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Picking A Perfect Confinement Home | La Gracia Care Confinement Centre

I do get questions by my readers and followers on why did i suddenly decide to check into a confinement home and the costs of it. Upon disclosing the rates one who has no knowledge about this market would deem it as "expensive" or "overpriced". I know that partial of my readers are from overseas, so before i go further into this confinement topic let me briefly explain about it. For chinese people it's a traditional practice for a mother who has just given birth to confine herself for a month as a recovery process since the body is weak after delivering a child. Muslims also has this practice called "pantang" when they believe a women is considered "unclean" during this period of time hence she avoids public till she is "clean" again and also to recover la.

Being a modern mom of 2016 who pretty much scoffs at tons of "old wives sayings" unless medically proven otherwise during my pregnancy period would take back my words of saying "I can handle this on my own" when was previously asked if i have anyone to help out after i check out from the hospital.

As to me it's not being about unclean, filled with wind, etc but to actually recover like a normal patient who's just been discharged from the hospital. Seriously, your whole body feels like you have been rammed over by the largest possible speeding monster truck multiple times leaving your body all mangled up. Yep, that's how your body feels like after delivering lol. But i am not dismissing anyone's beliefs here ya, it's a matter of personal opinion :) 

Never in my life i was SO WRONG about my decision to skip the confinement practice because my body literally nearly broke down from exhaustion and i was already showing signs of postpartum depression due to the new mom stress.

That's one of the reasons why i only checked in on the 2nd week instead of immediately after being discharged from the hospital lol, aside from that i had an important project to finish up, because murphy's law happened, you can read about it in my previous blogpost HERE lol and lil parasite suddenly developed jaundice out of no where and it was borderline to being warded in the hospital for UV treatment + observation. So that's how my long first week with a baby begun, struggling to latch my baby on properly but failed as a result, bleeding nipples. Ugh.
Also trying to wake up my baby every hour to keep her hydrated, jaundice baby sleeps all day long which is quite dangerous so as a result dehydration will increase their jaundice levels. So trying to feed her every hour, i had no time to cook or eat as every 30 mins rest gap till lil parasite's next feed i had to work on my project. Totally going batshit insane, i kid you not.

Biggest lesson of a lifetime here?
Don't be like me thinking you are superwoman who have no experience of being a mom but try to carry on every single weight on your shoulders.
You'll need all the help you can get at this point of time.

Top piority hygienic nursery for the babies

Picking A Perfect Confinement Home

Confinement homes are no stranger to the parenting industry, as it's slowly becoming a big demand in our country due to many lifestyle factors like first time inexperience parents who needs guidance, worries about their elderly parents health to take care of them during the confinement period, can't find confinement lady, parents not from KL, husband overseas for work and many more. Few years ago this concept was relatively new but slowly more and more modern parents choose these centres over their usually home confinements.

I too wasn't aware the existence of these kind of places until i stumbled across them during one of my Baby expo surveys back in August. There's apparently quite a number of them promoting their services, attractive competitive package rates for advance sign ups which i only took into consideration as i wasn't too sure whether I needed to even check into one or not lol.
But what made me decide to highlight La Gracia Care Confinement Centre in this blogpost today is because unlike majority confinement centres, though they are in the market as they have just started operating in July 2016, the set up of this place feels really homey.

13 Facts about La Gracia Care Confinement Centre :

  1. Low Density set up that can only house maximum 7 mothers & babies at once 
  2. Relaxing home-like environment
  3. Mothers are served 5 balanced and nutritious meals a day with different food varieties (not only Chinese herbs alone)
  4. Certified Midwife available to aid mothers during the recovery
  5. Trained nurses available 24/7 to tend to mothers & baby's needs
  6. Daily health check up provided for both Mother & baby
  7. Basic Baby care training conducted for new mothers to learn about the basics like proper latching, bathing , various massage techniques
  8. Top priority hygienic nursery for the babies
  9. 24 hour security surveillance available
  10. Visitors are allowed to visit from 10am-2pm and 4pm-8pm daily
  11. Fathers are allowed to stay overnight with their wife & child
  12. Ample parking space provided in the confinement home compound
  13. Friendly and tentative owners who would constantly visit to make sure everything is alright

When i first paid visit to this confinement home and was brought on a brief tour around the house by the kind and warm owners, with permission I managed to snap some photos of the place showing what they have to offer in terms of various room sizes and facilities provided.

Compared to other confinement centre set ups that looks pretty much like dormitories with standard size rooms and high density environment ( housing alot of mothers at once) which can feel rather stressful and suffocating to some new mothers like myself and half the time they only allow husbands to visit but not stay overnight but however here in La Gracia that's one of the many good points you don't get elsewhere. Husbands are welcome here anytime for rooms like Luxury and Premium as those have bigger beds and built in toilet for privacy purposes.

Various types of rooms available depending on individual needs.
This is the Premium room (master bed room size), built in toilet, living room which includes Astro subscription as well.

Common area between both deluxe room that has super single size beds but a sharing toilet. This is a new addition set up in La Gracia and a more affordable option for those who don't need such big spaces.

There are 3 luxury rooms like these, one upstairs and 2 downstairs near the nursery 

And bet you guys would be wondering what are the exact rates for a full 28 days confinement, i shall share them below. By the way these are the current PROMOTIONAL rates for 2016, and there will be an increase for 2017 onwards. Even though your EDD is only next year around October or November, you can always sign up first (book a slot) to enjoy these current promotional rates.
I was pretty lucky to get a slot last minute even though my stay was only 2 weeks as December is usually a fully booked month. Best to always book in advance, you can always reschedule your slot in case there are any delays or early arrival of the baby (my case was early arrival).

