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Kyotanabe | Maiko Cha Boutique & Ikkyu-Ji Temple

This post was probably dated back last Autumn but still gonna share about this place anyway since it's still part of Kyoto that people rarely talk about. 
When we mention Kyoto most people would know of the central area (duh!), Uji (because of green tea) but did you guys know that Uji isn't the only place in Kyoto that supplies green tea and if you look at the map closely Kyoto is more bigger that what most people assumed it to be, so when someone says they have covered "all" of Kyoto you might want to check back the map first. Another location people hardly visit is Amanohashidate, Kyoto's seaside town and yes Kyoto has a sea in case you find that information unbelievable lol, it's not just mountains and forests but i will share more about that in another post! 

The reason why i made a side quest to visit Kyotanabe last year (about 40 mins train ride away from Kyoto station) was to visit the home of the fast growing Green tea brand in Malaysia- Maiko Tea
If you are a green tea/ matcha lover and dying to find a good place to enjoy these premium quality products you should visit Maiko Tea in Bangsar (inside ILOHA Language School).
Ever since i was introduced to them by a friend last year, my addiction towards green tea just grew fonder and having tasted quite a number of green tea grades you can definitely tell the difference with just one sip.

At the home of Maiko Tea, you can find a quaint cafe located walking distance from Kyotanabe station meanwhile to the team plantation farm it's about 5-10 mins drive away.
I was told by the Maiko Tea team that this cafe is a MUST visit since i love green tea so much because their entire menu is made out of green tea lol. Including their unique best selling Gyokuro soba noodles. For those of you who don't know, Gyokuro is considered to be the highest grade of green tea compared to the usual ones we drink - sencha
To compare it, Gyokuro is considered Emperor tier as it takes lots of care and effort to grow and cultivate therefore it's only appropriate to see it priced more higher (above RM100) for a small pack of it.  Trust me, once you have a sip of this you'll understand why. 

You can learn more about green tea in my previous entry HERE

Maiko cha Boutique is somewhat of a cafe that serves simple green tea desserts and savory dishes.
You can also purchase their products there, they have green tea assortments pre packaged or loose types, green tea chocolates that makes great souvenirs, etc.

Ordered the cold Gyokuro soba set, with basic dashi broth it was delicious but during Autumn i should have ordered the hot one instead lol. 

The set came with side dish of Onigiri and a small green tea pudding dessert, sounded like a day of green tea overload indeed. 

This is their signature parfait that isn't too sweet in fact the combination of various ingredients made it a perfect dessert for people of all ages. Compared to commercial green tea dessert stores, their ice is always extra sweet and you can barely taste any green tea in it but this definitely packs a punch without going overboard. If only their ice cream is sold in a tub i would gladly bring back a few to stock up in my freezer lol.

Boutique interior, glad that it's not overly too crowded so you can enjoy catching up with some friends without worrying that you are hogging up the seats too long.

Product/ souvenir section

Take note that Kyotanabe is considered a countryside area so most shops close early probably around 4-5pm, best to visit the area early and leave by dinner time. 

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But if you can't visit Maiko Cha Boutique anytime soon, don't worry because there is a branch in Malaysia too (mentioned above in this post), head over to Maiko Tea Cafe in Iloha Bangsar to try out their green tea desserts, everything is homemade including their matcha ice cream. Trust me on this, you'll love it alot that you'll keep coming back for more. I've tried both the food in Kyotanabe and Malaysia's cafe and can say that they are almost identical. Though Malaysia's branch do not serve Gyokuro soba for now, they might be looking into it near future. Gyokuro Soba is best eaten when it's freshly handmade.

But you can also enjoy other Japanese foods there, last i heard they have expanded their menu and added in more variety of savory foods. Make sure to try out their parfait, both Hoji and matcha taste just as good, i always had a hard time deciding between this two lol.

Shūon-an "ikkyu-ji" Temple

If you visit Kyotanabe during Autumn (towards end of November) one of the best places to go for Autumn foliage viewing is Shuon-an Ikkyu Ji Temple!
Almost the entire temple ground is covered with maple trees that has turned various hues of red, yellow, orange and brown. Not crowded with tourist and a perfect spot to enjoy the scenery while immersing yourself with rich history.
You can walk from Maiko Cha boutique because the temple is located only 1km away from JR Kyotanabe station.

You can find our more information about the temple activities on this English website: http://www.ikkyuji.org/en/

Entry fee of 500 yen is needed for adults

Cleansing is essential before entering a holy ground

Entering the temple grounds, The "Sando"

f you love fermented black beans (Ichimei Ikkyuji Natto), you'll be glad to know that it's originated from here, till today it's one of the main production of Ikkyuji temple. For those who have not eaten it before you can try it over here but there are limited quantities served daily as towards evening it's usually sold out. A traditional food not to be missed especially if you love natto!

Too bad i didn't get to try it this round, will definitely come back again next time.

The beautiful garden inside the temple

I'll still love maple leaves over sakura flowers any day

With Maiko Cha Japan team, thank you so much for bringing me here. Would never know of this place if it weren't for you guys, super grateful for it!

Because cherry blossoms covering your head is too overrated lol

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