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Chinese New Year 2013 : Day 1

As you all know I've been depressed lately due to the amount of pressure I'm experiencing from work and college (having 2 designing competition deadlines so near each other) and I was suppose to sacrifice my CNY celebrations for this.

On the eve of CNY, I told myself fuck everything and managed to last minute catch a ride with my sis and her bf down to Melaka lol random much. Oh well :-P
I'm glad I did, really needed rest and away from all those work @_@ swear I could have killed myself from the depression. Though I wasn't exactly in the mood to celebrate CNY, nonetheless it's good to be around with my cousins :-)

The one place that I'll never fail to visit when I'm in Melaka, the beach. But over the years this is what have become of it :-( Tragic, i know..sigh. They are reclaiming land to build more useless buildings (hotels/resorts/theme parks) so now the state of Melaka beach is nothing but an eyesore.

Love the sea because of the sunset (well not the Melaka one because there is a huge drain connected to the beach which causes the sea to stink :-/ and grosses part is when the kampong kids play and swim in it. Eww.)

Here comes the cookies :-D Don't they all just make your mouth water?

It's normal for my family to stay home on the first day of CNY instead of visiting relatives, we only do that on the 2nd day of CNY. Best thing of coming from a Baba Nyonya heritage is the awesome food ♥ You can never go wrong with the dishes, mixture of malay and chinese cooking infused together..gawd..by just typing this I'm already drooling all over my keyboard lol (¯﹃¯)

ohoho~ A big family ♥ and we are still missing our Australian relatives :-P

After dinner, as usual youngsters will get bored while the adults start to gossip :-P So headed out to Jonker Street to jalan-jalan (or you could say literally "makan angin") What surprises me the most is they are actually open on the 1st day of CNY! (゜◇゜) FYI, Jonker night life more happening only on weekends, it's usually very quiet during weekdays.

Went for drinks at a pub called Ringo Classic, great classical musics sung by this guy (in pic) and he is really good at it! I would suggest hanging out at Ringo Classic if you are just looking for a place to chill and chat because the music isn't too loud, it is facing directly opposite The Geographer (very crowded and noisy place :-/) 

That marks the end of my 1st day of Chinese New Year :-D Simple pleasures of life such as a quiet hang out with cousins and away from my city stress life makes me a very contented person ♥ 
So how did you guys celebrate your CNY? 
I bet it's waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more happening compared to mine :-P ohoho~

P/S : Though having very bad 3G reception in Melaka nearly killed me lol :-P



  1. How I miss Malacca. Its my hometown too. :)

    1. hehe! Such a coincidence! :D didn't go back this year?

  2. Yaya! My family also stay at home and gathering together on the 1st day and only do the visitation on the 2nd day onwards. lol

    1. I guess day 1 of CNY is family day! haha XD


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