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Affordable Ecofriendly Choices | Ecostore Now on Lazada Malaysia

Been having both my hands busy with the massive amount of cleaning, laundry and fixing around the house of late because I’m due very soon (if you are reading this now, it's because the post is scheduled ahead) and after this I doubt I have any time to do much including blogging (so gotta schedule everything in advance now lol). Though I’m not so active on Facebook especially in “Mothers group discussions”, there are times I found many interesting and educational points (you’ll still need to filter through) especially on baby’s skin conditions and causes of it which kept me thinking as well.

But one consistent suggestion I’ve noticed among mothers is to use either all organic or in general natural baby products whenever possible, read the back labels to make sure it doesn’t contain unnecessary harsh chemicals.

My own mother advised me a couple years back to get special baby detergents/ body wash and not use our normal ones as their skin is much more sensitive compared to adults.

That seems about right because I myself have sensitive skin in general and using commercial skincare/ body washes tend to leave my skin really itchy (dry) and since I’ve switched to a natural skincare brand I didn’t have any problems anymore but my case is considered quite mild compared to other people, and it got wee bit worse during my pregnancy. Hopefully after this everything will go back to normal!

Brand Presence

I’ve researched through tons of baby product brands before landing myself with Ecostore’s baby range and there are a few things I always look out for before purchasing. The brand’s presence, though prior to this I’ve not heard of Ecostore, but after a couple of googling here and there, it’s safe to say that they are not some “random baby brand” in fact originated from New Zealand and has been in the market for almost 25 years! It’s just recently they have made their presence known to Malaysians by setting up an official online store on Lazada Malaysia (we Malaysians love our online shopping lol).

Also since I’m in Japan now, I found out that I can get my restocks here easily. That’s a huge bonus for me yay!

Sustainable Consumer 

Secondly I believe in sustainable living, it’s actually something I’ve been working on for the past couple of years while living in Malaysia. I’m not a 100% perfect yet, but I believe in taking baby steps to help make earth a better and cleaner environment for the future generation. Ecostore’s brand target is to not only be sustainable but to also contribute back to both nature and society. Ecostore’s packaging is either made from paper or renewable sugarcane plastic (to reduce carbon footprint) which won them the NZ sustainable Award! How I wished more products are made using this same concept, that way we can have an alternate packaging solution with minimal harm to the earth!

This eco-friendly and sustainability issue might not cross the minds of many households (except the hipsters who are currently trending steel straws for their Starbucks drinks which is good!), but when you live in Japan everything has to be recycled lol, we try to find ways to avoid bringing home unnecessary packages as we have to pay just get rid of them (like buy specific sorting trash bags) and larger items like furniture, electrical items there is a hefty disposal fee.

Natural Based Ingredients

When you browse through their official website you can proudly see Ecostore’s badges on display that they are Cruelty free (no animal testing), GE free and Child labor free (children deserve to be in school, not work). Their products are made from naturally derived sources like plant and mineral based.

As I’ve mentioned earlier in this post is to use products made from natural ingredients for the baby to reduce the risk of skin irritation that includes their detergent wash as well! Without realising ourselves even as adults our skin can itch whenever we accidentally switched to a new detergent that doesn’t agree with us, and for babies it’s extremely excruciating for them when the itching starts because they are new to all these senses causing them be confused and in pain (hence crying). They don’t simply make different types of detergents just for “marketing gimmicks”, there’s a reason why our delicates (bras & undies) also have their own special wash like how babies has their own detergent. We are talking about “sensitive” areas on our bodies here and all of them reacts differently to chemicals that its being exposed to!'

No fancy fragrances if possible as it’s not necessary for the baby, keep it original and simple for them. After using their baby detergent (ultra sensitive) on #lilpenguin ‘s clothes and soft toys I’m actually very impressed with the fact even without scent the washed items didn’t stink despite being hung up to dry indoors due to rainy weather for the past couple of days! Something even my normal commercial scented detergent can’t do and as a result I get damp smelling + weird fragrance mixed scented clothes which needs rewashing again. So annoying!

Now I’m considering to get their normal detergent wash as well since the baby one is quite good lol.

Another one to take note of is the main culprit found in our usual body care products that’s responsible for “foaming” & stain removal is Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES). This causes skin irritation for people with sensitive (thin) skin, for those who have normal to thick skin type won’t be able to tell but for us with thin skin it’s really harmful as the itching is painful and annoying that even lotions can’t save us for the first 30 minutes (my life now really). Since I started using their Rose & Geranium body wash which has hydrating harakeke (type of NZ flax plant) to nourish the skin, my itchiness is now in control. Seriously you should have seen me whining to the danna every night after our bath that my skin is itchy and can’t stop scratching till there are marks all over L he feels my pain and can’t do anything about it.

So this is another approved product on my list! The scent is very mild and soothing (not the overpowering kind) and it works as well as any normal foaming body wash (minus the foam lol) leaving your skin feeling smooth and clean from the days’ worth of dirt/ sweat accumulated. 

I’m definitely looking forward to explore more of their products, and I’m glad that I got a chance to try them out because as a user I’m very satisfied with the product’s performance, who says all natural products don’t perform as well as commercial ones. To me it’s gentle and powerful at the same time and it does make a difference in this world. And it’s not expensive, it’s seriously affordable for a natural based product brand!

Price ranges from RM9.90 to RM35.90 only!

Shop on Lazada Malaysia: https://www.lazada.com.my/shop/ecostore-new-zealand/

Do follow them on Facebook for the latest updates: https://facebook.com/ecostoreMalaysia/ 

More brand & product information you can visit their official website: http://www.ecostore.co.nz

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