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Burger Kaw Kaw Experience

Was around SS15 area last week and finally decided to give this famous 'Burger Kaw Kaw' a try. Before I start, holey moley...what's with all the sudden blogposts about food? @_@ 

Yep, the non other "Famous" road stall burger that went from nobody to a franchise. I always thought they were just your normal Ramly roadside burgers that was served with extra meat (bacon..etc) that you don't usually get at normal Ramly stalls. And the hype about it was insane, hearing it all over facebook and newspapers about people queuing up over an hour just for a frigging burger =.=;; 
Like seriously? I would gladly grind meat and make you a juicy burger than to wait 1 hour + for a roadside burger. Wtf.

The stuff Malaysians would do for food can't be described by words >_> And the turn off thing for me is the current fad is to open burger shops and serve "exotic" kinds of burgers. Tell me, how exotic can you be?? It's just meat patties in between a frigging bun =_= and yet people treat it like it's the food of the Gods or something wtf. I'm not kidding you when i said it is EVERYWHERE! 

Another famous shop i recently went to, BurgerLab which was also equally crowded and no place to seat and have a decent meal :-/ Everything has to be done in a rush because there isn't enough place for everyone.

Pricing for burgers are just insane O_O i remember the good old days when Ramly burgers are sold at RM1.50 (normal) - RM2.50(special) How did this happen? oTL

Somebody before us ordered this triple chicken burger, based on the siz it's hard to judge whether it's worth it or not, seriously lol It just looks tall, not exactly "big".

Very crowded, you can't even eat in peace because there are tons of other customers just waiting for a place to have their meals as well. And this picture was taken at 9pm =_= the odd hours we Malaysians eat.

The owner of this franchise literally started of like a Cinderella fairy tale from rags to riches wei lol
From roadside stall to a few branches all over KL in less than a year.

My sayang ordered a Crazy bacon double, think the price was RM16+, we ended up taking away because there was no space for us to eat and I'm claustrophobic =_=  can't stand crowds. Well, can say the wait for the burger was decent enough la, 15 minutes+ at least it wasn't an hour lol

Presentation: Doesn't look so appetizing. Ugh.
Taste? Average.

Conclusion : I can not brain why you people make such a big fuss over this frigging burgers!! =___=



  1. I havent try Burger Kaw Kaw..but will trying it out soon...Wonder whether this will turn out like what you say!! Bt serious I think Burger Lab is overated...


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