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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Despite this area being generally expensive to live in (Bandar Utama) but the convenience and affordable shopping are one of the reasons why people don't want to move out of the area too lol, i kid you not at the cost of things these days getting affordable shopping done can be quite a feat, especially with CNY around the corner if you have a big family like mine of 5 kids (including myself) we often just recycle our CNY clothes or wear hand me downs .

As i grew older and more independent part of my frugal upbringing has taught me to be a bargain hunter when it comes to shopping, clothes in particular as a person like me who loves fashion can't afford to splurge too much just to make sure i look trendy in every instagram photo.
I love fashion very much because i believe how we dress and present ourselves to people is very important, even if it's a RM10 top, the way you style it speaks in volumes.

Last week, one of the largest value fashion brands across Middle East and India, has announced the launch of its fourth and flagship store in 1Utama, Malaysia.
It was an auspicious event to usher in the upcoming CNY festivity, attended by local celebrities like Amber Chia, bloggers and instagramers, definitely it was a success.
Not only that Max fashion has also announced that they have opened 2 other new branched in Sunway Putra Mall and Avenue K Mall in the heart of Kuala Lumpur where fashion never sleeps.

This place reminds me abit of Marks & Spencer except the clothes are something i can afford instead of cringing at the price tag lol.
Why do some brands priced their stuff so expensive especially if they are considered as essentials (we can't walk around naked no?).

Tops and bottoms as low as RM15!

Thank you for the invitation Max fashion, i had fun browsing and shopping for affordable clothings for my upcoming travels, you can find a large variety of selections for both genders priced within reasonable means (because young market yo!) and quality of clothings isn't compromised.

I've found such cute selection of baby and toddler clothings much better over here compared the usual baby shops i see around and for a fraction of the cost too. Usually most baby clothes are like close to RM100 these days (which is insane) and babies outgrow then pretty fast too! 
Next time i'll come here to shop for kids clothes instead and for all moms, this is definitely a good store to shop for your kids' new festive clothings as you won't feel the pinch over here. For the same amount of total cost elsewhere you can probably get more pieces here.

For young people, you can find bigger sized here (up to size 40-41 for some designs), but bad news for petites as it might be abit on the big side for you guys as the smallest is UK8 (technically border M size). 

Tried to coordinate some looks in the dressing room before deciding what i should buy!
Fashion tip: always visualized on how you are going to wear/ pair your tops and bottoms before purchasing, don't just grab and later leave it aside in your cupboard because you have no idea how to style it. Some designs might catch our eyes but not everything suits us.

Love the embroidery on the bell sleeves

Check out this cute sneaker with sakura motifs on it! Guess the price of it :P

They even have undergarment section with lingerie prices starting from RM12

About MAX

Launched in the UAE in 2004, Max is the largest & most trusted value fashion brand in the
Middle East, North Africa & India with close to 400 stores across 19 countries, encompassing
6.7 million sq.ft. Catering to the mid-market segment, Max retails its own private label
clothing for men, women and children along with footwear, home and accessories with over
100,000 happy customers shopping daily. Max’s success is driven by its value pricing, clarity
in merchandise presentation, market positioning and aggressive market penetration. Max is
part of the Landmark Group, one of the largest retail conglomerates with headquarters in
Dubai, UAE. (www.landmarkgroup.com)

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