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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Okay, took me longer than expected but at least i'm gonna post this up now. Not really good at scheduling postings ahead of time especially long ones because it takes me time to write and i have to be in the mood or else it would sound rather bland lol. This continuation is from my previous entry earlier of July, guess i won't be pasting the same thing since you guys already read it, this is just the parts i left out. As i'm typing this i think i'll need to start planning out my July's summary soon before it's gonna be last minute cramming in again.

The Danna
I’m actually thankful everyday with his patience and tolerance towards me as I know I’m not the best wife anyone could ask for. As a stay at home working person, one would expect me to have more time on my hands to clean the house, prep 3 meals a day and make sure the bath is ready for the danna when he gets home but in reality I don’t do all those things and honestly I do feel bad for it. I grew up in a household where my mom was often underappreciated and screamed at for small matters like why isn’t the rubbish taken out today, why is the food cold, etc when all those things can be easily done by the husband if only he put in some effort on pulling his own weight. Mind you that both of my parents are working so it’s not a single income situation as they have 5 kids, a working mom having to struggle with all those household responsibilities alone made me hated marriage life because in my thoughts “is this what I’m getting myself signed into the rest of my life? Being treated like garbage?”. 

Someone praying for a beautiful daughter lol

Instead the danna often leaves me notes telling me not to push myself too hard, rest more and thank you for taking care of lil penguin, I cry every single time (probably the damn hormones) when he does that because where on earth would a guy say thank you to a woman for being pregnant? It’s a normal life cycle, nothing special because women are expected to bring babies into the world. The way he does it makes you question him “dude, you for real ah or you are just a figment of my prince charming imagination??”. 
After 2 months in, I guess it’s how he is brought up to appreciate women and their strengths, respect them as an equal rather than treat them like how most typical men do with their “nonsense superior complex”.

I’m grateful that he doesn’t come home demanding for things to be done, like if I’m not feeling well and sleeping he’ll cook instead if there is no dinner prepared, or me sweeping and moping the house only once a week. Bless my soul, wish more people would bring up their boys this way instead of telling them to find a wife that can cook and take care of them (such old school mentality).

English we learn new vocabs daily during our conversation but he still gets stunned whenever a tourists asks him a question in English *brain processing & translating info lol* and people are still surprise with our duck and chicken situation, well we have walking e-dictionary (google translate) now so it’s not so bad whenever I can’t remember specific words. Hey but my hearing is fine, my output is just terrible, probably I should go out and make more friends to practice speaking more – according to the danna.

He’s worried about me being alone most of the time without realizing I’m actually replying DMs & emails daily till it exhausts me. I’m having enough human interaction in a day alright, that’s why I don’t mind not seeing people, even in Malaysia I’m like that my weekends are cooped up at home unless there is an event while my weekdays are in the office seeing the same bunch and we usually just text assignments on whatsapp or emails lol. My mom was right about our family trait, we can always find ways to entertain ourselves, human interaction is not necessarily needed. Lol.

The Drama

I remember back in June when 2 celebs suicided due to depression (could be other reasons but we don’t know because they ain’t talking no more, RIP). And on my birthday itself there is one crazy girl (I hate labelling people but her messages really took the cake), because she I assume has depression herself but usual stubborn youth refuse to seek professional help and out to slam people who give such advises. Hey, it’s a free world and no one said that you had to agree with my opinions and it wasn’t directed on anyone specific. I’m just voicing out my own experiences as an ex depressed youth who wasted 5 years of her life being in denial that there is a problem not with the world but with my own self. As I grew older no medication (that’s RM1000 extra expenditure every month because I’m on max dosage) is gonna help me get better if I don’t wake up and do something about it. And killing myself is not an option because I said this before many times in my previous blogpost when I had to bury Mariko, no parent should have to go through the grief of burying their own child, not even an a**hole. 
Kids probably wouldn’t understand until they experienced the difficulty of raising one, it’s easy to say “I’m gonna kill myself” but if you stop being selfish for once and think of your family members probably you won’t do something so stupid. 

And please IF you don't agree, don't bother arguing with me because I'm never going to agree with whatever excuses you may have to justify and encourage suicide. Move along. No debate to be done here.

Was enjoying my birthday dinner, when all those msgs came in. 
Wouldn't you be annoyed as well?

This perfect fresh sashimi platter is pleading to be devoured.
Then again I realized why let a childish person piss me off on my birthday for, I’ve done my part on telling her to get help as she clearly needs It with her skewed mentality on depression (like she’s a pro until puts professionals to shame). Just pray she gets the help she needs and stop spreading such negativity all over social media, the world is already a difficult place why can’t people just be nice to each other? But a pat on a back for myself for dealing it like an adult, if I was any younger this argument would probably have gone viral (including name & shame) for the stupidest reasons and I don’t need that kind of sh*t in my life anymore. Good luck kiddo.

I'm not perfect myself but i try my best everyday to practice being mindful with my words and actions both online and offline. I have to stress to people daily that don't force others into your ideals, yea you can share about it but don't expect the world to agree with everything you say or do. That's just self entitlement if you believe you are doing the world a favor by going about barking (like a dog with rabies) at people till they say "yes". 
Everyone has a brain of their own, let them think for themselves. 

Kinkakuji Temple & Gold Ice cream

Guess what? I've finally visited the famous Gold temple in Kyoto lol, honestly it wasn't really worth the tourist hype UNLESS of course you would like to see it at least ONCE in your lifetime.
I've visited Kyoto many times over the past 2 years but never occurred to me that i NEED TO VISIT this place, because in all honesty it's just a gold coated building. That's all. 
And not to mention overcrowded with tourists that you can barely take a proper shot without being photobombed unless you visit it during odd hours like 7-8am.  And June is not a good time to visit because of the rains, photos turned out gloomy and i ain't a pro in editing skies into vibrant shades like those YouTube tutorial photography videos. 

The danna calls this place a waste of the local government(Kyoto)'s money because it was burnt down a couple of times before (not just once!) and they had to rebuild back every single time, imagine covering the whole place with gold again isn't exactly the most cost effective thing to do but it's because Kinkakuji temple is considered part of Kyoto's heritage sites so it must be preserved and up-keeping is also another heavy cost. Such a fun fact i learned especially from a local's prespective lol.

Got mine at Kinkakusoft Ice cream shop, right after exiting Kinkakuji temple, just cross the road and walk straight till the end of the road. You should be able to see the shop on your right, before the pedestrian crossing.

Matcha ice cream with azuki & shiratama inside, tastes good but too expensive to be eaten again lol

Also let me tell you a tale about Gold ice cream, it's also overrated and just a marketing gimmick for tourists. Gold itself has no nutritional value when being consumed and it doesn't even have any taste, the most you'll get out of eating this is expensive poop (not glittery, same shade like every other day) sounds like too much info but i really had to share that part lol :)
That's like 1000yen worth of poop lol but i won't deny that it looks really pretty and make a great Instagram picture! 

There are two kinds of gold ice cream around Kinkakuji area, common ones at 500-600yen are just sprinkled with gold flakes, for solid encasing like mine costs around 1000yen.

Note: Don't use tripods/ selfie sticks within the vicinity of Kinkakuji temple. There are clear warning signs as you enter the place so please respect it!

Till my next update in August, thanks for reading my boring life update guys :)


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