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Rohto Cooling Eyedrops in Malaysia

Eye drops, one of the essentials i can't live without as a frequent contact lens user. Even though most contact lens these days claim to have high oxygen content but yet us wearers do experience discomfort after a certain period of time especially when we wear them for more than 8 hours. I would go for corrective laser treatment so i can have perfect vision once again but first of all i can't afford it and secondly, i will never be able to wear my beautiful colored contact lenses again for cosplay lol. That is not something i am willing to sacrifice la to be honest, so next best thing is just make do lor and find solutions like more comfortable lenses or good eye drops.

The last time i bought my eye drops were from Japan, that was when i bought my very first Rohto brand eyedrops. Previously i did remember seeing online too a few years back introducing a unique shaped eyedrop bottle that is flat under the name Rohto Lycee, it's said to be fruit scented and gives a refreshing result for users.

Brought 2 of this to bring back from Japan because it's really refreshing & keeps my contact lenses blur free throughout the whole day. The refreshing level on this is only 1 on the scale of 1-8.
Can't find this in Malaysia yet, hopefully one day!

Rohto is no stranger brand in the pharmaceutical industry, in fact it's Japan's (noted at World's no.1) leading eyecare product that is easily found in every optometry store and pharmacy you walk into in Japan. One thing i did notice about Japanese eyedrops is that it does come with a certain degree of "spiciness" depending on your tolerance towards the refreshing sensation lol, so if you are they type who can't stand pure mint being eye drops into your eyes then level 5-8 should be your cup of tea.

Yes, it comes in levels too lol! I too wasn't aware of it till my friend mentioned and introduced me to a level 8 eye drop he brought back from one of his Japan work trips. Swear to God my eyeballs felt like they could melt off any minute lol wtf, some people just have high tolerance but it works well if you are super sleepy during work/ driving or classes. Definitely an eye waking sensation for sleepy heads like me. Just be prepare your body for the slight "shock" but it will gradually turn into a refreshing sensation instead of a spicy sting at first :)

Thank you Reiko for helping me take this shot!

Don't worry, i am not here to scare you guys off lol for the Rohto range they brought into Malaysia, the highest "cooling" sensation drops is the blue one placed at level 5 on the refreshing scale. Meanwhile the pink one is the mildest which is suitable for those with low tolerance for "minty" stuff or if you have friends who likes to blink alot, my advice is start with the pink first before advancing to the blue XD
For a big bottle it should be able to last quite some time especially for frequent users and forgot to mention the most important detail that this eye drops are suitable for both NON CONTACT LENS & WITH CONTACT LENS USERS.
Multi-functional indeed, so no need to go through such hassle to get 2 different types of specific eye drops for normal and contact lens eye care.

Who needs Rohto Cooling Eyedrops?
  • Frequent computer/ device users (long hours)
  • Long periods in air conditioned rooms/ office
  • Those who suffer from dry eyes
  • Contact lens users
  • Sleepy people (eg: me lol)
  • Travelers

Really glad to know alot of familiar Japanese brands are finally arriving at our shores without the price difference being to vast. Rohto eyedrops can be found in your nearest pharmacy today, i did see them in Caring Pharmacy and Watsons a few days ago priced at RM14.90 each. For the size it's worth paying extra RM5 more compared to our average size (small) eye drops.


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