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Unboxing Vanity Trove!

Woots! My first ever beauty box, thank you Vanity Trove for the lovely surprise :-) The current hype about beauty boxes here in Malaysia is indeed overwhelming.  One can be easily spoilt for choices by just looking at the stuff they have to offer >w<

This is Vanity Trove Malaysia's first box, the Valentine's day edition (February)♥. Here I am stuck in KL with tons of work over the Chinese New Year holiday and I'm alone for Valentine's because my sayang is all the way back in his hometown ;_; CNY why you so close to Valentine's this year??? *sobs*
But with the arrival of this box at least it wasn't too bad lol some pampering session can be done since I'm all alone lol :-P

Due to an unforeseen circumstances, there was a slight delay on the arrival of Vanity Trove's first beauty box. But everything went well and I've received my box of surprises earlier this week, thanks for constantly keeping us updated via Facebook and email Vanity Trove!

My personal opinion when I first ripped open the packaging, I was amused by the quality of the box lol Very good quality, not easily dented and thick enough to protect all our precious surprises during the delivery process, that is indeed a thumbs up guys! :-D Not to mention it can be reused to store stuff like your cosmetics or accessories because it pulls open like a drawer 

This was the moment when my jaw dropped opened >w< pretty embarrassing  I know lol was totally lost of words by just looking at the amount of products in the box! And some of those brands that I could never afford! After reading so many good reviews about some of the products such as b.liv and Benefit, I'm really excited that I can finally test them out myself. Hope they do all those reviews I read about justice :-P 

Products in the box :
  1. BENEFIT: POREfessional
  2. Wella SP Smoothen Shampoo and Mask 
  3. DI PALOMO: The Tuscan Rose Moisturizing Body Wash 
  4. ORIKS: Wild Ginseng Stemcell Twister Essence & BB Cream 
  5. B.LIV: Off with those heads blackheads sebum gel 
I was abit wee disappointed that all of them came in trial/tester size despite the pricing of this beauty box, priced at RM60 I thought we might receive 1 or 2 items in full size instead of all trial size (which can be used 1-2 times only)

It's hard to judge a product with just one small trial pack, I mean some stuff like facial cream we would need to use a week before visible results are shown. There are some products usually sold in 2 sizes - Medium and full large bottle (tester pack doesn't count lol) So it's easier for those who want to test out a new product for a certain period of time without having to completely splurge on the big bottle. 

I do hope Vanity Trove would consider this suggestion for their future beauty boxes! :-)

But overall I'm pleased with this lovely gift! They are the only beauty box here in Malaysia that carries in a huge variety of beauty & cosmetic brands compared to other beauty boxes that offers you a cheaper monthly subscription fee. 
So you are paying RM60 monthly to experience tons of surprises throughout the whole year, definitely worth it! ;-) *winks*

To see the brands they are collaborting with, check out their brand dictionary (no kidding, there is alot lol)

Thank you for the chocolates and hand written card Valerie, though you have spelt my name wrongly XD Must be really exhausting to write so many cards! >.< It''s really thoughtful of you ♥

I'll review the stuff one by one after the CNY hols! So stay tuned for the review blogpost girls ;-)
To subscribe for their next big surprise : 

Not to miss out on future updates, keep in touch with them personally via Facebook and Twitter!

Twitter : @VanityTroveMY


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