For the normal lipsticks, it isn't too "oily" nor too dry, in fact they were moisturizing enough that i didn't need to apply my lip balm as a base. And as for their mattes it isn't too drying as well, like their name it gives a matte finishing without looking cracked and dry :)
Of course it's best to exfoliate your lips from any dead skin before applying matte lipsticks.

Shade 21 is love!

Blushers are available in a cute form of a duo head tube and the eyeshadows come in pigmented natural shimmery tones that is suitable to use both both day & night occasions effortlessly.
I wasn't kidding about the word "pigmented" even big brands like Shu Uemura's gold shimmer eyeshadow can't beat this and i am comparing this based on real life experience since i have that particular gold shade at home lol, tested out Mamonde's gold shimmery shade and that amount of gold glitter stuck to my fingers left me speechless. Much gold, such glitter, am wow-ed! *inserts shiba-inu meme face*

So after reading my blogpost and drooling at all the pictures, are you girls (and some guys) excited for Mamonde now? 
Can't wait to get my hands on the cushion, powder and lipstick in shade #21 (orange red) then my life with Mamonde will be complete! :)
Hopefully i'll get to review some of their cosmetics when it arrives in Malaysia so i can tempt you guys further to part with your monehhhh lol. Well keeping my fingers crossed for review units, if there is a secret fairy godmother out there, hope she reads this :-P

Mamonde Malaysia: www.facebook.com/Mamonde.MY
The Butterfly Project: www.facebook.com/ButterflyProjectMalaysia


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