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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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LilParasiteTales | Arrival of Lil Parasite

Giving birth is no joke, the pain is excruciating to the point no words can actually describe how i felt during those hours of contractions and pushing which took a total of almost 8 hours just to get lil parasite out and into this horrid world. Sorry you can't stay in my carefree amniotic fluid filled belly forever lil girl but now you are finally here with me, let us brave every obstacle we are bound to face near future together k? Don't leave mommy alone and for me, likewise.

I know i was supposed to share this like 2 weeks ago but my laptop died and currently i'm using a loaned one as i am still trying to see which laptop to get within my budget :(
And guess once you are a workaholic, you'll always be one even though your body tells you that you NEED the rest but your mind can't stop rushing and analyzing things that needs to be done. But all and all i am the type that feels damn worthless when i am unproductive for one day, sounds too hard on myself eh?

After reading this entire blogpost, you new moms too would have done what i did by checking into a confinement home and i regretted for not doing so earlier or else i would have recovered much faster and i wouldn't have cried so much wondering what went wrong and it kinda triggered my depression hearing my baby wail uncontrollably. Some might say it's postpartum depression, which is rather normal as long you seek medical assistance and you know how much i hate the shrinks after being zombiefied by high dosage of anti depressant meds for almost 3 years before this.

So bringing home the little bundle of joy was much more difficult than i thought as the hospital refused to clear me due to my depression history so i ended up staying 2 more days (over the weekend) just for the shrink in charge on Monday to evaluate me and gotta bear in mind that dealing with government hospitals everything takes AGES to get done. Like making an appointment i had to wait half a day wtf indeed, but that's how things works there. Reminds me very much of the sloth, Flash from Zootopia lol (not kidding!). But after getting all those cleared, thank god my mom was there to remind me to keep my cool as i was on the verge of exploding at staffs for wasting my time especially when i am well enough to be discharged last saturday already, plus i had an ongoing project that screams CODE RED URGENT.
Should make another blogpost on what goes on inside government hospitals wei, it's affordable and all but they do things way too slow and only give you attention when you are nearly dying lol or else you'll just end up on the waiting list.

And i seriously was jinxed with Murphy's law wei.. " Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong."
That's what happened, and gotta remind lil parasite this epigram when she grows up. I was too focused on trying to get my project done before her initial due date on the 24th Nov but she came up one week earlier because.."Murphy's law" lel.
And it didn't come from one person, first YingTze mentioned it to me but i brushed it off as a joke and what a coincidence the pregnancy app i was using to track my maternity progress brought it up as well but one week too late lol.

The most KNS moment =_=

I started having contractions on the 13th Nov as i was still busy sewing, prior to that about 1 day ago my mucus plug had apparently came out (looks like a blood clot) which freaked me out at first because during pregnancy, blood is never a good sign and it often leads to complications or miscarriage (choi touchwood la) and had a light flow for 24 hours so tell me how not to freak out lol after 9 months of not having period and suddenly it decides to show up one week before i am due! 

Google didn't help much because there are just so many possibilities, but was assured by some mommy friends that this was normal. Another thing i did not expect was the contractions to start so soon, really pregnancy has so many variations based on individuals from what i read up mucus plug is just the first sign and contractions may start in a couple of days or some got their water bag burst first before getting contractions. So it's mind boggling for a soon to be mom like myself, and water bag bursting doesn't happen to everyone ya, it's just Hollywood exaggerating lol, for my case i BROKE my own water bag during the pushing process and i am 100% sure it wasn't pee because that didn't come from the top hole but the middle one lol. Peeing and pooping while pushing is NORMAL ladies, so don't worry too much about grossing out your midwife or doctor. Bet they have seen too many till numb liao XD

Start of contractions felt like period pains but goes on and off, that's how you know to start timing the intervals until it's approximately 4-6 mins from each other. That's also you queue to grab your hospital bag and head to the hospital to get check-in despite it being earlier than your initial EDD (expected date of delivery). Some hospitals would ask you to wait at home till you are about nearly 10cm dilated before coming to the hospital however if they have space to room you then you can wait in the hospital like how i did though i came in only being 3cm dilated.
The contraction pains gets really so painful to the point you can't even stand up and i honestly felt like punching my ex in the groin IF he was there (thankfully he's no where in sight) and the stupid laughing gas they ask you to inhale doesn't help with the pain at all, it just makes you dizzy AF if you inhale too much like i did. Nearly passed out from either the pain or the laughing gas lel.

Last #babybump photo and i at least washed my hair before going to the hospital as i heard from some friends that this place didn't have hot shower during their time and i wasn't gonna risk it because i hate cold water, so the best is to shower before coming lol. But found out later that hot water was already installed, yay for hot baths! 

