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Tansan Soda Spa Foam Review

Tansan Treatment. Sounds familiar? Bet it sure does because it's practically being used in almost every Japanese salon as part of their deep cleansing treatment and did you know that actually you can bring home a bottle of it to DIY your very own Tansan treatment in the comforts of your home?
For those who don't know what is this miracle foam i am talking about let me walk you through a brief introduction.

Tansan Soda Spa Foam originated from Japan, and it was first introduced my Mr.Soda himself to beauty parlors and hair salons, soon it became a no.1 bestseller & must have beauty item worldwide.
The functions of this miracle foam is simple, CO2 extracted from the purest source which is their Onsen (natural hot spring), known for many of it's beauty and health beneficial properties such as rich in anti-oxidants. All this now available in a form of a can, you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime as you please.

For those who aren't chemistry students, CO2 is chemical term for Carbon dioxide basically a compound combination of 1 carbon atom and 2 oxygen atoms.

Benefits of  CO2 from Onsen

  • Promotes healthy blood circulation
  • Combats Aging process
  • Tighten's pores to prevent them from being exposed to dirt and dust
  • Cleanses clogged pores (black head removal)
  • Eradicates harmful chemical residue from sunblock & cosmetics
  • Regenerates corroded skin cells

According to skin specialists in Japan:- "Carbon dioxide has the ability to eradicate oil from the skin and also tighten pores , hence it is very beneficial for people with skin conditions such as oily skin and atopic dermatitis." 

Okay first and foremost you guys would practically think i am bias towards Japanese products just because i adore their country but let me get this straight, bias yes but that doesn't mean it clouds my judgments or reviews :P
Pictures would do most of the talking so i'll try not to bore you guys too much with my usual unrelated ramblings lol.

This isn't the first time i am seeing this miraculous pink canister, in fact I've been seeing it raved all over the internet for quite some time but had no idea where to get them since it's only sold in selected places and not likely to be found all over Malaysia at the moment but i do hope to see that growth very soon once Malaysians have discovered how much of a MUST NEEDED product this is to combat with out humid weather!

Excuse my messy room, busy packing at the moment lol.

But by chance, my favorite hair salon (Daisuke salon) actually carries them in as part of their hair treatment service, but little did i know they actually sold the canister individually as well for customers to do their own treatments at home making it convenient for those who don't have time to drop by for a weekly refreshing deep cleansing scalp wash. How cool is that!

Priced only at RM100, this pink canister can survived quite a number of hair & face treatments because you won't need much to cover your entire face or scalp thanks to it's compressed foam nature that would expand upon releasing.
So far i am on my 4th round of treatment, i use it once a week like my scrubs or whenever i have not washed my hair for an extended period and it never fails to leave it feeling refreshed and light afterwards.

I also find this a more gentler option for black head removal as the bubbling foam process helps to extract it without causing any skin irritation from exfoliation, so you can use it more frequently without worrying about constantly stripping a layer of your skin off, plus this is overall more effective since it targets pores from within and minimizes it, expelling the dirt that has nowhere else for it escape to, except the surface.

What kind of feeling to expect from this foam treatment?
A nice bubbling & frizzy sensation, meaning it is working it's magic to cleanse every pore it has landed on, either your scalp or face. It isn't the spicy kind of sensation whic stings, think it more of fizzy ramune (soda lemonade) on your face lol.

How long each session?
10-15 minutes, so sit back and enjoy a magazine or just continue with your normal household work since the texture is thick enough that it doesn't slide off your face.

My face is red after washing of the treatment, is that normal?
Yes it is, CO2 from onsen is helping your body's blood circulation around your face and scalp so it is common to see a "flush" after washing which will eventually fade.

How many times can i use this treatment?
Recommended 1-2 times a week for hair and once every 2 days for face, if you do not have such oily scalp/skin, then once a week is sufficient.

Squeaky clean pores and a more radiant complexion!

Daisuke Salon De Coiffure

C-25-01, Dataran 32, No. 2,
Jalan 19/1, 46300
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Selangor, Malaysia

Contact: 03-7960 0140
Time: 10am-8pm daily (closed on Mondays)
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DaisukeSalon



  1. Hi, I would like to ask if this is to be applied before cleansing of face or after? For hair, to be applied before shampoo or? After the treatment do we need to cleanse the face and shampoo the hair? What are the steps like?

  2. Hi Yixin!
    It's applied after cleansing your face same goes for hair, after shampoo and yes after leaving it on for 5-10 minutes, you are required to rinse it off.

  3. I see, thank you for the kind information babe! Appreciate it! 😊


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