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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Hatsune Miku Teal available at Daisuke Salon

Been meaning to share this post so badly aside from a few other interesting posts which i promise to get them up this week, (*psst* it involves lingerie, more hair styling hacks & Korea drama actress in KL) so make sure to subscribe to my blog and be the first to be notified about it k?
According to my stylist this is a new color they recently brought in from their recent Japan trip and the shade is similar to the famous voice synthesizer character called Hatsune Miku which used to be such a huge hype back in 2012 when it was first introduced and till today she's an all time favorite among the vocaloid lovers. To be really honest, i didn't like mike because i felt her voice was pitch high annoying lol but i preferred Luka or Meiko instead as they have more matured voices than a child's one XD

Hi I'm Hatsune Miku & my hair is real lol.

The hype of Vocaloid was so great at one point we started seeing 70% of ACG attendees clad in various versions of vocaloid costumes! Some of us suggested they should rename these conventions to Vocaloid-con instead lol and yes it was to the point of that annoying. Trust me, if you wondered how many versions they released for each vocaloid character, all i cay say is google and you'll be knocked out of your own socks. Each MV has their own type of costumes, not inclusive of fan-made ones that caught the attention of vocaloid lovers till they started cosplaying those too. It was really the dawn of Vocaloid but i am so glad that died down over the years and was replaced by other new anime series because it was getting really annoying *flips tables*.

Still Vocaloid left such an impact on the community, till today you'll still see people cosplaying it and no doubt Miku is still one of the most loved characters in Vocaloid. The only thing i actually like about Miku is her vibrant hair color and beautiful costumes :-P
Other than that, she is still annoying on my list lol but never ever did i expect to be having her hair color for real!
Daisuke-san & Amanda are just so full of surprises, so the teal color did caught me off guard lol but i'm loving every single moment of it. What i did not expect is the color to last this long, it's been about 3 weeks to be exact and the color did show signs of mild fading from the washes but it's still vibrant nonetheless!

This is color butter, new trendy colors brought in regularly directly from Japan by Daisuke-san & his wife, Ai.

I always hear friends who go with crazy colors complain about their colors fading quite fast which is quite obvious as it turns into an ugly leftover stain mixed with your bleach blonde hair. But so far with Daisuke salon's awesome color butter, i never had any complaints about the color fading into some weird hue that makes me want to get it fixed ASAP.  NEVER ONCE lol.
Somehow i think it's the special formula in the color butter that enables the dye to fade gracefully on it's own, making in a low maintenance kind of hair dye for bright colors.
Remember my previous pink hair? Everyone thought i went for another round of full bleach to clean the color off but the truth is i only went to get my roots touched up, the rest just faded into blonde (base color). So i did save on the "cleaning up bleach" since there was nothing to clean up anyways lol.

My hair is never frizzy from all the dyeing & bleaching because of treatments!

The coloring process took only 1 day and by the time i left there is still daylight than my usual night time leave XD
Took about 2 dyes to get that vibrant consistency going before the usual hair treatments to protect my hair from anymore damages and to retain its moisture. So if you are worried about it taking the whole day, the trick is to separate your sessions, this also gives your scalp time to recover from the bleaching process before the dye unless you have an iron scalp like mine that can withstand 3 rounds of bleaching in one sitting without breaking a sweat on my first visit to Daisuke salon :-P

Check out my video, to get a better view of the color from different angles.

Biggest achievement for my #Hairstory so far of all my years of being a hair model lol, those were the days where most of my jobs didn't really care about my hair condition, it's all about getting the job done at all means. So right now i am grateful and blessed that my hair is well cared in the trusting hands of Daisuke salon. Don't believe me, check out Ying Tze's makeover on their blog! She herself wasn't too sure about going for hair makeovers as she has a delicate hair condition (very fine & brittle hair) but now she's happy with her new look.

Not every hair condition suits bleaching, so best to drop by Daisuke salon and consult first before making an appointment but unless you are just there for a normal cut & treatment then prior consultation isn't needed.
Any of you guys tempted to go highlight your locks teal color now? hehe, it's fun to have unusual hair color while everyone goes for the typical ombre or dark purple shades but i prefer to hair something unusual just like my odd personality lol. Also another reason to be thankful to have such a sporting company to work in, so my boss doesn't mind the wild colors.

I am still cataloging the fading progress of my hair which i shall leave it for the next blogpost as an update but for now it's still going strong. Give it a month or 2.
As for pricing it varies from different hair lengths and the amount of times you need to bleach, so i can't really give a general rough number, best to ask during your consultation to be more accurate :)

Spamming more selfies to immortalized my beautiful hair color lol.
Taken with HTC DesireEYE under window lighting.

Remember to show my blogpost or just mention my name "ARISA" to enjoy 20% off your bill for first timers!

Sincerely Your Narcissistic,

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