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MegRhythm Eye mask | Must Buy!

Limited edition sakura scent for spring

This is not a new product, but it's on my list of Japanese beauty products that everyone should get if they ever do come to Japan because it's cheap, effective and makes a great souvenir to bring home. 
In Malaysia one can find this at the local pharmacy, but most people would only buy them when they are on sale (typical kiasu Malaysian style lol, must get good deal). 
It's very useful especially if you are having troubles sleeping, especially during night time flights when they off and on the lights, can get rather annoying.

It's not your average eye mask that only blocks out the light because this one is heated, upon putting it on you can feel the 40 degrees "heat" sensation which is rather relaxing on your eyes, don't worry it won't melt your eyes off lol. It's meant to mimic a similar scenario of soaking in a steaming hot onsen, one would feel relaxed enough to doze off, that's why it's not recommended to soak too long.

No More Sleeping Problems

I swear by this product because i'm always having sleeping problems (insomnia) and with this it does help me catch some quality sleep, though it's not exactly a cheap solution but still better than popping sleeping pills lol.
It takes me an average of 1 to 2 hrs of tossing before i can fall asleep despite yawning my ass off until my eye flooded with tears, and ever since i got pregnant this problem became worst because of the baby moving at such ungodly hours. With the mask can guarantee within less than 20 minutes sure K.O already lol, the product is meant for like 10-15 mins usage (before the heat wears off) but it's alright to fall asleep with it on because by morning it might probably drop somewhere around your bed.

In Japan these boxes are often put out in front of duty free discount stores like Don Quijote (every tourist fav shopping spot), priced at 500- 1000 yen + depending on the box size. 
Larger boxes carries 14 packets of masks while smaller boxes carries about 5pcs (so roughly 100 yen per mask). They do sell it in loose quantities in Donki but it's more worth it to buy in a box.

They have a few scents, 4 staple ones (Lavender, Chamomile, Yuzu & Rose) and sometimes they'll release seasonal editions like the sakura scented mask which i bought in Spring.  
My favorite is the lavender and sakura scent, regretted not getting more of the Sakura boxes because now i can't find them anywhere, might need to wait till next year to restock.

With a baby around, i need this more than ever to save my eye bags from growing any puffier lol, it doesn't do much work for dark circles but it definitely lessens puffiness, so if you have mom friends with babies, get them this eye masks!  

So if you are looking for beauty products to bring back as gifts from Japan, you can consider these heated eye masks by MegRhythm Kao. 
Price may not make much difference between Malaysia and Japan but for what's worth is the limited edition scents!

Not too overwhelming and very calming compared to rose and Yuzu, my nose is considered quite sensitive so i can't sleep if the scent is too strong. If you really can't stand all these fancy scents there are "Unscented versions" as well.

 How to use it

For small boxes (5pcs) they have this message corner for you to write if you are giving it as a gift lol
so convenient no need to get gift card. 

Yours Truly,


  1. where can we get this in Malaysia? Watson?

    1. yep can easily get at watsons, guardian and aeon wellness. Online can also find


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