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If you are in for an adventure paired with lengthy, quirky, brutal honest thoughts then you are in the right place.

My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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My Little Box (July- La Piscine)

This is gonna be a super short blog update on the latest My Little Box Japan subscription service i signed up for since last month, glad some of you gals used my referral code to purchase your own boxes too :)
If you are planning to travel to Japan, you can always address your box to be sent to your hotel so you can save on postage fees to Malaysia (usually cost around RM80 via EMS).
I noticed the pattern of its delivery that My little box usually release their monthly boxes around mid of every month (within the 15th-20th gap). 2 months in a row i've received my box around the same time so its safe to assume that but if i am wrong, will edit this post :-P

Can't wait for August's box now, so excited though i have yet to digest the fact my July box is sitting in front of me waiting to be tested out lol. 
Gonna put a disclaimer here again that i am no where affiliated to My little box Japan, i'm sharing my review here as a customer (paid with my own hard earn cash!) and hope to share a little of Japan's beauty finds with my readers everyday. Make sure to subscribe to my blog to not miss out on the latest updates and trust me i won't send you spams, the only emails you'll get from me is when i update a new blogpost that's all lol, not so free to write weekly newsletters sia.

How did i find July's box? 

My first thoughts about it was how i like their nautical theme, a special printed box to match and it's contents carefully selected to compliment the overall package. 
Definitely it felt a little downgraded in terms of value contents compared to their La Parisian box (click to read) for June as the items in it is something i can easily get for a fraction of the price paid (box value is 3200 yen), but i'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll surprise us with better stuff for their next box, a hint has already been included in our current box! 
Next month we are expected to see a collaboration with "Primavista" brand (quite high end)! Woots~

Box Contents:

It contains beauty brands like VALCENA (used in many beauty salons) 30ml facial lotion mist, Loreal Paris Double hairpack (normal drug store brand) and My little Beauty's own special 100ml hydrating body mist blend. All these are supposedly your must have this summer's essentials to protect yourself from the insane heat that's gonna leave your hair and skin feeling like a sahara dessert (hottest summer in Japan recorded since 2013 yo!).

For fashion section, a cute light turquoise sunglasses leather casing and 70s inspired statement earrings to give you Römy Schneider's iconic poolside look if paired with your black swimsuit and large sun hat.

That's all for my updates on My Little Box Japan's July box, will wait patiently till my next box arrives and will consider if it's worth continuing for the next couple of months or to unsubscribe after August, when it comes to beauty boxes like these it's definitely a hit and miss situation, but this ain't too bad as i've experienced bad ones in Malaysia before, the quality took a literal 360 degrees turn from when it first launched, at least my little box Japan is consistent with the quality of its contents.
It's just probably me who's not impressed with a typical drugstore brand in a supposedly "high end" subscription box this round lol.

Feel free to sign up and use my code anytime if you fancy any of the upcoming boxes, there is not deadline for this code!

Use My Code:
" FRIEND141912 "

First box at 2,200 Yen only, save 1000 Yen!

If you girls need help sending it to Malaysia, drop me an email (arisa1443@gmail.com) as i can receive it in Japan on your behalf and mail it to Malaysia via EMS (2-3 working days). 

Additional postage and service charge applies, i do accept payment via Maybank


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