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Bloggers Needed For ComicFiesta!

Want To cover ComicFiesta but lacking media passes?

Do Hurry as ComicFiesta is just around the corner :)

What is ComicFiesta?
An event celebrated in Malaysia by Cosplayers, it used to cater for doujinshi(fan art) but over the years cosplay dominated the event

More updates here : http://www.facebook.com/ComicFiesta 

OR head to :

Participating Retail Outlets
i) Cosplayer, Sungei Wang 6th Floor -details
ii) Little Akiba -details
iii) SunComics
iv) AnimeTech

Normal/Walk-in Tickets
Price per day: RM15

#Walk-in ticket counters will be open from 9 am, on both days.**
#Saturday (Day 1) tickets are available for purchase on Saturday (Day 1).
#To reduce ticket queues, Sunday (Day 2) tickets will only be available by Saturday 4pm.** (This would mean that before 4pm Saturday, only Saturday tickets will be available for event purchase. This does not affect pre-order or retail tickets.)
#Please pay attention to the announcements made and give your full cooperation to our ticketing representatives so as to ensure a smooth entry.

See you there!



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