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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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There's make up, it's a Japanese trend to keep it minimal because less is more.

The secret behind Japanese make up's daily no make up look, though to me it's not a foreign brand as i was first introduced to it by a friend who frequently traveled to Japan back in 2014 and Sugao make up only came to Malaysia in 2017 and it's now selling in Watsons Pharmacy.
Price of Sugao products ranges slightly abit higher compared to other Japanese cosmetic brands under the safe roof like Kiss Me/ Canmake/ BCL, etc. But if you get them during sale period you are looking at 10-30% off which is good especially if you are new and looking to try it out for the first time.

If you are surprised to see the brand "Rohto" on the title, don't be confused because Rohto is a big cooperation that not only produces eye care products like latest sailoormoon eye drops that everyone is hyping about, they also have their own line of Make up and skincare like Sugao and Mentholatum (known for their medicated lipbalms) lol.

Here in Japan, the prices are almost similar even after conversion, one tube of their best selling Airfit CC cream easily costs 1500yen (excl.tax) and none of their products are priced below 1000yen.
For an average drug store visitor like me who constantly compares prices this is definitely a little more high end budget as there are other decent brands selling below 1000 yen mark.
So it's more of a question like which works best for you, some people swear by Sugao but to me i stand in the middle as it's something that i can easily forgo and replace it with something else.
Not a bias situation, just a matter of preference in a manner of speaking.

I first reviewed about it back in 2014, you can check my entry here: sugao-airfit-cc-cream-review.html

There's actually 2 kinds of range- Smooth (white) & Pink bright (Pink)
Snow white (newest) is only available in Japan

Pink bright range like it's name brightens up your overall complexion and it's suitable for people who has dull skin but more pinkish hue meanwhile their default smooth range fits those with a fair yellow undertone (typical Asian skin tone). 

It's definitely a good product to have at hand that is IF you have decent skin condition to begin with, when i had flaky skin and breakouts due to hormonal imbalance, using their Airfit CC cream was practically useless without the help of concealer and press powder to cover up my imperfections but as my skin condition improved recently since i switched back to all natural skincare products using this CC cream turn out pretty well on my skin, it came to a point where i was using it everyday since i moved to Japan that a usual tube that takes me up to 6 months to finish (depends on my mood and skin condition) can easily be squeezed dry within 2 months.
2 months usage for a product worth 1500 yen, seems like a reasonable expenditure.

Another best selling product of Sugao is their Souffle blusher which can be used for both cheeks and lips, color intensity is build-able and it gives off a very natural blush finishing.

If you are the type that likes intense cheek color then the blusher might not be up your alley unless you finish it off on top with a powder blusher.  This is my to go blusher for daily look so i don't look so pale when i go do my grocery shopping duties, usually i'll just dab on 2 small dots on the apples of my cheeks and blend them in a circular motion till they are even out. Always apply them BEFORE finishing powder or you'll gonna have a patchy problem once it's mixed in with the powder.

For lips as long you have lip balm before applying it on, it won't highlight your lip wrinkles 

One tub goes a long way, it's been 5 months since i opened mine and till today it's still at 80% lol, 
lasting power is definitely there because i never had to touch up unless i accidentally rub my face too hard. Also maybe because i have too many blushers to rotate and use (blusher addict!) or else it gets neglected and soon the bin after 12 months! 

Available in 3 shades, not a big fan of pink because it makes me look like barbie instead of a normal person lol. Orange gives me a natural blush while the red gives me a more sexier (matured) looking blush.

I'm not a fan of their translucent powder though as it seems to highlight my pores even more making it look like a moon crater, it does help with the sebum control just don't like the finishing that doesn't melt in, might need those finishing face spray/mist for this i guess. Comparing this to the althea velvet powder, Sugao definitely lost.
Maybe because my skin isn't all that oily to begin with as i'm combination (only T-zone oily), who knows it might work better for those with oily skin type?

Lip tints, can be also used for cheeks if you don't want to bring out too many products for touch ups, blends well for me on non powdered skin. Make sure to only use it on moisturized lips or else it will enhance the dryness and sometimes cause even more flaking (tint dropping off as it can't stick on your lips). It's not as long lasting as the other tints i have because after a drink or a meal i'll need to touch up. Not a product i would highlight from their range, colors are pretty no doubt and just the right amount if intensity for a natural lip finishing. 

I only use the lip tints to create a gradient effect as it sits well in the inner corner of my lips (most moisturized area)

*These reviewed items are all available in Malaysia, Watsons Pharmacy 

In Japan Sugao has released a couple more products like souffle eye shadows (6 shades), DD cream (yes it's real), colored base (green/ yellow/pink) and chiffon feel powders (3 shades). Have yet to try any of these new ones because it's out of my budget range for now, makes me wonder if i should start a crowdfunding program to fund future reviews (honest reviews only) on new Japanese products (you guys can vote on the products you'll like to see featured) since i don't get as much sponsorship here in Japan as i did in Malaysia. Everything done here is definitely out of my own pocket and it gets abit painful as well since i'm paying their 8% tax lol.

Let me know your thoughts on this idea, would love a feedback on it! :)


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