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YADAH X Sasa Exclusive Preview

Finally cute YADAH and her trusty pet Yom Yom has made their way safely to Sasa stores nationwide. 
And she brings along glad tidings to all her loyal fans too! :-)
Introducing their latest range of skincare products that is now available for sale in Sasa stores today.
Thank you so much YADAH for inviting me over to witness this awesome private launching :-) You have just converted me into a loyal YADAH user! Lol.

I've first got to know about YADAH when it was launched last year, via plusizekitten.com :-D
You can read about it here : http://bit.ly/U7FECj


Boyfriend Blazer : DOSS - Do Simple Style
Tank top : H&M
High-waisted shorts : Jonker Street
Platform wedges : Forever21

All natural, organic products that is gentle for the skin packed with nature's goodness and the best part is....It's SUPER DUPER AFFORDABLE ♥ Made suitable for all skin types, even sensitive and troubled ones especially for teenagers and young adults - explains the affordable pricing (◕‿◕✿)

I'm not kidding about the price when I say it's affordable, judging by the generous size of the product (+ bonus cute packaging) not forgetting that this is an imported product famous in Korean and Japan, their product ranges as low as RM17! OAO

This is the current YADAH products that is available in all Stage, StageAsia and Sasa outlets

Brief introduction on YADAH products by Elaine :-)

Trying out their no.1 best selling Bubble deep cleanser! The texture is so smooth and easy to massage against the skin leaving it feeling light and refreshed~ With just a minimal of 2-3 pumps each usage daily, this cleanser can last up to 3 months! #Notbad.jpeg
A full size bottle of 150ml priced only for only RM49!

Love their sun cream a.k.a sunblock :-) Which can be used part as your daily skin regime before putting on your make up base. Blends really easily on skin without any sticky texture feeling and it's SPF40 PA++ strong enough to protect your skin from harmful UV rays ♥ 

Without further delays, Introducing YADAH's latest skincare range!
Made specially to curb Blemish Prone Skin (my younger sister seems to be the best guinea pig candidate to test this on, ohoho~)

The Anti- Trouble Range
From far left : Anti-trouble bubble skin cleanser, Anti-T Tonner & Emmulsion and Anti-trouble Spot

Like every other YADAH products, it is not completed without their main KEY ingredient - OPUNTIA FICUS. A unique cactus species with strong anti-inflammatory and high potent antioxidant benefits, also known to lock skin moisture.

Anti-trouble bubble skin cleanser (RM59)
  • Contains salicylic acid - to regulate sebum, draw out impurities and unclog pores
  • Same pH balance as skin - To maintain skin's natural moisture level
  • Fights blemishes 
  • Reduces skin inflammation and acne caused by bacteria
  • Enriched with sage, aloe vera, rosemary, camellia leaf and green tea
Anti-T Tonner & Emmulsion (RM59)

Free from :
  •  Preservatives
  • Paraban 
  • Fragrance 
  • TEA
  • Benzophenone
  • Artificial coloring
  • Mineral oil
  • Animal Extract
Anti-trouble Spot

Contains :
  • Salicylic acid
  • green tea
  • rosemary
  • sage
  • aloe vera
  • wintergreen leaf
Brightening and Collagen Ampoule 
Collagen Ampoule (right) is a highly concentrated deep sea marine collagen that is strong enough to penetrate through the layer of epidermis and works by repairing damaged cells, restoring skin elasticity  leaving its supple and firm. A great anti-aging skincare that is suitable for people of all ages, doesn't mean you have to be old and wrinkly to use anti-aging products :-P Starting young is a great practice, as they say prevention is better than cure.

Brightening Ampoule (left) contains a combination of plant stem cells that help reduce dark spots and skin pigmentation while preventing them from reappearing.  

As always, all YADAH products are non sticky, gentle to the skin and easy to use :-)

Lipgloss and tinted lip balm range (RM19-25)
I would definitely buy the every single one of them if i could afford it all LOL the packaging designs are just too cute to resists! >w< Kyaaaaaaa!

Color : Shiny Peach
My favorite color among all the tinted lip balms ♥ All of them contains shea butter,  jojoba and sunflower oils, also rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids that keeps your lips moisturized and puckered throughout the whole day. Just by looking at the casing and artwork, my heart has already melted lol cuteness overloaded.

Sugar Pink /Cherry Red/ Bling Bling Yellow

The rest has a slight tint (duh! it's called tinted lip balm for a reason lol) except the last picture, which is original shea butter color.

Non sticky lip glosses that comes in 5 amazing colors! 
Swatches (2nd picture) from far left : Tropical Orange, Cherry Ade (Best seller), Peach Smoothie, Bling Bling Essence and Strawberry Milk

Yummy teatime salmon sandwiches made by O'Briens Irish Sandwich Bar :3

Doesn't this pouch screams adorable? (`・ω・´)”

On my wishlist! Among the 3 designs, this seems to be the cutest design for me XD Or maybe it's the pink color that I am attracted to :-P The casing size is just nice for travelling :-D My cosmetics can be protected by the casing's thick waterproof material, i don't have to worry about it being squished in my luggage bag. Furthermore this cute stuff is only priced at RM49 :-D

Me and pretty blogger babe, Rabiatul with our generous door gift from YADAH!
Thank you so much YADAH!! (‘∀’●)♡

For more details, you can check out their official website : http://www.yadahskincare.com/

And don't miss out on their latest updates at YADAH Malaysia's facebook : https://www.facebook.com/YadahMalaysia

P/S : If you are more of an online shopper, YADAH products (http://www.hishop.my/yadah) are available on www.hishop.my :-)



  1. Should I try their anti-trouble range?? T^T

    1. hahah Anna should be the one using it :P worth a shot ba :-) share with anna la!

  2. the packaging are so cute. was busy that day couldn't attend.>.<
    i love foam cleanser, shud go and have a look soon.

    1. Awww :(im sure they will have more events to come :)

  3. omg the packaging is extremely cutee! btw in love with your blazer :D it match so well hee

    1. Yea!!! cute packaging is a great marketing strategy XD lol thanks! you can check out http://www.dosimplestyle.com/ for affordable high quality imported korean clothes :)

  4. Their packaging is so cuteeeee! and nice OOTD btw (:

  5. Hey babe! Was nice meeting you! ^_^


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