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Kamu Hiroshimayaki | Best Hiroshimayaki in Kyoto

One would wonder what on earth is a Hiroshimayaki before right clicking to google lol, it’s okay I don’t blame you guys as not everyone is familiar with that term. It’s not a location but actually a dish originated form Hiroshima, and the next puzzling question is “why on earth would a Hiroshima dish be found in Kyoto?” It’s always good to try the foods from its original location but so happens there is a store in Kyoto so I don’t have to take a 5 hour shinkansen* ride down to Hiroshima just to enjoy this freaking dish. You siao ah, almost 10 hours of traveling time to and fro just for a meal! It’s either you are too rich because shinkansen rides are super expensive unless you have those JR passes which I’m no longer eligible for *sobs* or you have too much time to waste on traveling lol, can be both cases.

*bullet train

Apparently this store has been around for about 5 years, and the danna loves this place so much (typical bachelor and unhealthy diet lol) that he visits this store so frequently. How I knew without him telling me? I found all this loyalty cards while cleaning the house, sibeh a lot of times he eats here haha! Well, I don’t blame him because this store is literally opposite his old mansion (they don’t call it condominium here because it’s low, like 6 floors max) and they have quite good lunch set deals!

When he first brought me here, the store owner was surprised that the danna’s visits has lessen tremendously since the start of 2018 lol and now married liao haha! My apologies for taking away your loyal customer boss!

Kamu Hiroshimayaki

What is Hiroshimayaki & Okonomiyaki?

The danna wasn’t joking about this place serving one of the best Hiroshimayaki around town, if you have eaten enough okonomiyaki(s) you’ll be able to tell the difference between a “meh” dish and an actual good one. Okay, before that let me explain abit on the difference of a “Okonomiyaki” and a “Hiroshimayaki”- We all know that Okonomiyaki is technically a Japanese savoury pancake (egg & flour batter) filled with ingredients like shredded cabbage, bean sprouts, meats topped with their special sauce, bonito flakes and occasionally mayo. Actually the sauce is technically the same was what we find on top of Takoyaki as well lol, just different brands has its own unique taste. 

Thin base with tons of veggies before being flipped over and yakisoba is being added on

Meanwhile Hiroshimayaki is no different except what makes it special is having yakisoba noodles on top of it lol, to me this is like a complete meal on its own and I wouldn’t add on a bowl of rice since there’s freaking noodles on it! But to Japanese people it’s normal to eat a bowl of noodles & rice in a set, to some of us that’s gonna scream carbs overloaded for one sitting lol. Hiroshimayaki is seriously a filling dish, one whole pancake on my own and I’m done for the night. Don’t expect me to eat anything else. If it’s normal Okonomiyaki I can probably eat max of 2 pieces lol, this dish really reminds me of frittatas and I often make it at home when I’m lazy and need to clear off all my vegetables before they rot.

I’ve eaten my fair share of “meh” okonomiyaki around Osaka & Kyoto, some of them the batter is too heavy for my liking other times the sauce isn’t as appetizing but over here in Kamu Hiroshimayaki’s store, everything seems to be in perfect harmony. The batter isn’t too heavy (or chewy) and their special sauce compliments it very well, I wonder if they sell their sauces in bottles because I would definitely want to bring it home haha. And Kamu’s yakisoba noodles comes in fresh from Hiroshima itself, so it’s technically made as authentic as possible. 

Really delicious and flavorful!

They have 2 kinds of sauces for you to add on top of your Hiroshimayaki, one is the usual sauce and the other is slightly spicy. This gives the dish a real kick, I usually douse mine with the spicy sauce because my Malaysian taste buds can never get enough spicy food in Japan lol. 

Lunch set!

One hiroshimayaki costs only 850 yen (with pork), that’s super cheap because I remembered paying like minimal 1000 yen- 1500 yen for Okonomiyaki in Osaka last year because it’s listed as a “must try local dish” aside from Takoyaki while I’m there. Seriously expensive & disappointing because it didn’t taste so good, felt like a dumb tourist who got cheated lol.

Would highly recommend to visit this store during lunch time as their set meals of 850yen comes with Hiroshimayaki, rice and miso soup while during dinner time it’s the same price for ala carte.

They also have other finger foods on the menu, mostly suitable to have along with a bottle of beer and at night it’s usually filled with businessmen groups drinking after work. 

Getting There

Not too far from Kyoto station, in fact it’s “walk-able” takes about less than 15 mins straight path to reach Karasuma matsubara. Also it’s a good workout before stuffing myself with delicious food lol, one of the landmarks is a big red sign of a Hanko store- HAN ROKU (name stamp) opposite of the Hiroshimayaki store which is located in a small alley way. If you are walking directly from Kyoto tower the alley way should be on your left. 
If you take the subway stop at Karasuma Line Shijo Station, it's a 6-minute walk from there.

They are closed every Sundays, open from Monday to Saturday. 

Lunch time: 11:00 - 14:30
Dinner time: 17:00 - 23:00

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