And we actually aren't allowed to bring in mobile phones into the labor room or take any photos but so happen i hid mine because i needed b to contact my sis or mom in case of an emergency but the cranky nurse confiscated my phone and dumped it to my younger sister who was later shooed away with all my stuff including important medical documents. (-_-) damn smart move from the cranky nurse.
Later when one of the doctors came in and ask for my medical reports, i had to ask the same cranky nurse to go find back my sister that she just halau to get that file as i don't remember her hp number lol. Padan muka the nurse.

I couldn't take the epidural due to a lower back injury from last year which didn't heal properly and that procedure might leave me paralyze waist down if not done properly, so might as well skip that risk and suck up to the pain. Of all people, my tolerance towards pain is the lowest of the lowest and yet i have proven to people that even a wimp like me can deliver a baby without the help of pain killers. But if you opt for epidural that doesn't make you less of a mother like the rest of us who didn't, in fact if i could take it i would man.. there's just no words to describe the immense pain we women go through while trying to push a baby out. 
Don't get me started on the other pains that comes afterwards lol.

I checked into the hospital nearly 12am because before that i had to stop by BeansNBeans to get my bingsu fix XD yep my last meal before giving birth wasn't my grandma's stew or homey food but shaved ice with my younger sis. Thank god she and her BF was with me for late dinner (or supper) so they could drop me off at the hospital if not i had to drive myself over at that hour as there isn't much uber/ grabcar around my area so late. Thank you Rick & Banana TT__TT

Always seem to be having this tag around my wrist lol at least not my ankles because that would be for the morgue 

Was practically in labor for about 7 hours before i ended up pushing though i was scolded by the nurses not to do so as i was only 5cm dilated and screaming was just gonna exhaust me since i need my entire energy for the pushing. But HECK WITH THEM, my body told me to just push no matter what so i ended up forcing lil parasite out in the process of accidentally tearing my "entrance" (hurts like f*ck) so that explains why my baby's head is slightly longer on the top lol. Hopefully that shape is just temporary and will mold accordingly as she grows up. Didn't take lil parasite too long before she's out but from the pushing and trying to catch my breath in between its like you are having the worst constipation of you life man.. and i am pretty sure you guys know how shitty it feels to try so hard to push that solid poop out but it goes back in after you try to briefly inhale for oxygen lol sounds wtf i know but that's the truth yo. If i timed myself correctly lil parasite took less than an hour to come out (about 30 mins+) before i passed out from exhaustion and was briefly woken up to be asked "what's my baby's gender", which made me puzzled as i was also super groggy to even think straight. Weird question for the nurses to ask before wheeling my baby out to be cleaned up.
I believe my delivery was fast because of tons of walking and working out in the gym up to 38 weeks, as most mothers that shared their story with me all of them had a similarity of more walking= easier delivery.

As far i i remember lil parasite didn't cry at all until she was spanked by the nurses lol but it was a brief wail only, she's a super quiet baby for the first week but her grandma felt it was unusual =_= 
First grandma parasite thought probably lil parasite had a vocal cord/ hearing problem as from the recovery ward filled with 2 other crying babies, not one whimper came from her i was actually just thankful she's an obedient one as i felt she's already perfect in every single way. No thank you grandma parasite for your prayer asking for a crying baby..now lil parasite cries all night long and i gotta deal with it =_=

Would also like to thank everyone for the well wishes online/ offline and those who came by to visit us while we were stuck in the hospital.
Every message made our day less dreadful here :)

Such a tiny precious baby but now she has tripled her birth size lol.
Why can't you stay this tiny forever ☹

Lil parasite hardly open her eyes until she was about 3-4 days old, she was mostly just sleeping and only moved her mouth left and right when she was hungry, now she pretty much wails and demands to be fed IMMEDIATELY lol so much difference in just a couple of weeks T.T and i am still struggling to adapt here. Well..that's my so called "short update" on lil parasite for now, and if you guys have any questions to ask about pregnancy, giving birth or caring for a newborn feel free to drop me a comment below or message me on my facebook page. Will compile and answer them on my next #lilparasitetales update next week :)

Don't worry about feeling it's weird to ask me stuff as i am pretty open to alot of topics (except political stuff), at least i hope my experience could be of help to first time mothers out there as well. I aint no pro because i am also still learning but it's always good to share tips with each other as you'll never know when this knowledge might come in handy!

Welcome home My lil parasite!

Beauty Feature |  Tansan Magic Foam Madness Giveaway

Watch my Tansan Magic Gelee review

Yep a delayed entry haha, million apologies guys! My only free time to blog is after feeding Mariko (lil parasite) and i have a gap of 2 hours or lesser before she starts crying for milk again. Not to mention i need to eat, bath, poop, pee, clean the house, do laundry, etc too *sobs*.
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All the best!



  1. Babe.. don't work too much during the recovery... get well soon... at least around 6 months... bf the baby so your Rahim will kecut cepat..

  2. Syafiera: Mine already kecut since 2nd week lol

    Daniel: THANK YOU! :)


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