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Jill Stuart Lip Collection

Since i've taken some nice pictures of these lip products from Jill Stuart, might as well do a short entry on it so the photos don't got to waste lol. Jill Stuart is quite a famous brand in Japan, can be found in most drug and departmental stores priced rather affordably (mid tier). After converting to MYR probably one product would cost around RM50+ onwards, for a brand that looks so fancy in terms of packaging and carries a foreign name one would immediately assume their products are probably at the same tier as Bobbi Brown, Lancome, etc lol. Well in Malaysia since it's already selling in Sephora, saw that the prices is double of what you would normally pay in Japan.

Their packing is really dolly, their style and concept reminds me very much of  "canmake" and "laduree" and each product of theirs is surely to make your vanity table look one step closer to a real life princess's, think most Japanese manufactured products (Yes, Jill Stuart products are made in Japan!) are designed to look such a way lol. 
How to resist such pretty packaging, even if you don't need the product somehow just looking at it has the power to make you take our your wallet on the spot haha! 

Jill Stuart makes a very good beauty souvenir to bring back because first of all it's not too expensive (the lip range at least), second the packaging is good on it's own that you don't need another fancy box on top of it and thirdly, you can easily find them in a package of like 3-5pcs meant for gifting purposes. 
Japan is known to pack selected beauty products this way, offer it at a cheaper price and marketing it as an "ideal souvenir" to bring home for tourists.

These 2 products featured here today are actually gifts from friends during their trip to Japan (thank you girls, you know who you are!) and just recently i've opened them to give it a try because keeping and not using is a bigger waste especially once it's expired (guilty of so many other wasted products *sobs*). 

Lipstick comes with a mirror on top, wish every lipstick i own is like this!

Jill Stuart Lip Blossom (115 Canna Kiss)- 3, 024yen

I quite love the shade as it's crossed between red and a hint of orange but yet it isn't vermilion lol. 
It glides on the lips very easily and the pay off is quite sheer but easily build-able with a few applications. It has a glossy finishing and most of these type of lipsticks don't usually last throughout a meal/ drink session unlike tints so touch ups are required but you don't need to excuse yourself to the bathroom as this gorgeous lipstick comes with a compact mirror attached on top of the cover.  So you can touch up anywhere, anytime without hassle!

Jill Stuart Melty Lip Balm (03 Orange Coral)- 1,620 yen

I have to be very honest with this product, despite any shade it's going to appear kinda "colorless" on your lips lol. And from it's texture i wouldn't call it a lip balm, it leans more towards lipgloss as the finishing is rather glossy and sticky unlike normal lip balms, it works great on top of normal/ matte lipsticks if you are looking for a glossy finishing but definitely i wouldn't use this balm as a base before my lipstick. If i did, it would need to clean my lipstick thoroughly from all the glossy residue lol.  Also not fond that i have to use my fingers to apply it on, again due to hygiene reasons. 

My conclusion, only SOME products of Jill Stuart are worth getting in Japan, like their Lip balm and lipstick, the rest of their product more or less cost the same in Sephora Malaysia (save less than RM10) or limited edition items that isn't brought in. 

You can find Jill Stuart products in various  duty free Drug stores, departmental stores (Daimaru/ Isetan/ IOIO etc) throughout Japan. 
Yes, this brand can be found in drug stores because Japan's drug stores has a section that carries slightly "mid tier to high end" range as well, not only the cheapo stuff.  

Yours Truly,

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