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My name is Arisa and was a cosplayer for 12 years in Malaysia before settling down in Kyoto, Japan. Exploring Japan full time has been a long time dream of mine, so let's explore it together!
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Lil Penguin | 7th month

Not sure if she's trying to pose as no.7 in her sleep or what

Whew, she's already 7 months going on 8 soon! Every time i look back at my previous entries it just showed me how much she has grown over the months, all her little milestone progress and most of all her character development has started to become more prominent. From a helpless oppai drinking machine who came into this world last year, to a strong and stubborn baby who can't wait to grow up too soon lol, trust me child you will wish time would stop at some time of your life haha. If i were you i would enjoy my days of doing nothing and commanding adults until that privilege expires.

Here is something i noticed, during pregnancy our 2nd trimester is one of the best stages because morning sickness has subsided, belly isn't that heavy yet and all you do is take things slow (chill) all day before the panic kicks in at 3rd trimester. I somehow feel it's the same with baby's growth, the early months are torture and it gets better along the way like when the baby is around 6 months+ before the terrible 2 tantrums. Lil penguin has always been a high demanding baby, so it's extra exhausting but at least i'm enjoy this stage abit (insert some eye rolls here) especially her rare good mood days. 

Reading on her own or more like slapping books 

When she woke up to find papa "missing" but his glasses are still around lol, this reaction is priceless.
Really papa's girl.

Crawling & Standing

Who crawls halfway and flop down like that?? Penguin does.

I know every baby's progress at this stage varies so it's hard to compare but one thing i did notice about babies these days is that they are super advanced, i remember my mom telling me during her time babies were literally on their backs 24/7 until at least 1 years old (maybe we are the lazy batch who enjoys the bouncing yuyu* lol).

Lil penguin literally has no chill, hence her extra nickname "rolling penguin". She just keeps going even if it means hurting herself countless times over, seriously bumping her head into everything in sight but again it's not something we can control because it's part of her growth development so we got her this bumble bee bagpack cushion that's supposed to "protect" her head when she falls backwards but after awhile we noticed that it's rather useless especially when she falls SIDEWAYS lol. Well if it's any consolation, at least it's cute.

Seriously though i never expected her to be standing up this soon, crawl maybe since she sits up well but standing? She grabs ANYTHING including my hair just to support herself standing, well she's really happy whenever she stands but it really pains my heart to see her fall and bump her head :(
We hardly put her in the cot now because she can stand in it effortlessly using every part of it to support herself up.

While we were at the cafe, her curiosity to see outside was a good motivation boost to stand up lol.

Solid Journey

The only human i know who gets so excited over food

Something i didn't expect much from her because i've heard many stories from my other senpai mamas that they'll just play with their food or even refuse to eat so we can't force them unless they are ready.  We started her towards the end of 5th month and been taking it real slow since then but lately it seems lil penguin prefers her food over milk now and she actually gets "hangry" (hungry+ angry) whenever we feed her abit late from her usual meal times. She's still slowly exploring different types of foods and we found out her favorite was fish, any kind of fish lol, sasuga pengin desu*

*really a penguin

We did tried both approach to feeding, one was Baby led weaning (BLW) which allows the child full control over their meals like gripping and putting it into their mouth, more to finger foods and the other is the normal spoon feeding. She's alright with both, and it depends on what kinds of food and the situation we are in. If it's porridge then we'll usually just feed her but halfway through she'll attempt to grab the spoon away from me and feed herself (which ends up spilling all over lol), we don't blend her porridge anymore because those strong gums of hers can really do some damage and you wouldn't want to stick your finger in there especially when it's closed tight shut.
I can see that maybe she'll fully wean herself of from milk by 1 at this stage, who knows but it is so much easier now that she joins us at the dinner table together.

Finger foods 

There is no hurry to expose her to all sorts of food because she has her entire life to do it, for now we just practice the 3 day rule for each new food and best fed during morning so if there is any allergy reaction we can just rush her to the nearest hospital. Well my oppai's supply is really dropping, so if she goes fully on solid then it would at least ease the burden of my milk factory T.T

From Moony

Since she started solids, her poop smells has not been kind to my poor nose and it's once every couple of days so you know a poopnami (poop + tsunami) is on its way.
It's been tons of trials and errors with types of diapers that would hold it, so far i found out the best for these kind of poopnami is the pants type of diapers. I had some leftovers (more like the whole bag) from Moony brand that i initially didn't like as it leaked pee everytime when we first used it on lil penguin at 2 months old. Guess the fit wasn't too good for babies below 4 months despite it being size S. Now at 7kg she fits size S like a glove and it actually helps prevent her poop from shooting up her back and flowing from the sides. It's abit difficult to put on while lying down but for poop free mess, i don't mind. Gotta make compromises yo.

Hoikuen (Nursery School)

Here biggest milestone this month was being enrolled into nursery school and obviously things didn't roll out the way we expected even after weeks of bottle training her. The first week of her hoikuen was supposed to be a trial stage so it was only 2 hours per session, which is exhausting on my end because i have to send her at 9am and pick her up at 12pm that went on for 2.5 weeks with no improvement because she refused to drink the milk served by them. She went on a hunger strike all morning, and when i came over to pick her up; you could see her happy playing face suddenly turn into a ferocious oppai hungry penguin like she could smell me a mile away lol, first attack is always the chest.
So difficult to cut her hair!

Well she looks like the Japanese kokeshi dolls now lol

We gave her a haircut because it was a requirement from the hoikuen and also her fringe was getting kinda long.

But when i held the bottle for her at the hoikuen she had no problem drinking it (-_-) she was just particular on who's feeding her, nothing to do with the new environment and bottles.
So now the days are stretched slightly longer to 3pm at least.
Could she that she's having fun playing with other babies her age and rolling around, even heard from the sensei that she lately enjoys her morning walk alot until she sleeps. Err...more like lil penguin is a late night sleeper and usually wakes up at 10-11am after her 6am feed so going for walks at 9.30am isn't her cup of tea, definitely she's gonna hit the snooze button haha.

On her first day she cried the whole neighborhood down 

The Hoikuen was still pestering us to quickly complete her 7 month diet guide, because apparently in Japan babies here are expected to eat at least over 20 kinds of food each month once they start solid. Or else they can't be sent to Hoikuen because they have a strict feeding time policy which makes it feel as if that they are running an army base for babies and toddlers. Like seriously?
Japanese don't believe in allergies and they expect every child to be able to eat the same kind of food unless there is a religion restriction.

Not sure if i'm liking the system but what other childcare choice do i have at this rate especially since in Japan we can't hire live in helpers or send to babysitters unlike back in Malaysia.

She loves the camera as well, always ready to smile :)

Few more bonus pics, she sleeps like this ALL the time. Now sure how she can tell where i am with her eyes closed, she'll roll over until she ends up beside me and put her leg on me.

Someone weighs over 7kg! Very berat ah..

So that's all for lil penguin 7 month update and we are heading over to Tokyo tonight, bringing her to Sanrio Puroland tomorrow!

Yours Truly,

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