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Sleek Baby Detergent Review | Affordable & Effective Solution

How many of you moms are always on the lookout for cheaper YET effective baby detergent alternatives or in general to replace the entire household’s laundry load with a single type of detergent after you lost count on how many times your husband/ helper has been mixing up the baby’s detergent with the adult’s. 

I won’t blame you for blowing your fuse at this rate because most baby detergents out there can be tad expensive and the amount of baby laundry we do on a daily basis especially the early months of their lives (vomits/ poops/ pees) and as they grow it would be another laundry issue (there’s still occasional tsunami poop leaks) like throwing their entire plush toys to the ground, salivating on all of them, crawling on dirty grounds, starting solids that would obviously stain their clothes. It feels like our life as a mom and wife just mostly revolves around the washing machine.. Not sure to laugh or cry at this point lol.

Okay, it’s decided I want an expensive high tech washing machine that can fold clothes too for my wedding anniversary gift. That could help with the never ending clothes pile which is a topic I will not be touching in this post or else it will never end lol. I know the danna doesn't read my blog so i can keep wishing for it in the meantime haha!

So back to the topic of constant laundry doing and expensive baby detergents, the reason why we are advised to use baby detergent for our baby’s clothing is because some chemicals and fragrance in adult’s detergent may not be suitable for our baby’s skin as it may potentially cause allergy reactions. So as long they are below the age of 1, it’s safer to go for all natural ingredient detergent; less one thing to worry about.

The poop nightmare

Baby’s poop after starting solids is pure nightmare I tell you, no one told me it would be this gross T_T it stinks more than adults and the texture is very pasty so it’s not something easily removed unlike their innocent milk poops that can be easily sprayed out with water and minimal soaking. Lil penguin poops once every few days (it’s normal as their gut is still adjusting to solids) and when that happens she will send it spilling all over the back, front and corners of her diapers, the amount is too much that no diaper could contain it lol, not sure what monstrosity this is. It’s every mom’s worst nightmare especially if it happens outside so not only you have to wash the baby’s clothes, your clothes, the baby carrier and worst case the baby stroller (that’s why we always line it with our benbat baby cushion, at least that one can remove and wash lol). 

So baby laundry now involves mom’s laundry together as well, literally so many things to wash and it’s something we don’t post online because no one wants to see that laundry pile nightmare lol. But here I am sharing some useful mom tips with you guys so that you will be mentality prepared when the time comes, trust me you’ll thank me for it haha!

This is just HALF of her plush toy pile courtesy of her parents, grandparents, family members and friends that she happily drools and chews on daily so we have to wash it before it starts to stink.

She puts EVERYTHING into her mouth, can't find anything without her saliva DNA on it

Or Vomit.. my poor collectible Oddish

I was previously using another detergent brand to do the baby’s + my laundry together until I decided to switch as it was getting abit too expensive to keep restocking because an average 1.2L bottle of baby detergent can only last me like 1.5-2 months max (washing almost everyday) and also I grew abit tired and annoyed having to constantly give specific instructions to the danna to use ONLY baby detergent for lil penguin’s clothes whenever I’m not around. I went around searching for other cheaper alternatives so that the whole family can use as well and not feel the pinch, came across Sleek baby’s brand and after a couple of research here & there, I decided to give it a try.

For those of you who aren’t aware of the brand here is a brief introduction about them:

Their brand philosophy is “Sleek Loves Baby As Much as Mothers Do”

The brand pride itself with creating and providing gentle and hygienic solutions for mothers and their little ones, to ensure they stay safe and protected from all harmful bacteria and germs that we are exposed to daily. All of their ingredients and formulation has been clinically tested and approved, even received various recognition awards as a trusted baby care product in Indonesia.

I’m glad that i gave Sleek Baby’s laundry detergent a chance as it’s that’s half the price of what I usually spend on baby detergent (it’s onlyRM11+ for 500ml bottle) and thanks to its concentrated form I only need to use half a cap instead of a full cap of detergent for my 10kg load washing machine. Works quite well in removing the food, poop and dirt stains without me having to scrub so hard or soak for hours and since now we’ve been having more gloomier days (that’s why the song April showers from bambi exists lol) than sunshine so we’ve been drying our clothes indoors instead.

Our current laundry scenario

Naturally most clothes would smell “damp/ musty” after drying indoors especially without fan (in Japan houses are too low for fans so we don’t have any ceiling fan *sobs*) but so far with Sleek baby’s detergent all of our clothes are free from it as this detergent contains antibacterial and antifungal properties, preventing the 2 main culprits of musty odours from building up.

Best part about doing the laundry is having nice fresh smelling CLEAN laundry after passing by the smelly pile of dirty clothes daily lol, and the fresh smell doesn’t necessarily have to come from sunshine or artificial fragrances, Sleek baby’s detergent has a slight sweet hint of coconut scent (my fav) because it contains coconut extract in it.

Do not underestimate the power of coconuts, aside from food they have many uses as natural household cleaning agents including stain removers. So instead of using bleach (which I try to avoid at all cost because it dries up my skin if hand wash) in my laundry for food/ poop stains, sleek baby’s detergent is sufficient enough. That day I accidentally spilled drops of pasta sauce on my skirt and even after immediately wiping it off in vain there were still some reddish marks on it and after dumping it in the laundry with the detergent, it came out almost stain-free (like 98% gone)!

Half a cap of Sleek baby’s detergent goes a long way!

You can purchase their products on LAZADA and do LIKE their official Facebook page for the latest updates

P/S: Now that my laundry issue is solved, I’m curious to try out their bottle cleansers as well because my current one is too mild and I feel that I’m wasting a lot of it just to wash 1 bottle, lost count of how pumps each time just to get it to lather enough foam to clean out the oily breastmilk residues! That’s why 1 bottle finish very fast *facepalm*.

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