  1. Standard room: RM 8, 000 - Private Room without attached bathroom. Super Single Bedded. 
  2. Deluxe room : RM 9, 500 - Private Room with sharing bathroom. Super Single Bedded. 
  3. Luxury room : RM 10, 888 - Husband allowed to stay in. Private Room with attached bathroom. Queen Bedded.
  4. Premium room : RM 11, 888 - Husband allowed to stay in. Private Room with attached bathroom. Queen Bedded. The room is attached with a private visitor meeting area for your beloved family and friends. Astro Package is included.

  1. Standard : RM8,000 (1 room available)
  2. Deluxe : RM9,500 (2 rooms available)
  3. Luxury : RM11,200 (3 rooms available)
  4. Premium : RM12,000 (1 room available)

Welcome pack for every new signed up mother and child

If you think this is costly, think again because to get specific confinement food catering for 28 days already costs RM3000+, to hire a confinement lady who works from 8am-6pm only costs roughly about RM4000-5000 and those who stay in your house would be nearly RM6000-7000 and above depending on experience, demand and area. And all those costs doesn't include transportation fees, medical (if they fall sick taking care of you), food/  herbs   aa ingredients for cooking and baby materials like diapers.
When you add up this entire costs altogether it's roughly nearly RM8000-9000 already, might as well drop everything and save yourself the trouble by checking into a confinement home like La Gracia which also acts like a mini getaway for new moms as the new relaxing environment is beneficial for their overall well-being. At the same time they get to rest more while the confinement staffs tends to the mother's and baby's needs 24/7.
                                                                                                                                                                     Weighing out the pros and cons, this is definitely worth the investment on the long run as if a mother does not recover properly during this period, their injuries will worsen as they get older.
Anyway to deliver a baby in private hospitals are about the same costs (natural-8k while C-sec-12k) but for those who delivered in semi goverment hospitals like myself would save on the hefty delivery costs and invest on booking a slot in a confinement home.
La Gracia is open for viewing daily, all you need to do is contact them to schedule an appointment : 018-763 3669

They also do conduct sessions for expecting moms like hypnobirthing classes, nutrition and lactation sessions within the vicinity, for those interested to join do follow them on their official Facebook page to be notified of the latest upcoming sessions: La Gracia Care Confinement Centre

Freshly made food daily

Decent variety of food choices

Daily mother health check up

24 hour baby care

24 hour security surveillance available

La Gracia Care Confinement Centre

No. 6. Jalan SS2/8A
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

018-763 3669

If you have any questions feel free to ask in the comment section below! Heard La Gracia will also be expanding another branch next year, so that more mothers can get access to their services!
Will be sharing my 2 weeks stay experience in La Gracia in my next blogpost, make sure to subscribe to my blog to be notified of my next post :)



  1. The centres promote during baby expo? I wasn't expecting that because it's usually baby products. Good information sharing and I do hope they open a new branch as the rates are actually quite reasonable but capacity small. It's good too especially that I'm an introvert. Lol. Thank goodness for modern confinement. I still have a long way to go (maybe) to become a mother but your experience is so helpful. Cheers to Mariko's birth, dear

  2. Yes! i to was surprised actually! Yea, they wanted to make it more of a home like concept instead of a cramped up hostel which works great like you said for introverts like us who enjoy being in quiet spaces haha. Im sure you will someday and im glad you found it useful^^

  3. This modern concept took me by surprise. I had never imagined that it is this clean and orderly. Of course, I have never researched about confinement homes before. The rates are pretty reasonable, considering the amount of professional service and personal care.

  4. Congrats Arisa! Glad that you have found a reliable great confinement centre. My close friend is due for baby delivery next month, she is here while no one can help, will recommend this centre for her reference ;) cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  5. am so glad you got yourself taken care of at the confinement centre.. i know how hard it can be handling a baby on your own....

  6. I like the idea of confinent in a nice place after giving birth - anyway every new Moms deserves it, its hard to delivery!!! Don't care for the cost - more important is to have a safe and healthy life

  7. This confinement center overall environment and food kind of pleasant and cozy for mother and baby. Thanks for the tips and sharing. I will share it with my friends.

  8. Congrats Arisa! :) This place is surprisingly nice and it's good for you after pregnant.

  9. Hope Mariko is feeling better now...it's good that you manage to stumble upon this confinement home just recently and glad that it served you well... damn having a baby needs a lot of money..though i am no where near getting married or a baby now, I better start saving up a lot more money from now onwards...

  10. Didn't know about this confinement home until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing :)

  11. I wouldn't want to know how it feels like to give birth it makes me feel scared just thinking about it lol anyway, this place looks really cute and relaxing.

  12. I've heard so many scary and unhygienic things about traditional confinement, glad to know something like La Gracia Care exists! The variety of food looks great too! Will be waiting to see how did you and Mariko's stay went ^^

  13. I love reading regarding your confinement experience with La Gracie Care as you elaborate in details. I might using their service when is comes to my turn.

  14. This confinement center looks so cozy for environment for mother and baby. Thanks for sharing. The food doenst looks like confinement food at all.

  15. wa their food looks so yummy. How I wish I had such great experience last time during confinement too hehe.

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  18. Thanks for your sharing. I have the same thoughts as you. Would you mind sharing which semi government hospital you delivered at? I am looking for alternatives to deliver at a more reasonably priced hospital and invest in confinement center post delivery. Appreciate if you can share. Thanks.

    1. Hi Winnie, I gave birth at PPUM within less than RM700 for normal delivery without epidural and staying extra 2 days. The experience was traumatizing as the nurses there aren't very kind to mothers in labor pain. But for the cost I couldn't complain much.


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