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Dear Parents

I know that lately i've been quiet on my social media platform and i know i should STOP apologizing because i needed a break but just because i'm sort of slow on the updating, that doesn't mean i am not aware of what's going on around me. Over the past few days has been a terrible one because of some childish community think it's funny and harmless to cyber bully people that lead to a death of a student and another potential one soon. Makes me question how do you parents of these bullies actually live with yourself and brought up your kids, i know that i am in no position to question your upbringing ways as i have yet to have that opportunity since my daughter has recently passed but i'm asking you guys to seriously WAKE UP.
Not defending any particular party here because to be honest it's me asking "what's wrong with the world today?"

It's been said many times before that "ignorance is bliss" but to a certain extent, everyone uses the internet and abuses it these days which can't be helped but you know what can be done? Educating your own child to be a better person than you are (unless you think you are so perfect that you should mold them to be a crappy duplicate copy of yourself la). 
Yes, parents do feel powerless whenever the child shuts the door to their room and sits behind the computer not knowing what they are actually doing and all this can be avoided if you spend actual quality time with them teaching them about humanity by volunteering in hospitals, orphanage or old folks home during their younger days rather than letting them "entertain" themselves. By allowing them to do so, look at how they grow up to be; the worst of the worst entitled bunch of humans who are lacking of conscience & humanity (sorry animals are much more well behaved than you guys) and sad to say that these bunch will soon breed for the following generation to come and this vicious cycle never ends.

So please, please do your part as a parent to educate your children from what's right and wrong, teach them to respect others and how they want to be respected themselves. Young children are also smart, they learn from you and mimic your actions, by arguing constantly in the household, this gives them a reason to think that shouting vulgar words and hurting each other is "normal" when in fact it is not. Don't let your child be the contributing factor of someone else's death just because they thought it was just for fun at the spur of the moment. Having that kind of guilt on your shoulders isn't something you can brush off at the end of the day because in fact you as a parent have brought up a murderer.
If you are new parents to the bundle of joy, first and foremost, congratulations on this lifelong commitment of raising another human being aside from caring for yourself till you die which you are technically still struggling with it but don't we all. You have took the most biggest selfless sacrifice in life to help contribute to the world's population and for that society thanks you but please don't let your child repeat the same mistakes you did in the past (or regretted not doing anything about it), let them be the generation who shifts the world's perspective in a positive manner through harnessing more common sense and humanity (these 2 things are close to extinction, macam rare pokemons) . 

I'm definitely not perfect child myself, but at least i'm thankful because my mother has taught me how to be a functional and acceptable human being but every single day i'm still trying my best to learn more on how to be a better version of myself. The road was not easy because that is what life is all about, going through the ups and downs in life but picking yourself out every single time and emerge stronger than before rather than giving in to it and using your unpleasant experiences as a golden ticket reason to be a douchebag (totally not cool dude).
I strongly feel for the need to bring up this topic is because bullying in general is NOT acceptable and absolutely not normal at all regardless what age you are (excepts kids get leeway, that's where the main problem starts). 

Myself have went through a period of cyberbullying from the infamous troll section in lowyat forum right after (literally days) my daughter passed away and many strangers who have not met or know me at all ended up bashing me left and right to the point they blantly just call me "murderer" in every single posting. As a grieving mother who blames herself everyday already, reading those nasty and hurtful lies doesn't help one bit, in fact it brought me so close to suiciding so that it can all end and i can finally join my daughter in peace. 
If it wasn't for my mother and sister who talked me out of it, gave me support to pick myself up to make police report to trace back these bunch of hidden ID corward forumers, i probably won't be here typing this blogpost out today.
At the end of the day if i did die, what will i gain from it? 


It's not a guarantee i would see my daughter in heaven by taking my own life and in many religions it is clear that committing suicide is the worst sin a human can do; with that you'll spend an eternity condemned. 
The Joke was on nobody but myself because i gave in to those bunch of lifeless keyboard warrior losers, they probably don't have a conscience that's why they can easily say those things about me and if you are reading this blogpost; just know that i forgive every single one of you though none of you deserve it.
But thank you for making me a stronger person. 

And if you are being bullied physically or online, please do not be afraid to voice it out to the local authorities or to your family members for moral support. If they don't give you the support you need, you can always come talk to me as i am reachable via email anytime and will try my best to reach out to those who needs an ear - arisa1443@gmail.com

I alone as a single person can't change the world, but doing my part by contributing to little things like these i do hope it can inspire others to take action as well.

P/S: Stop sharing those distasteful memes la please and go do something better like picking up rubbish at the side of the road. 

Yes the Azzan dude might be sick for preying on young girls, but instead of going around with your lighted torches and pitchforks, you guys should do things in a more CIVILIZED manner.
There is a fine line of creating awareness and spreading exaggerated information about him, also what you are doing isn't going to gain you brownie points in society (you are not doing anybody a favor by playing God) but in fact when shit happens like him actually suiciding *choi touch wood* just so you know that all these shares and comments are going to be traced backed to you/ family and there's gonna be blood on your hands.
So share and meme wisely, that's all i can say.


Signing Off,

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  1. I completely agree with you about this.

    Unfortunately I indulged in the joke privately on one single occasion but when I found out people were edging him to kill himself and someone even had the gall to say "if he kills himself it's his **** fault la" it hit me hard when I think about how would I feel if I were to read something like that about me.

    In the end, I do hope this is the last we hear of an incident from him. I hear it's been almost a decade of ongoing incidents, but nothing will ever justify telling someone to take their own life.


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