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Oh the attention i'm getting! Stop it ya'll *blush*  Can't believe i'm actually sharing this post but yeah..think dee...

My Journey With Cyber Colors Glamour Girl Search...Chapter 4

Late update again...sorry babes! zzzz...its becoming a bad habit D:

This episode as you can see we were required to look sensual for this tvc challenge, I'm practically noob when it comes to this challenge, I was like what?
Look sensual? How..darn my chubby face! I realised during the program i was quite chubby which affected my features oRZ the chubbier looking i am, the more i look like a small kid. Yea, thank god the fats were shed instantly after i came back from this competition.

I would like to thanks Elaine Daly for giving us meaningful & useful advises if we want to maintain in the industry as models. Though it feels like she is shooting me half the time xP But she means well:)

For this challenge the difficult part was to keep up the sensuality while trying to spin around gracefully (me, graceful? feh! in my dreams lols) i kept tripping every time i tried to spin around (we suppose to look as if we are floating) but half the time i was trying to balance myself ,proves that its time to pick up ballet classes again D:
Thank you to Monica Lee for doing my make up <3 :)

I'm a clumsy ox,i don't deny that XD
And boy, it was sure hard to to a tvc when everything is focused on you (every single movement you make affects the overall outcome ><) so the lighting everything has to be perfect, and being nervous we all tried our best not to get our tongues twisted while saying "Cyber Colors Ex-Volume Waterproof Mascara" its was quite a funny moment when we couldn't help stumbling on our words lols

Congrats to bella for being the most sensual Tvc model ever :D 

we are in the blues ~~ :D with amirah& bella

a group photo while waiting for our turn XD

This was how its done :D
with cat & fafa
the tvc crew
finally the challenge has ended! last photo of the day with Carmen Soo :)



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