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Althea Introduces A'bloom Collection | Review

Hold your wallets ladies and gents because Althea is back with more goodies and of course naturally affordable for everyone including high schoolers without feeling the pinch! Rolled out fresh earlier this month, they had a launch party back in KL which unfortunately I could not attend (rather sad because I'm missing out on so many blogging events) but it's alright because there's the internet so im technically virtually there via my fellow althean's insta stories lol.

I was lucky to be one of the early few (Althea Angel perks!) To get our hands on the A'bloom range so I'm going to introduce and do a mini review on them; promise that this post won't be long lol

If you have missed out my previous Althea post covering their entire cosmetic range you can check it out HERE <--click i="" me="">

A'bloom Mask range

Introducing 4 types of fruit masks with specific targeted properties such as brightening (lemon), moisturizing (watermelon), anti blemish (peach) & nourishing (avocado).

They are your usual sheet mask, slightly on the thin side so you'll need to be careful to not tear it in the wearing process. It's definitely soaked go the brim with essence, and there's even extras to spare in the package!
The price for a piece is insanely cheap for a mask, and recently they had their launch sale BUY 1 FREE 1 so everyone went nuts and bought loads on them (no kidding like 50-100pcs of masks) the younger me would usually ask how many faces do you have in order to use that much but when you mask everyday that amount of stock can only last you 3 months tops. So it ain't exactly that much unless you are like me who hoards beauty stuff and takes forever to finish them lol.

My personal feed back on the masks were I didn't exactly enjoy the dripping essence because that means I have to be careful for it to not drip all over my clothes (and penguin) and it leaves a slight "sticky" feeling which I find it hard to accept, to me at least la but maybe to others it's a minor problem and the fit is somewhat weird(?) like the eye and mouth holes are insanely huge making it rather distorted.
I can't really say much about the results because I only used it once, so it's not going to be obvious but it does make your skin hydrated and plump overall after each use.

So if you are in for the hydration, then stock up on these masks without breaking your bank account.

A'bloom Meringue Puff
Available in 2 sizes : Large (1pc) & mini (3pcs)

After I shared this on my stories I had alot of people asking me about its performance and how it fared compared to my usual 2 make up blenders (Breena beauty & beauty blender). Performance wise I think it's decent? Not exactly impressive in spreading my foundation especially those with thicker consistency but it gets the job done eventually, just find it abit difficult to grip after it has expanded (maybe my hands are small).

The small one however I prefer to use it WITHOUT water when it comes to targeted areas like my pimples/ scars that needs concealing. It blends and conceals well when it's dry. When it's wet your concealer doesn't seal, you'll find yourself exposing the pimple/ scar even more

The puffs feel solid, definitely more dense compared to the usual blenders out there, plus point that it looks cute on the dressing table and it doesn't absorb much of your foundation thanks to its almost "poreless"like material surface, just that spreading might take abit of effort.

It's also super duper cheap, so why not?

A'bloom BHA blackhead blaster

Okay finally a product from the range that I actually like because it works especially on all those pesky white heads peaking out on the nose!

#ArisaBeautyTip: Use this right after a hot shower, that's when all your pores are open so it's easier to clean them out

I'm sure by now you would have seen countless of BHA & AHA terms on beauty product labels because it was sort of a "revolutionary" beauty discovery and trend that everyone swears by. If you don't know what they stand for, let me fill you in with the basic non scientific summary of these chemicals.

They are basically skin exfoliators but BHA is meant to target deeper compared to AHA which only touches the surface of the skin. It's also a gentle way to remove dead skin and unclog pores compared to your traditional scrubs and you should NEVER mix these 2 together as it may cause breakouts because your skin has become to too dry and sensitive from too much chemical exfoliation.

AHA is meant more for uneven skin tones, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, the skin surface stuff.

So if you are looking for a gentler and effective method to scrub those black & white heads away, get those with BHA in it. BHA is more effective is tackling acne related problems compared to AHA , it's also more suitable for those with combination (like me on my T zone!) to oily skin type. So far this BHA blackhead blaster works well in leaving my T zone clean and smooth with no flakey skin after, it's also more wallet friendly compared to getting those individuals nose pore strips. Glad to have finally found my alternative white head remover for my T zone and I can finally say goodbye to the strips!

Conclusion is that the mask isn't something i'll repurchase near future however the beauty blender and BHA blackhead blaster maybe! :)
Hope you found this review useful guys, to purchase head over to https://my.althea.kr/

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