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SmileMakers, now exclusively on Lazada

Toys, not your average children’s toy at first glance but something that can be considered as a health beneficial tool for all the ladies out there. Before i proceed further, some things might appear NSFW so do proceed with caution, but other than that this is pretty much a health related post that needs an open mind (and space) to go through :P
Trust me, it took me lots of guts just to pen this down and even post it up without being distracted by giggles and chuckles every 5 minutes lol, so for that i deserve a pat on the back for being so brave. Just kidding!

Trying to hold in my laugh lol

I am pretty sure you curious cats out there would love to know more about Smile Makers but here are some questions i managed to get them answered during my session with the manufactures. If you do have anything else in mind feel free to drop me a comment below, i’ll get them answered ASAP!

How often should i replace my Smile Makers?

Since it’s made from high grade silicone, it is actually quite durable even with frequent usage and washes. But recommended to be changed on a yearly basis.

Doesn’t it have a risk of melting under our current heat?

No, it isn’t plastic but that doesn’t mean it should be left under direct sunlight. Avoid them at all cost as it might degrade the quality, store them in a cool area like your bedtable drawers.

Silicones are known to give out a sticky feeling after a period of time, how fast to expect that from a Smile Makers?

Based on improper storage methods, it’s most unlikely to happen unless the product has been kept for over the span of 3 years or more.

Even with the ‘not so obvious design’, i am still shy to purchase them in public. How can i get them discreetly?

It is now exclusively available on Lazada , so you can get them sent your house discreetly or if it’s meant as a gift it can also be delivered to your recipient of choice upon checking out.

How much is a Smile Makers massager and it’s lubricant?

Each Smile Makers Massager is priced at RM129 & RM59 per bottle of lubricant.

Meet the The Firemen, The Frenchmen, The Tennis Coach & The Millionaire

Most friends who have known me long enough would easily tell you how perverted i am, practically corrupted most of my highschool girl friends (ohoho!) with my extensive knowledge of the human anatomy but hey, what’s there to be shy about especially if it’s learning something biology related right?
Sex education is also a taboo subject here in Malaysia instead it’s being replaced as “reproduction system” on our famous chapter 3 science book which every kid was super excited to reach that chapter back then lol but that alone just covers the surface of the biological system and nothing more.

So basically teenagers and adults in Malaysia are pretty much ignorant to something as important as this, when the topic “sex” is brought up, you can see fits of giggles or people excusing themselves from the conversation and it’s even rare for parents themselves to bring up this awkward topic to their children.So we are indeed deprived of such knowledge, but thank goodness now with the modern age of technology the generation has become more opened to such topics and are willing to educate themsleves for the better.

Smile Makers, not your ordinary “pleasure toy” you see in those gaudy sex shops which are used mostly for entertainment display purposes or generally as a joke because seriously, who would want something with spikes up there? These love shops are known for being super duper creative, i remember back when i was 12, i accidentally walked into one with a few of my school friends and how innocent we were until we saw a dildo. Obvious reaction from a 12 year old is “yerrr” and run off laughing lol. So that was my first time seeing what a pleasure toy looks like but in later years it’s mostly seen among friends as joke birthday gift and other “special occasions” like hens night.

Honestly to look at those, one can easily burst out laughing because it does look somewhat embarrassing to be seen with one (I’ll be caught dead please), and the designs are just so bizarre that it makes me wonder who actually design them to look so obscene lol. But ever since i’ve recently discovered Smile Makers and got to know about their innovative birth, design concepts and all, my perspective of pleasure toys did change a lil.

It’s also the one and only ladies pleasure toy brand to be sold openly in a pharmacy, here in Malaysia.

Let me briefly explain about the origins of Smile Makers so you guys may get a gist of the brand, originated idea from Sweden but manufactured and designed from different parts of the world like Japan (ahem lol, some of you will understand what i mean *winks*). Each design is actually inspired from the world survey they have conducted among women and their sexual fantasy preferences that is how the first 4 main designs are born- The Firemen, The Frenchmen, The Millionaire & The Tennis Coach.

You will be amazed with the global statistics that Malaysia is listed highest on the rank having the most pleasurable bedroom experiences compared to other countries and they emphasis alot on achieving for their sexual wellbeing. Surprising coming from a country who usually ‘hush’ these kind of topics eh? Lol.
On the pleasure importance scale, Malaysia is ranked 2nd highest (68%) compared to our neighbour Singapore (47%) meanwhile France tops the cake with a whopping 88%.

But achieving pleasure not necessarily means one must be attached, even individual party can achieve them with the help of Smile Makers, plus it’s fun & no emotional attachments :P
See, being single isn’t too bad after all right? First of all we get to discover more about our bodies as a women, things we weren’t taught about until we take some initiatives.

5  VALID reasons to own a Smile Makers Massager!

  1. Single or attached, there is nothing wrong with having some personal time or it could even spice things up in the bedroom for couples. Break your boring bedroom foreplay with this.
  2. Looking at it’s sophisticated & practical looking design (made by actual international famous designers) it can be seen as a multifunctional tool. Wouldn’t mind getting 1 for “fun” and another for face massaging purposes lol.
  3. For singles, no emotional attachments needed for your needs, less drama to handle.
  4. Size is made great and compact to be easily brought around for travels and even displayed openly in the bedroom without arousing any suspicion. Also makes an ideal and less awkward looking gift for a girl friend.
  5. Researches has proven how satisfying our natural instinct needs is good for our overall wellbeing both physical and mental.

From my instagram photo i did get alot of cute response from you guys especially since the caption was “guess what is this” lol, some guess it right (naughty!) but some thought it was a skincare product which i admit was my first thought as well based on the designs.
It can be multifunctional if you are sporting enough to get one for facial purposes lol, don’t see why not since it’s made from FDA approved silicone (super soft & smooth!), that is completely phthalate free.

Smile Makers are not only known for their cute, fun and playful toys but they also released a selection of lube that totally convinced everyone it looks like skincare products thanks to the beautiful designer bottles. Unlike most lubes we have come acrossed in pharmacies that looks quite embarrassing or even to be caught dead to be seen with, Smile Makers’s lube bottles will make you feel proud to display them openly beside your bedroom tables. No more awkward bedroom selfies with an overly attention seeking bottle of lube photobombing it lol. Trust me, i know that feeling very well since i was given one by a client last year from one of my projects, it’s just sitting there not doing anything but ruining my photos XD

Comes is 3 different types of textures for every kind of needs, all formulations are guaranteed paraben free, water based, fragrance free and has a purity level of 99.5% which is even safe for consumption (in case you guys are worried about accidents la lol). So it’s safe peeps, the formula is so pure and it even contains dipotassium glycyrrhizate which can be found in skincare products like SKII because Smile Makers believe that lubricants are not just a sexual aid item but an intimate moisturizer. Really high end stuff that you would feel proud to use as it is important for us as consumers to know what we are using on our body.

So i do hope this post has been informative for all the ladies (and gentlemen) out there who would like to know more about Smile Makers.

Find out more on http://bit.ly/1T7arym 

Now to share the great news with you guys, as i heard sales of the SmilesMakers has been over the roof since the launched last month in the market and some are even sold out in certain places so this is your chance to grab on online as i have an EXCLUSIVE voucher for you to use on your purchase!
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winks & kisses,

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