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6 Sakura Viewing Spots in CHIBA

Still can't get enough of Chiba, just recently i've met their panel of city represents during the Chiba tourism seminar and got to know that i' have only discovered the TIP of the iceberg. Chiba has so much more attractions to offer and it really makes me feel like going back there right now for spring season!
If you are looking for a not so typical touristy place like Tokyo to view your sakura flowers, allow me to suggest a neighboring prefecture that is soon to be the next Japan's MUST travel destination (really soon), so before that happens it's best to take the advantage to enjoy the peaceful place before it starts getting crowded lol.
What more can you ask for when there is a giant cute red dog name Chiba-kun here to welcome you to his beautiful prefecture, hoping you will see why he loves his home very much.

There is just so many things to do over there and when i was there 5 days with a packed schedule, it still isn't enough to explore the entire prefecture which you can easily access all around it (from top till the bottom) via public transport or maybe a rented car.

The recent update on Sakura season forecast shows all the usual places like Tokyo, Fukouka, Kyoto, Osaka and many others but i somehow can't seem to find Chiba in the list.
Tentative dates for Cherry Blossom viewings are generally around late March to early April, so within that period if you are coming to Japan it's a definite 99% you will see the flowers.
Whether it's early or full bloom, that is a surprise nature has for us :)

Why you no state CHIBA!!! 
It's beside Tokyo by the way.

Moving on, just because it's not mentioned in the forecast doesn't mean Chiba doesn't have Cherry blossoms over there, in fact there is a few notable places worth checking out which i will list them down below along with their addresses (if i can find them) and other useful information :)
Sadly i have yet to visit those places myself, but i do believe that one day i will enjoy the sakura view from the places listed below, just not sure when la haha but i am keeping my fingers crossed and hopes up that i will be soon!

Kannon-do, 観音堂 @Kasamori-ji temple, Chiba, 笠森寺

1. Kasamori Kannon Temple
Built in 1028 Kannon Do Hall, also known as "Temple in the Air" due to it's unique structure and surrounding the temple grounds are forests and during spring sakura is seen blooming around as well
Entry: 100 ¥
Transport: 30 mins bus ride from JR Mobara station   
Address: 302 Kasamori, Chōnan,Chōsei District, Chiba Prefecture

Lake Hakkaku by yopinori

2. Lake Hakkaku - I definitely would want to visit this lake!
This beautiful lake with mountains that surrounds the ruins of Togane Castle's background and the lake is filled with flowers and trees of 4 seasons. Cherry blossoms are sighted during early April
Entry: Free
Transport: 5 mins walk from Togane station or JR Togane Line 
Address:  Japan, 〒283-0802 千葉県東金市, 東金1415-1


3. Mobara Park
Selected as one of the 100 best cherry blossom viewing spots on Japan with a whopping number of 2850 cherry blossoms trees filling the park including azalea and hydrangea during full bloom. The scenery here is also all year round just like Lake Hakkaku.
Entry: Free
Transport: 7 min bus ride from JR Mobara station
Address: 日本, 〒297-0029 千葉県茂原市高師1325


4. Isumi Railway
Adorable train painted with pictures of moomin character on it and it's trail stretches about 26.8km.
Filled with rapeseed flowers and cherry blossoms, these two beautiful combinations allow train passengers to get a picturesque of the scenery. This is also one of the railway enthusiast's favorite photography location.
Entry: Opens 7 days a week

5.  Yoro Keikoku Valley
This is a hidden scenery spot in Boso, like most breathtaking places it's always hidden from the eyes of the world just waiting to be discovered by those who love nature. The valley was formed by the flow of Yoro river which runs from Otaki Machi through Ichihara City. In spring this place can be seen filled with the flowers of Mamezakura, a type of Cherry blossom spesies and also gold banded lilies during fall. Expect a spectacular view for each season especially during Autumn, surrounding the area there are hot spring inns where you can enjoy their specialty- Kuroyu (Black Hot Spring)
Entry: Free
Transport: 20 mins bus ride from Yoro Keikoku station of Kominato Railway.

Sakura Castle Park (佐倉城址公園)

6. Sakura Castle Park 
Covered with rich green, Sakura Castle Park extends in the ruins of Sakura Castle, which was built in 1610. Strolling the park, you will find the Uba-ga-ike Pond, a tea-ceremony house, and the remains of the ancient castle moat which is now dry but gives you vestiges of its former splendor.
Entry: Free
Transport: Keisei Sakura station
Address: Kanyu-Mubanchi, Jonaicho, Sakura-city, Chiba
Website: www.city.sakura.lg.jp

That's what i have so far but i am pretty sure there a dozen more locations all over Chiba, it's just that these are the more notable spots :)
If i do manage to visit all parks, then i'll make entire list with real life pictures but for now googling for pictures will do and the original websites can be found beneath the photos. And your trip isn't complete without joining the locals on their Hanami (flower viewing festival) event, so get your picnic mats out, enjoy the view and companionship of the people around you.

To read more about my Chiba adventures, head over to the links below!


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